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Bobcats vs Heat Pre-game Notes

  • Gerald Henderson is active and will start tonight for the Bobcats. On the contrary, Ben Gordon is still having right knee discomfort and will be OUT tonight.
  • Hakim Warrick will make his first start as a Bobcat tonight in the place of Byron Mullens at PF.
  • Coach Dunlap stresses sticking to the process of what has been taught since day 1 of his reign in Charlotte. -”We refuse to change the jacket that we were wearing at the beginning of the year when we were winning.”
  • “Our defense and the tenants that we worked on last night were the same we did in training camp. The things we did in August, we haven’t moved around from on offense. We’ve stayed the plan.” -Coach Dunlap
  • Bismack Biyombo will start at center tonight for Charlotte and quite possibly a lot in the near future.
  • Biz on his offensive game and what improvements he’s made- “It starts with understanding the game better and knowing my job. It is different from last season when I didn’t know much.”
  • “My post game has gotten better and just understanding when it’s the right time to play one-on-one and when it’s the right time to kick it out. Just a better understanding for the game.” -Biyombo
  • Coach Dunlap on the uniqueness of Lebron James- “It would be an insult to Lebron if you don’t go right to his IQ, which is now being recognized over the last 24 months. People knew it, but now it’s the first thing they say.”
  • Coach Dunlap on Lebron cont.- “His humility. I think he has a humility that’s good for the game. He came out early, he’s serving the game the right way, so I can point to my young guys and say ‘see that’. He has every reason to not come out early and get his shots up. His work rate.”

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  • charlottean

    Never heard lebron and humility used in the same sentence before although the application (regarding his work ethic) is true.

    Helluva game tonight. Horrible calls going both ways but almost entirely against us down the stretch. Nba refs have got to stop calling charges where a guy (battier, battier, and battier again) sets up to take the charge under a guy that is already air bound. Dude has to be there set before a guy is jumping. That was a huge momentum swing when they wiped out what would have been a 3 pt play to potentially cut it to 2 with a few minutes to go. Instead they hit 2 buckets, 10 pt game….its over.

    But a glimpse into the promise of the group no doubt. Loved what biz and walker brought and while hendo was off shooting….played balls to the wall.