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The Week In Bobcats, Dec. 22-29

Saturday, Dec. 22: Charlotte Bobcats 88, Denver Nuggets 110

Interior defense was a big issue for the Bobcats in this one, as Nuggets frontcourt players Kosta Koufos, Kenneth Faried, and Javale McGee combined to score 45 points on 28 field goal attempts. Byron Mullens went down with an injury in the fourth quarter, and Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer reports he could be out “weeks, if not months.”

Wednesday, Dec. 26: Miami Heat 105, Charlotte Bobcats 92

Charlotte nearly managed to overcome a 55-38 halftime deficit against the defending champs, eventually cutting the Heat’s lead to two points early in the fourth quarter. It wasn’t enough, though, as Miami kicked in the afterburners and pulled away for the 13-point win. The Heat’s Dwyane Wade was later suspended a game after appearing to intentionally kick Ramon Sessions in the groin. Queen City Hoops’ Spencer Percy had pre-game coverage from the arena.

Friday, Dec. 28: Charlotte Bobcats 81, Brooklyn Nets 97

The Bobcats were down by 18 points after the first quarter, and couldn’t make up any ground. Brook Lopez was the big performer for the Nets, scoring 26 points on 9-of-12 shooting. The loss dropped the Bobcats’ road record to 2-11.

Saturday, Dec. 29: New Orleans Hornets 98, Charlotte Bobcats 95

This game should have been the one that broke the Bobcats’ depressing losing streak; instead, a second-half collapse extended the skid to 18 games. The Bobcats pushed their lead to 21 points during the first half, but the Hornets made up most of that deficit with a 33-16 third quarter. Looking for a bright side? Michael Kidd-Gilchrist got the better of his college teammate, No. 1 pick Anthony Davis. MKG scored 22 points and grabbed nine rebounds in just 26 minutes of action. Davis ended the game with eight points, 10 rebounds and three blocks.

Links of Note:

The Week in Bobcats took a holiday break, so this section includes links from the past two weeks.

–Ben Swanson at Rufus on Fire took a look at Kemba’s scoring by quarter, and drew some interesting conclusions.

–Sports Illustrated’s Rob Mahoney wrote about Walker’s ability to split defenders. (Scroll down for the relevant portion.)

–Aaron McGuire’s always-excellent Player Capsule series at Gothic Ginobili touched on Tyrus Thomas and former Bobcat D.J. White.

–Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is not a very good artist.

12 comments to The Week In Bobcats, Dec. 22-29

  • SirGladiator

    Its so good to see MKG developing well, and rapidly. We’ve got so much young, developing talent, we just need our coach to figure out how to use it properly. We looked like Playoff contenders at the beginning of the year, and not just because we were 7-5, but because we played tough for 48 minutes night in and night out. Now we either get blown out or get the lead and collapse at the end, either way we aren’t playing anywhere near 48 minutes anymore. Somebody’s gotta motivate these guys, remind them that winners play all 4 quarters. This insanely long losing streak isn’t going to end until they do.

  • charlottean

    dude they beat NOBODY during that stretch at the beginning. Coaching isn’t the problem. Phil Jackson would have the same record. They are young, inexperienced and we lack depth in the paint with mullens and thomas out. We’re starting hakim warrick who the HORNETS didn’t want at all. they moved him just to save 500k before waiving matt carroll.

    I think he’s using guys in very good ways. He MAYBE could work in more post ups for bigs and more down screens for henderson, but honestly….he’s been like 99.9% of ideal. It’s going to take time to get wins but we have the guys to do it. We might not have an OKC like roster where we have 2 superstars and a bunch of filler…..i think we DO have a memphis/clippers/indiana/philly type roster where we have a group of young guys that can and will learn to win together.

    We got raped by the refs last night. Sure dunlap could have subbed differently or called timeouts at different times, but that’s not going to get the whistles blown when they should have been. It was atrocious. Thus the technical.

