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Bobcats vs Lakers Preview: QCH 3-on-3

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Los Angeles Lakers

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 11-37 98.7 (29) 108.7 (30) 94.4 (14)
Los Angeles Lakers 23-27 105.1 (8) 103.2 (17) 97.2 (4)

Previous Meetings:
2012/12/18 – 100-101 – RecapBoxscore

Charlotte: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (OUT)
Los Angeles Lakers: Pau Gasol (OUT)

Starting Lineups

PG Kemba Walker Steve Nash
SG Gerald Henderson Kobe Bryant
SF Jeffery Taylor Metta World Peace
PF Jeff Adrien Earl Clark
C Bismack Biyombo Dwight Howard
6th Man Ramon Sessions Antawn Jamison

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network The Lakers have won 6 of their last 8 games and have seemingly righted the ship in route to a playoff push, but tonight presents quite an interesting storyline. For starters, the media has been all over the Dwight-Kobe injury saga and whether or not D12 should play through his shoulder injury. That being said, the media and basketball universe has progressively grown more optimistic that this Lakers team has started to figure some things out and will make a strong push to make the post-season. Tonight is a huge game for the Lakers in the fact that if they drop their 2nd straight game against what seems to be officially the NBA’s worst team, well, it goes without saying that their haters/critics will be out in full force and the full blown pessimism will re-surface for this team. Considering that, I do believe the Bobcats play like a bunch with their hair on fire. Lakers could be in trouble tonight.

1- STATS: In the first thrilling matchup between these two in Los Angeles the Bobcats held the Lakers to under 40% shooting, won the battle on the glass and therefore attempted 7 more FG’s than the Lakers over the course of the game. In that game, D12 pulled down 18 rebounds and Charlotte still owned the glass. Will that trend change tonight and what’s the key stat for both teams to find success?

Spencer: With Gasol out of there lineup, it’s logical to believe that the D’Antoni style of basketball can exist more freely. Without Pau, it’s going to allow the Lakers to spread the floor more and play the true PnR style that Mike D’Antoni loves his teams to play. This would not seemingly bode well for Charlotte, but what will allow the Bobcats to be successful tonight is to sag under PnR’s and close out hard on shooters. Keep Nash and Kobe in front of you Kemba, Hendo & Taylor, forcing them to beat you with jump shots.

Mathew: Points in the paint. The Bobcats must limit Howard’s effectiveness on the offensive boards as well as force him to go to the line when he catches the ball down deep. The absence of Pau Gasol will aid Charlotte’s attempt to compete on the boards and in the paint, as Earl Clark and Metta World Peace – both more perimeter oriented players – should see the bulk of the minutes at the 4 tonight.

Greg: The Lakers are a decent rebounding team, but you’d think Dwight’s recent injury issues might affect that. They were outrebounded by the Celtics last night, 48-43, and Boston isn’t a particularly good team on the boards.

It’s a little surprising, then, that they’ve been relatively consistent whether Dwight is on the floor or not — the Lakers grab 51.7% of all available rebounds when he plays, and 51.2% when he’s sitting. The Lakers are significantly better than the Bobcats with or without him, so I think Charlotte’s edge in the last matchup was probably a fluke.

Instead, I think this’ll come down to free throws. A good chunk of the Bobcats’ offense comes at the stripe, but the Lakers have been very good at avoiding fouls, leading the league in defensive FT/FGA. Charlotte will likely have to find their points elsewhere, which is always a challenge for them.

2- D12: As Dwight Howard returned last night, the Lakers were easily defeated in Boston. Kobe had previously taken on the role of more of a distributor as of late, but last night he ended the game with 0 assist. What’s the deal with this team with D12 in the lineup?

