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Bobcats vs Hornets preview: Does the streak end tonight?

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs New Orleans Hornets

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 7-22 98.5 (25) 109 (30) 95.2 (8)
New Orleans 6-23 100.5 (19) 106.9 (28) 90.1 (30)

Previous Meetings:
2012/11/09 : 99-107 – RecapBoxscore

Charlotte: Byron Mullens (OUT), Tyrus Thomas (OUT)
New Orleans:

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Hornets
PG Kemba Walker Brian Roberts
SG Gerald Henderson Greivis Vasquez
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Al-Farouq Aminu
PF Hakim Warrick Ryan Anderson
C Bismack Biyombo Robin Lopez
6th Man Ramon Sessions Roger Mason Jr.

Is tonight the night Charlotte breaks the unbearable losing streak?

  • Gerald Henderson has got to show up on the offensive end tonight. If he can find a way to shoot above 47% from the field and attempt at least 12 FG’s then I like the Cats chances.
  • Ryan Anderson is going to present a tough matchup for Warrick/Biyombo on the defensive end and will pull them away from the basket frequently. Both will be inclined to play help D and crash the glass, but if Charlotte learned anything in the first matchup between these two, it’s that you have to stay with Anderson- he’ll make you pay from behind the arc.
  • Anthony Davis and Robin Lopez both sport PER’s above 21 and are both in the top-25 for that category in the league. Davis is extremely dynamic and will score in an array of ways, so Biz/Warrick have to stay on their feet and contest every shot. Biz/Haywood/Diop will all likely see some of Robin Lopez- the key for this matchup will involve being physical, because Lopez is very strong and can bull his way towards the rim.
  • After missing 3 games, Ben Gordon returned last night and had an underwhelming performance on both ends. Charlotte will need a full effort tonight from him and some made 3′s- Gordon was 3-10 from the field last night and 0-2 from behind the arc.
  • Force turnovers and get out in transition against New Orleans- that’ll be the key to getting the Hornets (Pelicans?) out of their game considering they have the slowest PACE in the league at 90.1 possessions/game.
  • My prediction: Bobcats-90 Hornets-88

26 comments to Bobcats vs Hornets preview: Does the streak end tonight?

  • Kurt

    Glad it’s happening tonight and hope it stays this way. Jeff Taylor as the starting SG. He needs floor time to build chemistry with Kemba, MKG, and Biz. He went in a slump as soon as he got benched for Henderson.

    Henderson is on his way out and is better coming off the bench with Sessions because he needs somebody to set him up. No need to limit JT’s growth to suit Hendo’s ego.

  • Spencer/SDS

    @ Kurt, Henderson is starting, the lineup is jsut from the minutes Total played, Jeffery played more because henderson was injured, Hendo should still start, he is the better player, still young and people seem to hate players that we need to keep around…Mullens, Hendo…just shows why a lot of fans are only fans and will stay that way

    • Kurt

      Just wanted to clarify something…and coming off his performance vs Hornets doesn’t help my argument. I believe Henderson is a good player and by “on his way out” meaning I don’t think we’re going to resign him, not that he can’t play.

      If he is resigned, I will be happy with that but would like to see taking that next step(hopefully before the season is over) like Kemba did from year 1 to year 2. Don’t want another Tyrus Thomas situation where we’re stuck with another awful contract.

      And finally, I see Jeff Taylor being an integral part of this team going forward and don’t want to hinder his development like Larry Brown did to Gerald.

  • charlottean

    if henderson is on his way out we don’t get better. Even if you like taylor more, you should love henderson as a backup. even if you think we should draft a 2 or trade for a 2, you should still love taylor AND henderson as backups.

    what is not to like about henderson? especially now that he’s a more than capable shooter. at age 25? he’s insanely polished as a player. is he kobe? no but is he in that next tier below the elite 2′s? yes. will he be an all-star no, but will he start for playoff teams or at least play 25 mpg for playoff teams? absolutely. he is insanely gritty and brings balls that a lot of successful teams have and need. why would you NOT like henderson?

    the most likely scenario with him is him coming back on the QO. highly doubt we both don’t resign him AND he gets offered something and bolts or that we don’t offer the QO. none of those scenarios are likely. you don’t gain anything by letting guys walk. we should know that by now.

