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Bobcats @ Pistons Preview: QCH 3-on-3

Who: Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Pistons Home Game

When: 7:30 PM ET

Where: Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Detroit 13-22 100.9 (17) 103.1 (18) 92.6 (27)
Charlotte 8-24 98.8 (26) 108.0 (30) 93.5 (8)

Previous Meetings:

Charlotte: Byron Mullens (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Pistons Bobcats
PG Brandon Knight Kemba Walker
SG Rodney Stuckey Jeffery Taylor
SF Kyle Singler Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Jason Maxiell Hakim Warrick
C Greg Monroe Bismack Biyombo
6th Man Tayshaun Prince Ramon Sessions

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network Detroit comes into tonight with confidence, something that they’ve lacked for the majority of the season. The Bobcats had an impressive win in Chicago on New Years Eve, but came home on Friday night and lost a tough game to a team they should’ve beaten- Cleveland. The Pistons look to keep their momentum going tonight and the Bobcats continue to search for answers on how to put together 4 solid quarters of basketball. Brett, Greg and I try to figure it all out for tonight.

1- STATS: Charlotte likes to play fast — PACE (95.3; 8th) and Detroit likes to play slow (92.6; 27th). Difference here is that the Pistons have an impressive rebound rate of 51.1 and Charlotte struggles at 48.3. What will be the turning point, statistically in this matchup?

Spencer: The Pistons tend to turn the ball over a bit more than Charlotte — 14.1% of Detroit’s possessions end in a turnover while about 13% of Charlotte’s end in one. If the Bobcats can cause at least 15 turnovers and have less than 12 turnovers themselves, I like the Cats chances to have a chance in the 4th. Charlotte is turning the ball over 15.4 times/game in their past 5 — that has got to come down significantly if they want a chance to compete.

Brett: It’s tough to choose from between defensive rebounding, turnovers, and threes – all three categories have been problem areas for the Cats in various losses.  The Pistons shoot threes well, but don’t take that many.  Neither team forces many turnovers, though the Pistons are prone to giving up a decent bit.  The Bobcats are the 2nd worst defensive rebounding team in the league, and the Pistons are in the top 10 in offensive rebound rate.  I’ll go with that one.

Greg: As Brett points out, there’s a lot of areas where Detroit has the edge. If you’re looking for a silver lining, though, it’s Detroit’s turnover rate — they rank 22nd in the league. Charlotte’s ability to force mistakes has declined over the course of the season, and they’re currently ranked 24th in that category. Still, the Bobcats seem to operate best on the fast break, so if they can force Detroit to play sloppy and increase the pace, that would help.

2- OPINION: Andre Drummond or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? Drummond has a top-20 PER of 21.68 and MKG has a PER of 16.92. MKG plays 7 more minutes/game than Drummond, but who would you rather have moving forward and why?

Spencer: Andre Drummond has been quite a pleasant surprise for Detroit in his rookie season. There were quite a few questions marks about Drummond’s work ethic leading up to the draft, but right now the stats are somewhat speaking for themselves. Drummond is 6th in the league in Total Rebounding Rate (21.1). There’s no question that Drummond is a rare type of athlete that every team needs — borderline 7-footer that runs like a deer and is a freak athlete. If Drummond develops some kind of offensive arsenal around the post then there really is no ceiling to just how good he can become.

MKG, on the other hand, is more of ‘what you see is what you get’ in the sense that he’s going to be a guy that will always have an extremely high motor, be an elite defender and be limited offensively, but also great at finishing around the rim. If you’re a conservative person then I’d think you’d go with Kidd-Gilchrist between these two — I would concur with that way of thinking.

Brett: Watching MKG play night after night, it is very difficult to pick against him, as he shown a very impressive ability to score around the basket, through transition, drives, and post ups.  But…he’s a small forward.  And Drummond is huge.  The primary concern about Drummond coming into the draft was a weak motor – and so far, everything out of Detroit has said there have been no issues.  So, I’m probably leaning towards Drummond – though, his free throw shooting is a concern.  If he doesn’t improve into the 55% to 60% range, he may develop issues like Andris Biedrins who avoids attacking the basket for fear of going to the line, severely limiting his importance.

Greg: I’ve only been able to watch Drummond a few times this year, so I’m mostly working off his stats. In that regard, both players have been impressive so far: Drummond is top ten in rebound percentage, leads his team in defensive rating, and ranks fifth in block percentage. MKG’s stats are less eye-popping, but he’s about as well-rounded a player as you can ask for. His defense, efficient scoring and overall versatility will make him a very valuable piece moving forward. Each has a significant flaw or two (Kidd-Gilchrist’s jumper, Drummond’s free throw shooting), but they’re still great prospects.

If both players hit their theoretical peaks, I’d give the edge to Drummond. Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard have shown in recent years the incredible value of having a big man that can play elite defense and score efficiently. But, given Kidd-Gilchrist’s already legendary work ethic, I have a little more confidence that he’ll maximize his potential. Both would be great to have on your team.

3- PICK IT: Detroit has won 6 of their last 7 games while the Bobcats, well, have continued to lose the games they should win. What’s new? The game is in Auburn Hills, so does anyone have the guts to take Charlotte tonight?

Spencer: Pistons — They’ve found their groove in the last 7 games. In their past 5 games, the Pistons are shooting 48% from the field and 43.4% from 3. I don’t see that stopping tonight against the worst defensive team in the league.

