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Coverage of Bobcats-Heat tonight

I (Spencer Percy) will be in the arena tonight as a media member to cover the Bobcats and Heat. This is a rare opportunity to cover a game from pre-game, all the way until post-game interviews in this manner. This is something that we’ve been able to provide for readers last season.

We’ll still have the 3-on-3 preview coming out around mid-day, but I will begin the coverage from the arena at about 5:30 pm. I’ll be updating coaches and players quotes via my twitter handle (@QCsportscrave). If anyone has any pre-game questions for coaches and players, or any request of what they want covered during pre-game then please let us know in the comments area and I’ll do my best to make that happen.

I’m looking forward to tonight and encourage everyone to chime in with some ideas and request.

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  • Ryan

    Bobcats have suffered early in recent games and tend to play catch up through the remaining quarters, forcing the guys to take rushed shots and make bad decisions. If tonight’s game gets out of hand early, how do we plan to settle down and play smart basketball?

    Also can we expect a lot minutes from Gilchrist tonight – as a defensive, all-over-the-court kind of player against an offense like Lebron and DWade?