  • Spencer/SDS

    agree with Charlottean^^

    also, i’ve noticed we haven’t been doing what might have helped Henderson a lot last year-High Post ups, with his back to the basket and his fade away last year he looked like a mini-Kobe in the post, his 3pt shot has improved tremendously this year, but the rest of his offensive game seems, less “intact” he got to the basket a lot last year off of spin moves off that “high post up” and backing people down a bit, he isn’t the best penetration and that got him closer to the basket last year, what do you think about utilizing him there more? especially since Mullen’s likely won’t be doing that anytime soon with his ankle sprain…

  • charlottean

    he absolutely thrives coming off screens and either catch and shoot from the elbow, posting up, or making a banana cut. the guy can score 20 a game in this league with the right system. in that regard he doesn’t fit dunlap too much, but i think he fits so well defensively and in transition, that the other stuff is fixable. he’ll adjust to dunlap and dunlap will adjust to him.

    the notion that your 2 guard has to be your go-to guy is a 90′s mentality. 2 guards are smaller and less talented in todays game just like centers are. lebron, dirk, kevin durant, kevin love, coupled with the insane point guard talent that’s out there has changed all of that. plenty of guys that would have been 2′s are now 1′s (derrick rose, westbrook, etc.) henderson is in the better half of the league of 2′s.

  • Spencer/SDS

    true^^, it’s just this team is soo “deprived” of offensive talent that i think we should use him off of those post ups and get him more involved now “as long as Mullen’s is out” once Mullen’s comes on in, do that with him and Hendo will go down to a 3rd-5th option, MKG we should probably utilize more at least as a driving force to the basket

    2′s that score 20 a game? Eric Gordon-never healthy, Dwayne Wade-getting older faster and hasn’t really improved on his game in years, Kobe-dude is almost ageless, Harden-future “2″ of the league

    but yea, Westbrook and Rose are basically Dwayne Wades, their teams just saw the possibility of using them at the 1 and them being dominate^^.

    Really we need to find a new definition for a lot of the positions in the league today, the Center is still there, there are plenty of 7 footers who are good, just not one of them is dominate (the closest being Bynum who is always hurt) at least by the old definition of a Center, we need new definitions i guees^^ and less calling people a 3 or a 4 or whatever, by the old definition Durant is actually the 2 for the Thunder, maybe just get rid of positions^^

  • Josh

    Hornets fan here. The starting lineup is Vasquez at the 1, Rivers at the 2, L. Thomas at the 3, Davis at the 4, Lopez at the 5, and Anderson as the 6th man. At least that’s what it was last night. Also Eric Gordon is making his return and will play about 25 minutes off the bench.

  • charlottean

    it comes in waves. true pgs and true centers will come back with time. the euro big’s transformed the game a bit as did all these hybrid pgs but i think the roles of the players will regress to how it always was eventually. has more to do with there just being a void of these dominant big men. we had a big wave of them in the 90′s with the shaq/ewing/hakeem/dikembe/zo/admiral/etc and even the bol’s and bradley’s and what not were just HUGE guys.

    watch out for thabeet’s development in okc. perkins could absolutely be a salary casualty any day and i could absolutely see thabeet reach his potential out there.

    also to note for all the negativity…….the bobcats hollinger rating actually went up this past week. so we’re actually playing better, it’s just not showing because we’ve been playing solid opponents and mostly on the road. we are almost out of the cellar in that measure. almost. for a while washington was up several points. I never trusted hollinger more than now after his rating had us severely low the entirely year and we went from 7-5 to this. proved its value to hold true over large sample size.

  • charlottean

    add: i mean keep in mind….we’ve played miami respectably. it was a 5 point game late and there was a HORRIBLE call that was a big momentum swing for miami. we played memphis to the bone. new york to the buzzer. philly close. atlanta to the buzzer. milwaukee to the buzzer. lakers to the buzzer and that was questionable to say the least. we played the clippers to the wire DURING THEIR 16 GAME WINNING STREAK. there are a lot of positives in the play from these young’ns thus far.

    we’re almost playing this ideal……lose a ton but play respectably given the age. we add more assets this way and progress. it’s the proven way of winning in a smaller market. it’s the hard way, the patient way, but it works.