Brett: I’ll be taking the home team.  While the Bobcats showed resilience in battling back against the Cavs, the way they got so far behind was very troubling, and a better team like the Pistons (I said better, not good) at home would probably not be so forgiving towards that uninspired start.  Drummond and Monroe both impress and the Pistons win.

Greg: You nailed it. Detroit seems to have figured out some of their rotation issues recently, and they play significantly better at home (10-8 in Michigan vs. 3-14 on the road). As for the Bobcats…7-5 seems like a long time ago.

6 comments to Bobcats @ Pistons Preview: QCH 3-on-3

  • Mathew Lewis

    Warrick is a late scratch due to illness. Tyrus likely starts.

  • charlottean

    That shouldn’t hurt us. I’ll take tyrus and his energy over warrick. They’re basically the same player but thomas has the better intangibles. I hope we can turn thomas’ career around…..he’ll never earn the 8 but i’d rather have him play up to potential and hopefully stay as a bottom of the rotation guy a la collison in okc or pachuilia in atlanta then just waste the next 3 years either on the end of the bench or via amnesty.

    i’m excited to watch drummond tonight. not a lot of televised pistons games on charlotte tv packages. I think i’ve seen him once since summer league where he was underwhelming. I would take MKG over drummond again given that we have biz already. but if we’re just picking between the 2 to start a roster….i’d probably go drummond. tough to say but he’s going to be something. I could see him having an alonzo type career. If his production carries over to larger minutes, he’s going to be insane.

    detroit looks to be even more of a mess than we are with a ton of guys lacking direction but with talent. The only guys that look to be surefire building blocks are knight, monroe and drummond. maybe singler, but they spent a ton of money and picks on guys that either haven’t worked out or have hit major road blocks. jerekbo looked like a 2nd round stud before getting hurt. doesn’t seem to have it back yet. maybe won’t. daye is weird….guy shoots the lights out of the ball one day…… ice cold the other. probably will struggle to get a job next year. stuckey got way overpaid. villanueva……gordon (now maggette)…..aka proof joe dumars had no idea what he was doing when he managed to pull a championship team out of thin air. while I have a lot of faith in drummond, monroe and knight…….i have even more faith that the draft pick they owe us will be a great pick.

  • Spencer/SDS

    T-Times issue is that he wants to live up to be like and (better) then Aldrige…if you look at their shot selections and play style they are quite similar…the difference…Aldrige makes his shots, they both live and die on(tyrus usually dies on) the mid range shot..Aldrige takes it 16-23 shots 8.5 A per game per 40 minutes…that is through the roof compared to most STARS who chuck it up a lot…T-Time is trailing at like 8.2 A per 40 from that range..once again through the roof amount of attempts…T-Time idk…his whole issue is his offensive play style and inability to learn that shooting that much isn’t helping yourself or the team unless you start making them…and he hasn’t made them his entire career basically….

    T-Time has proven he is tying to get it togethor-the big thing being his weight before season and his new found “energy” compared to last years…let’s hope he continues to mature and turn an ugly career as of yet around

  • charlottean

    his weight was an issue last year, but his health has been THE ongoing issue. he hasn’t been in a stable healthy situation much in his career at all. lot of time missed, lot of coaching changes. If i’m not mistaken he had 3 coaches in chicago, now 3 here. kind of reminds me of alex smith with the 49ers in that regard. He could be a really solid starting 4 man in the nba. but he probably won’t be because of the things that have happened thus far. someone else will get that shot (mullens).

    The mid range thing….was that always the case or is that something that spiked of recent because of the injuries? because that’s the way it appears to the naked eye. He was getting EVERYTHING blocked at the rim for a while. He’s just not very good offensively unless it’s in transition. Although I would think he could be great in a tyson chandler type pick and roll game if he got his athleticism back 100% because of the mid range ability. Needs a bit more muscle. While i’m typing this, he just launched another mid range jumper.

  • Spencer/SDS

    lol^^ he has always taken a fairly large amount of mid range jumpers in his career…but in the last 2 years he has decided to up it up a notch…especially this year…the last 2 years he has taken the most in his career from the 16-23 ft range…and he has shot his worst % from that range in his career(other then his rookie year) in these last 2 years from there…the last 3 years he has attempted the majority/highest % of shots from the 16-23 foot range compared to all other portions of the court…this year(and last) he has just got horrendously worse at every portion of the court shooting

    his first year here…looking at the stats he actually looks like a good/average starting PF in this league…then he just went to shit

    note on how many games he has played per year:
    2007: 72 (Scott Skiles)(Pete Myers for 1 game) (Jim Doylan, 56 games)
    2008: 74 (New Coach, Vinny Del Negro)
    2009: 79 (Vinny Del Negro)
    2010: 66 (traded to Charlotte)(Larry Brown/Vinny Del Negro)
    2011: 41 (Mid-Season change of Coach-Paul Silas)
    2012: 54-shortened year (new coach-Paul Silas)

    so yea, a lot of coaches, you can say 7 (Dunlap in 2013 obviously) although u can also rule out Pete Myers…he only “coached” him for 1 game…if he even played that 1 game lol, you could say his best year was his first season with Charlotte…i believe the year we gave him his contract???

    Side note (WE WON!!!) oh yea, 1 out of 2 so far in the 2013 year ^^