    No complaints during this losing streak. They aren’t playing bad for the stage of the process that they are in. they ARE getting better (check the hollinger ratings, still last but improving). You play them for 5 years, they not only figure out how to close and play to each others strengths, but the refs start to become their groupies and they get all the calls. We’re on path for success. Only change we need is time and some minor addition/subtraction game to the none core guys. Our draft pick is going to be top 5 again at this rate. regardless of how experts project a draft (weak or strong) it’s still going to be awesome. even in a weak draft that usually means an all-star caliber player.

    and since they aren’t making the idiotic signings the “fans” are clamoring for…….they’re going to have the cap room to keep all of these guys as they become stars.

    nothing to complain about except the weather.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Kemba, McLemore, MKG, Mullens, Biyombo i hope^^

    only have to hate on one thing you said about OKC, they ONLY have TWO stars? what is this? Ibaka is a all star on any other team where he doesn’t have to be the third-fourth option offensively and is a monster defensively. Seriously he is GOOOOOOD. if he left i would bet my money of him playing like Harden has, that team is the most talented team in the league all around by far(well the Knicks could challenge them)[spurs maybe(doubtful)]

    Top tier talent (a.k.a most talented “stars”) It’s Miami, Thunder, Clippers, Lakers with the most talented all star players. Knicks have Chandler and Anthony.

  • charlottean

    i’m well aware of ibaka’s talent. but i mean….KD and westbrook are lebron and wade….i’m not sure ibaka is quite bosh yet, but he might be. and even bosh isn’t lebron or wade. i don’t know that ibaka could stand on his own. I always thought harden would.

    their roster is SOLID, i’m just saying it’s top heavy with durant and westbrook being ELITE mvp hall of fame caliber guys and then there’s teams like the above listed who are just SOLID 1-5. We look to be building more in that direction barring us landing a durant’esque guy in this draft.

    I can definitely get behind drafting mclemore especially if we have a 2nd pick this year or can make another deal to land one. We definitely need a big, but can definitely land a solid one later in the lottery or mid 1st round. but mclemore makes sense. Especially if thomas looks good when he returns. on that note though, i think muhammad is equally appealing. his numbers are equally impressive and he has slightly better size (pending combine confirmations). Henderson makes for an elite 6th man and having taylor along with him makes our 2nd unit look very good. if we go that route, we should definitely be on the lookout for a thabeet type big man who’s young and didn’t work out early on in his career. (maybe enes kanter, cole aldrich, ed davis)

    the way things are going we’re almost guaranteed either muhammed, mclemore, or zeller. hard to imagine cleveland or washington going shooting guard.

    i’ll throw another wild card out there…….tyreke evans is available. I wouldn’t be against making a move for him. I’m not all in on him like I was with curry before he resigned……but it’s an interesting scenario. walker/evans/mkg/mullens/biyombo is intriguing as well. a younger guy would probably fit the group better though. and keep the cost process down.

  • Spencer/SDS

    i love Evans, but he does have a major flaw, he has never played with a true PG and half the time in his career he has played point…Kemba well he isn’t a true PG either, if Evans comes on in it might hurt his development. Early on before the season started i wanted Evans like crazy, but now….with Kemba playing like he has idk, Evans is a great talent though, one of the few rookies to be in the 20ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg, club, his jumper/him changing his jumper so frequently has hurt his development majorly, plus playing with a 5 ft 9 shooting guard as their point hasn’t helped either…the Kings are soo talented and yet they suck because none of the players mix and match well…

  • Spencer/SDS

    What? nothing on the ONE win in the last 19 games? NOTHING?:(
    happy new year, i’ma be expecting something by tomorrow…lol…^^

  • Mathew Lewis

    Did you guys read any of the player profiles at Gothic Ginobili? If so, do you disagree with any of them? Namely Kemba and Mullens?

  • Spencer/SDS


    they are always interesting to read, I almost always learn something new about a player when i read them, i don’t exactly disagree with any of them, couldn’t find Kemba and Mullens, looked for 10 mins then gave up^^if you could leave links i would like^^

  • Mathew Lewis

    Yep, just filter by 2013 Team and they should all be grouped alphabetically by city

  • Spencer/SDS

    you compared Byron to the wrong position for mid range shooting^^, he isn’t a Center, he is a PF^^ other then that i fairly much agree with you, he shoots to many long jumpers when you look at how efficient he is at it, he shoots the norm for 7 footers at the rim but i would add this, he has a developing post game that he doesn’t use enough, he has a terrible IQ on court-idk bout off court, but he doesn’t know WHEN to do stuff, or maybe he just thinks too much that gives him his terrible reaction times, either defensively or when to do stuff. Has potential coming out of his ass of which could make Rich Cho look like a genius if he ever reaches it.

