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Happy New Year, from the Bobcats

Charlotte Bobcats 91 Final
Recap | Box Score
81 Chicago Bulls

Four Things We Saw

  1. Happy New Year, readers. The Bobcats ended 2012 with a bang, breaking their 18-game losing streak against the Bulls. But with it being a day game on a holiday eve, there was limited viewing, so I need the readers assistance – grade the players in the comments.
  2. With 8 wins on the season, the Bobcats have surpassed last season’s win total – and they only need 1 more win over the rest of the season to surpass last season’s winning percentage (.106).
  3. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect the Bulls to be the victim that helped the Bobcats’ right the ship – especially without MKG. But the Bobcats’ improved bench (compared to last year) came through big in the victory, with strong performances from Jeff Adrien, Ben Gordon and Ramon Sessions.
  4. Happy New Year, everyone. Expect coverage to resume in earnest once we get through today.

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  • Kemba Walker (A-): Great all-around game for Kemba where he contributed 18 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assist, 4 steals, and 2 blocks. He pretty much had his way with Lil’ Nate whether it was the stepback jumper, getting to the free throw line or thriving in transition.

    Jeff Adrien (A-): Mike Dunlap finally decided to give Adrien extended minutes, and it paid off. Adrien was almost the anchor of the Bobcats defense in the paint during the 2nd half by blocking 3 shots and pulling down 10 rebounds in 23 minutes, not to mention a couple of emphatic finishes at the basket that would make Biyombo think “why can’t I do that?”.

    Ben Gordon (B): I would’ve gave BG at least an A grade, but his untimely turnovers in the 4th forced Dunlap to bench him during the final minutes for Sessions just to hold onto the ball if nothing else. Otherwise, he played the integral role of the Bobcats offense in getting the early lead and confidence to beat the Bulls on their homecourt.

    Gerald Henderson (B): I don’t recall Hendo doing anything that stood out besides a bad shot in the 4th quarter that helped the Bulls close the gap, but he had played the type of solid game that you would expect out of your starting SG on a consistent basis.

    Ramon Sessions (B): Great energy minutes from Sessions where he put up efficient numbers. The only problem I have with him is that he’s becoming less and less of an distributor as the season goes along. I don’t know if Dunlap told him to adapt the on-court personality of a shooting guard or what, but nowadays his mindset is to score or get an assist trying to score.

    Bismack Biyombo (C): If it wasn’t for the Hack-a-Biyombo tactic that Coach Thibs insisted on doing early in the 4th quarter, Biyombo might’ve laid another goose egg in the points column. I remember when catching the ball was his biggest problem, but lately it’s been letting the ball go (into the hoop) that is becoming his issue to date. At least he had 11 rebounds though, and kept a ill with flu-like symptoms Joakim Noah in check throughout.

    Hakim Warrick (B-): Warrick might have made the biggest basket of the game when he took it upon himself to dunk on Marco Belinelli by any means necessary in transition during the 4th quarter. Outside of that, he didn’t shoot too well and was one of the culprits in the free throw woes of the night.

    Jeff Taylor (C): Taylor didn’t do much in his 24 minutes but make 2 out of his 3 shots which was negated by 3 careless turnovers. I would’ve gave him a C- but he was rather invisible outside of a few occurrences where he played decent defense.

    Brendan Haywood (C-): It just wasn’t his day. He missed some shots that I’ve became accustomed to him making in the paint, but he had some key blocks in the 2nd half that helped the Bobcats escape with a victory.

  • charlottean

    Jeff adrien was phenomenal. Gordon made some good buckets but i can’t tolerate how much he turns the ball over even in a good game.

    Biz getting 11 boards in 24 minutes was equally as impressive/productive as adrien’s game. I hope people keep fouling him so he gets additional practice in live action. He isn’t a bad shooter, he has great form just isn’t making a lot of them. 2 of them were dirty because they poked him in the eye right before fouling him….real classy move boozer.

    Kemba had a whale of a game. Our lineup is shaping up eerily like the pistons championship team except we drafted all of them sans mullens. Henderson can absolutely be hamilton or better and i think walker can be smaller billups or better. Mkg will be better than prince (less shooting), mullens prob won’t be sheed but better in areas, biz can be better than wallace. With time.

    On to number 9.


    If you guys honestly think Henderson is a true NBA starting shooting guard I laugh. Henderson and their center position is the biggest laughing stocks on the team. Henderson should be and will be a future role player not starter and we can not have Biyombo at center he is undersized and has little offense. For now the only future starters I really see are Kemba and MKG the rest of the lineup should be future role players. I liked Jeff Adrien getting more minutes maybe Dunlap will learn the guy can ball. Still Adrien is a decent role player off the bench. This is no Detroit championship team here there are many holes and they do not play as good on the defensive end matter of fact no where close. BRING BACK THE BUZZ.