  • Spencer/SDS

    these last few weeks have proven to me that this team has the potential to be damn good, we barely lose to the heat-in the end it looked like a blowout but it was a lot closer then the score showed, Clippers right there to the end, Knicks same thing, we haven’t just been blown out like last year, we are just young…Thunder had the same issues early on, no/very few teams are built in a year-Heat/Celtics were, but very few are…

    speaking of those 90s bigs, we might see the 2010 bigs coming around in this years draft, a lot are of 7 footers are coming in this year/next year, a lot of true 7 footers…Cody Zeller and Alex Len leading the way (Noel not being a 7 footer and being so thin he isn’t a center…

    eh let’s get away from that “lucky number 7″ and move on

  • BowtotheBrow23

    That’s not even close to the starting lineup. The starting lineup is
    Then, Gordon and Anderson will headline the bench.

  • Spencer/SDS

    i shouldn’t have mentioned Gordon, he is going to play tonight

  • Spencer/SDS

    1-right now Davis SUCKS and is getting owned
    2-it isn’t the “starting” lineups, it is determined by minutes, Aminu, Anderson and Roberts all play more minutes then the “true” starters thus they are called the “starters” even though they don’t start the game they get more minutes and thus are the guys you will probably see at the end of the game and the most, may not start the game but they usually end it-this does not factor in injuries and i believe is based purely off of the “total” minutes played throughout the season

  • charlottean

    that’s kind of dumb. could say “leaders” instead of “starters” if it isn’t actually the starters.

  • charlottean

    i feel like we just got raped. you could not have watched that game and felt like new orleans didn’t get away with hacking the S out of everything walking in the 3rd. without looking at the stats at halftime, that had to of been a situation where monty williams is complaining about a major disparity at halftime and the refs made up for it in the 3rd. it was HORRIBLE.

    that and I have no idea why you would want gordon taking that shot at the end over henderson. one has been cold of late, and injured, the other is 12 of 25 on 3′s this year, 2 of 3 in the game. right when gordon was making you love him in the 2nd quarter, he comes out in the second half…..couple turnovers…..the missed dunk…..right back to hating the guy. very frustrating. can we trade him for brandon roy’s retirement package before he retires? for all the henderson hate, he had a helluva game in 30 minutes. he needed the ball wayyyyy more in the 2nd half. too many idiotic possessions instead.

    i continue to hate guys that rush the end of game shot. if sessions shoots that ball properly, stands a far better chance of going in. even if you say there’s a chance that the clock runs out, you STILL stand a better chance of making it taking some time to shoot it right than just throwing it up.

    monster game by mkg, anybody doubting that kids number 2 draft status should see that game. 22 and 9 in 26 minutes? wtf. scottie pippen my A.

  • Spencer/SDS

    don’t mention it was against the #1 in the draft-Davis,

    i see a mix of scottie P and Dennis Rodmen in him, he has that ball hawking ability to be a GREAT rebounder and then he has that defensive ability like Scottie and Rodmen, plus he finished like Rodmen-which a lot seem to forget often had more highlights then Jordan did, dude could finish, lets just hope he gets that jump shot under handle-which is getting better weekly it seems, and we could have another Oden Durant setup, Oden with all that big boy potential, but injury prone, Davis needs to gain weight and fast or he won’t last…215-questionably, and 6 ft 10 -6 ft 11 with his 7 ft 6 wingspan and well, that is just pathetic…

    • Spencer/SDS

      oh and the player of the game should go to Roger Mason, if the Hornets don’t have him come off and hit those EXTREMELY crucial 3s to start their own run and to basically finish off the Bobcats then i believe this would have been a major blowout of the Hornets-plus MKG was rockin those glasses

    • Spencer/SDS

      meant to say he finished like Pippen-we need an “edit” ability

  • charlottean

    i don’t see the lack of weight in davis like you do in durant, but we’ve seen plenty of skinny guys last in the league without the major injuries. it’s the overweight guys that have the most knee problems……and the abnormally tall. usually.