    Kemba, eww..I don’t even know what to do, looking at it from before the season sure i could accept what you said, but currently? ehh no:(,
    u forgot one thing about Kemba coming out of college, well actually 2-he came into the NBA after his Junior season^^ not Senior^^, secondly work ethic, work ethic and work ethic^^…In the NBA everyone has a good work ethic, well maybe not Blatche before the Nets and T-Time before well this year…but he is beyond, he AND MKG/Biyombo have off the chart work ethics, resembling Micheal Jordan if you ask me…He has worked on his jumpshot like you said he needed to and is now one of the most efficient players in the LEAGUE at the mid range jump shot, 48% from 16 to 23 feet off 3.6 attempts per game…with people over 3.5 attempts per game and 30 minutes per game he ranks 7th (side note Rajon Rondo and his mid range jumper is going crazy this year). Plus this year he worked on defense, it’s not just steals but he is a far better overall defender this year…top 10 PG this year for sure, although the use of “point” guard might be too…nice???^^, he also isn’t a bad passer, just few teamates that can shoot the ball efficiently-having Mullens doesn’t help

  • charlottean

    definitely 2 different kembas pre this season and now. he somehow “got it”….and i give dunlap a ton of cred for it. he got the job strictly off of his ability to develop kemba according to cho. i actually think kemba’s rookie year WAS a failure. I was adamantly against going kemba over augustin. based on what i saw even as late as this preseason….I had no doubts he was nothing more than a nate robinson type. He hasn’t become a god of a pg but he’s showing proof he will be a stud and absolutely worth the pick.

    as for mullens, i’ll say it again….last year he was a knock down shooter from 17 feet. i can’t recall the stat, but It had to be better than 35%. 35% doesn’t pass the eye test, I would imagine he shot something close to 0% from 20 and beyond. dunlap asked him to extend this year to 3′s instead of 2′s. He’s shooting a lower % but getting the same pps. He started out something like 20% and he’s up to 30%. I think eventually he’ll be in the 37-40% range, but doubt he gets that high this year unless he gets back sooner than later. I agree about the post game….he will be extremely effective when that is exploited fully. this is partly on him, partly on kemba and the guards willingness to go to it, and partly on dunlap to demand it. his weight has a lot to do with it. when he hits 26+ and adds some bulk to his frame, it will be even more of a weapon. he gets pushed around a bit for now. but potential? through the roof. but you know the phrase “potential will get you fired” comes to mind with him. I think ideally is that he is a trailer 4 taking 3′s in transition and when teams fall asleep on him and then he’s the go to on the block late in shot clocks and especially late in the game. he will be an effective free throw shooter and able to get to the line late in games on the post.

    basically, i think his stats are skewed because of him being asked to expand his range and also because of his expanded role. the guy shot 60 something % at ohio state as a freshman. i know that’s college, but i mean i excuse the low % right now because he went from being THE MAN and the #1 rated player in his class in HS to a 1 and done year off the bench for a good OSU team to not playing for 2 years in OKC to coming off the bench last year to chucking up 15+ shots a game basically as the man this year. I give it way more time. I think he’s a big man shooter who should keep shooting and start making more. i think he will. he CAN BE a kevin love like rebounder but he doesn’t bring it like love does. it’s rare guys “get it” later on but zach randolph and others proved there are exceptions to that rule. here’s to hoping mullens does as well. 8 a game is acceptable but he is capable of much more.

    I hate arguing for players on potential basis instead of saying what they are or aren’t, but when you are a bobcats fan, especially now, but usually the best TALENTS on the roster are the young guys who aren’t going to give you pretty stats, but stand the best chance of being something bigger than what we could ever get in terms of proven guys coming here via free agency. but at the same time…not everyone is jermaine o’neal.