  • Spencer/SDS


    So basically every single defensive minded Center in history isn’t a starting center???u wouldn’t want Mutombo starting on your team???? Ben Wallace???a multiple defensive player of the year winner…Chandler??? Noah??? i mean there are tons of guys with little to no offensive game as centers -who are all considered good- all they do is get putback dunks and easy shots…no offensive game other then being tall…

    Now biyombo is TALLER then MULLENS, his standing reach is higher, that tells you something about his LENGTH,

    DWIGHT HOWARD: 6’10.25″ in shoes, 7’4.5″ wingspan, 9’3.5″ standing reach
    Bismack Biyombo: 9’9.5″ in shoes, 7’6.16″ wingspan, 9’3.42″ standing reach, is Howard too small???
    Byron Mullens: 7’1.25″ in shoes, 7’1.5″ wingspan, 9’3″ standing reach-smaller then Howard and Bismack when adding in Wingspan…

    BISMACK BIYOMBO IS NOT SMALL…Also Dwight Howard as a rookie weighed 240 lbs and could ONLY bench 185 7 times…now he could do it like 30+, Bismack Biyombo as a rookie weighed in at 245 and likely is still there…

    I just wonder what you would be saying if we had Anthony Davis, Davis is too skinny to be a C, but by no means is he “small” he is just almost the exact same as Dwight and Biz, just a lot skinnier…

    KEMBA, MKG, MULLENS, BIZ we should all hope will start 3 years down…that means Kemba is still beasting, MKG is still beasting, Mullens got consistent with his jump shot/offensive game and Biz is a beast defensively…, Henderson is a lower tier starting SG(there are VERY FEW higher tier) and would be the best backup SG on any team other then the Spurs…OKC’s Martin isn’t an complete SG, he can score, but below average defense and everything else…

  • Spencer/SDS

    ALso GIVE ME THE ABILITY TO EDIT MY POSTS!!!!, ahh, for biyombo he is 6’9.5″ in shoes

  • charlottean

    And biyombo’s measurements were exact….howards were rounded to the nearest quarter inch.

    Biz had 11 boards in 24 minutes. Dude is criticizing his offense when he was hacked on a dunk attempt and had a few roll out. The offensive goaltending is killing me but he’ll learn. He’s had plenty of dunks this year. Telling him to learn from adrien tells me you haven’t watched many games.

    The criticizing of henderson has got to stop. Name the better shooting guards……kobe, wade, harden, joe johnson, paul pierce, aaand……..? I’m sure i missed one or 2 guys but there aren’t many better. Maybe monta ellis or oj mayo. But he is no question top 30 at the position and that’s all he needs to be to be a starter. He’s quite possible top 16 which would justify starting on a playoff team. Dude’s biggest knock has always been shooting and he’s improved that heavily. He’s never going to score 28 a game but most don’t. Ginobli doesn’t either, he’s got rings. He can absolutely be gonobili/hamilton level. He had anothersolid game and the complaints continue. It’s insane. He’s 25. He’s not old, he’s entering his prime now.

    We have a great young core. Another high pick coming, and some great trade chips for next year in gordon, haywood, sessions, and a few conditional picks. Complaining about the roster management is over. Higgins was the problem clearly. Last year moves were questionable but have proven to either be correct (kemba, biz, mullens) or served a greater purpose (letting augustin and diaw go without compensation, getting the high draft pick).

    There are a lot of guys that put up a ton of stats and don’t win. A lot of idiots clamor for those guys and then jump on the bandwagon when a team starts winning. We will win with THESE same guys. When they grow up.

  • SirGladiator

    Yeah, it really is amazing how much better, for example, Kemba and Mullens are from last year. Biz is younger, he’s taking a little longer, but once he makes that same amazing stride, watch out, because those double digit streaks are gonna be WINNING streaks! Obviously once MKG develops we’re talking about one of the very best in all of basketball, when you consider how great he already is. So definitely, we’re poised for greatness, it’s just a matter of time and proper coaching, and that’s where our new coach comes in, he’s bringing it out of them. And what do you know? He found time in his busy schedule to actually coach DURING the game yesterday as well :) . Hopefully this means he’s learning and improving also, usually he’s all about flushing leads down the toilet and never looking back, but he finally found a lead he couldn’t give away in the 4th quarter, hopefully that will be the first (in a long, long time) of many. If he can be half as good at coaching these guys during the games as he is at coaching them up before and after the games, he will definitely be famous one day, maybe as famous as MJ’s old coach Phil!

  • charlottean

    that has nothing to do with coaching. his substitutions and general strategies have all been very good. he’s forcing teams to be jump shooters and the teams that are great shooters are killing us but the rest are not. once the players get good enough to be able to both force the jumpshots AND contest them, we will be that much more effective. But he’s coaching them into that mind set instead of coaching to win now and then changing later and struggling to adapt.

    leads have gone away because of the players. it’s not football where poor offensive play calling is everything and poor management of your timeouts can drastically effect the outcome (aka ron rivera’s problems). everybody runs the same plays in the nba. you can be an idiot like mike brown and try to run things away from your strengths, but dunlap isn’t doing that at all. he’s definitely playing to our strengths (kemba and mkg) and it’s helping them big time. mullens too. it’s way more about substitutions than anything in the nba. and getting the most out of your players. his subs have been on point.

    he’s not a young coach, he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. he’s been in the nba, he’s been in other pro leagues, and he’s been a head coach for a long time (unlike many assistants turned head coaches who struggle with that change).

    it’s just AGE. when the guys get older we will win. and having another top 5 pick instead of playing the pick into chicago’s hands is WAY BETTER for our future. why win 35 games this year when we could win 15-20, and get our young players better AND add another great young player? cho is sticking to the game plan. the correct one. and dunlap is doing A LOT to help.