    davis is going to be great. i don’t doubt it. but i am happier with mkg. watching the game last night, every single time down the floor it looked like davis was making cheap shots or swiping away opponents hands all EXTRA just not at all necessary, trying to be the tough guy-like. I’m not a fan at all. way too much dwayne wade in him from what i’ve seen thus far this year. Happy we got the humble guy.

    and for MKG’s jumpshot…..there’s a difference between ugly, unconventional, and bad. shawn marion is a career 33% 3 pt shooter and he has one of the ugliest shots ever. I think MKG will out perform that in the long run. matt bonner has a pretty ugly shot too. i can’t seem to find the stat for his jump shooting vs. in the paint, but from eye sight only, it seems as though he hits a solid % of his jumpers. and that will improve with time.

    • Spencer/SDS

      Before the game Davis said MKG could’t score on him…he got destroyed for that, he seems to forget who was the leader of that UK team and who got them there through hard work(MKG). Issue with Davis and weight is (Tyrus Thomas/Chris Bosh) will get punished down low by anyone big, it’s a good thing they got Robin Lopez or he would be letting people light him up daily by just forcing themselves down low.

      Plus for light guys like davis it won’t be his legs, it will be everything else, arms (won’t be able to handle as much if he falls) chest (doesn’t have one) etc etc. Weight, is so important to have a good balance in this game, too light (tyrus thomas) you won’t be efficient, too heavy (Curry) you arn’t going to last. you want a good medium, Davis is to small at this point, he is just as big if not bigger then Durant but weighs 15 lbs less, Durant i have a far less issue on his weight then Davis’, my only issue with Durant is it might affect his GATM when LeBron leaves, he is still going to be a Hall of Famer though.

      Hell I even wan’t Bismack to gain 10-20 lbs ^^, of course i want it to be made the right way (muscle/weight training). Davis shouldn’t have to defend MKG, he isn’t quick enough but they couldn’t put him at the C because he would get destroyed by (yes) Haywood or possibly even Biyombo despite his lack of ability to create for himself. Davis was an issue for the Hornets and gave them a major disadvantage defensively and really any team that has SF’s known to play PF (Lebron, Anthony, Durant, MKG, Marion possibly, Granger(sometimes) etc etc…

  • charlottean

    you’re ignoring the biggest factor to the weight topic…..age.

    bismack is 20, AD is 19. These guys will absolutely gain weight by the time they are 26, that’s just life. But there have been a few skinny guys to dominate the league over the years. Mcgrady, KG, iverson, etc. toughness isn’t measured in weight. there are guys of great build that can’t play through pain. obviously ideally you want lebron type build, but to be worried about young guys being skinny is like worrying about the sky being blue.

    be worried by the young guys that aren’t….a la sean may. that’s way more a red flag. plenty of shawn kemps
    grow up to be shawn kemps.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Shawny boy got fat^^, u can also add dwight and Shaq to the list, yes Shaq used to be skinny^^, dude was a monster and if he had kept his weight to 300 he would have broke SOO MANY RECORDS, especially if he ever learned how to shoot a FT:( Shaq favorite player all time, and yet probably one of the most wasted talents possible-dude could have been the GOAT

  • charlottean

    i almost think it was too easy for him. he was just so skilled and such an unguardable size. He was definitely the GOAT big man of his day. Russell and chamberlein’s stats were from a different era so hard to compare.

    steph curry is another skinny kid putting in work. that dude is never gaining weight. ask his daddy. and that dude was hardly ever injured.

  • Spencer/SDS


    SHAQ, I’m sure he knows how good he could have been, dude could actually handle the ball better then most Centers, really, LA might have killed it for him, he learned that you could still get paid in the NBA even if you didn’t work half the season. In LA i believe he had a couple surgeries DURING the season despite knowing about probably needed it before the season even started…

    people don’t know why Shaq and Kobe didn’t mesh? it’s called Kobe was/is an ultimate competitor, Shaq was a comedian who never had that, i’ma work my ass harder then anyone else(he didn’t need to, already was better then everybody else) but that seriously hurt him:(

    Also on a side note, has Shaq lost a lot of weight since leaving the NBA? it looks like it with that “TNT” crue on thursday nights…