Spencer: It’s clear that Kobe will do whatever it takes to make this team successful. If that means playing a PG type of role, then he has no problem doing that. It’s also clear that Kobe and D12 clash, and often. The Lakers are less of a TEAM with Dwight in the lineup and I don’t really think there’s anyway around that. Dwight is the red headed step child in this D’Antoni system and simply isn’t going to get the touches that he’s happy with. On the same point, Kobe is going to demand that D12 listen to him, because he’s won rings and knows how to achieve the highest amount of success within this game. The dynamic problem with the two things listed above is that Dwight is going to conform to neither of those factors. To me, the Lakers are a worse team with Dwight in the lineup and Pau on the bench/injured. The story ends in LA with D’Antoni getting the ax at the end of the season. Kupchak’ hands are tied and he’s got to find a way to move this franchise forward with D12 — that’ll mean Mike D’Antoni is gone.

Mathew: Quite simply, Dwight Howard does not fit in Mike D’Antoni’s offense. He’s one the few remaining “true” centers in the League, a guy that benefits from operating in the post, which the Lakers do not make a priority. He’s also used to having the offense run through him, which is a tough sell when Kobe Bryant is on the roster. And we can’t forget the health issues (sorry Kobe).

Greg: I think the blame on Dwight is a little overblown. He hasn’t been the transformative player that Lakers fans were expecting, but so far the team’s defense, rebounding, eFG% and TS% have all been better when he’s on the floor. They take a slight step back in offensive rating when he plays (105.7 when he’s on the bench vs. 104.7 when he’s playing), but offense really hasn’t been the team’s issue. He’s been hurt, which is unfortunate, but this team has bigger problems than Dwight.

3- PICK IT: Even the fans in the Staples Center understood that Charlotte threw up all over themselves to squander an 18-point lead in the first game between these two. Do the Bobcats even up the season series tonight?

Spencer: Yes, I do like the Bobcats tonight. This is a young team that gets up for opponents like this and they’ll also be motivated to perform better after the embarrassing loss to Cleveland on Wednesday. This just feels like meltdown mode for the Lakers to me- with Gasol out and a disgruntled D12 back in the lineup, playing through an injury, I just don’t see this going well for the Lakers. Beginning at about 10 PM tonight the burning of this Lakers team from the media will re-ignite. 98-95 Bobcats.

Mathew: No. Yes, the Lakers played terribly last night and lost by 21 to the Boston Celtics. But let’s not forget they had won six of seven before last night, including three straight. And oh yeah, the Bobcats lost by 27 to the Cavs Wednesday night.

Greg: The Lakers had a pretty demoralizing loss to Boston last night, and they’re 3-6 so far this year in back-to-back situations. This will also be their sixth road game since Jan. 29, so their legs are probably pretty dead by now. Despite all that, they have their backs against the wall and match up pretty well with Charlotte. I’m expecting an L.A. win.

12 comments to Bobcats vs Lakers Preview: QCH 3-on-3

  • Travis

    Lakers will work the bobcats old skool Kobe will hold a clinic and will have 24pts with 10 assists in their 14 pt decisive road victory.

  • Spencer/SDS

    who does Kobe guard??? Nash can not guard Kemba, neither can Kobe in my opinion…so who guards Kemba?? Howard…just tell Bismack that this is a WAR and he will beat/”fight/battle” out with Howard (something he likes to do) and keep him out of the game….Bis is not a good matchup for Howard when hurt in my opinion…Biz likes playing physical and Howards lack of a skill set offensively allows him to do so

    Lets hope Mullen’s doesn’t get matched up often with MWP (something that hurt us in the last match)…look for Adrien to play lots of minutes and more of a 24/24 minute games by Mullens and Biyombo…luckily we won’t get hurt in this game to badly against the Lakers without MKG, Henderson and Taylor should both be able to do pretty good against Kobe as long as the refs don’t go into Lakers need to win mode and its the Lakers vs no name Bobcats…

    Damned Refs are so biased in this league

  • charlottean

    i love the hendo/kobe matchups. they’re basically the same player, just with kobe being above and beyond the superior. but the grit, the finesse, the hops, philly style? gotta love it.

    i also hope this ben gordon for humphries deal materializes. I can’t imagine brooklyn wanting to do that, but if they do…..awesome. salaries are a wash basically and we don’t have to put up with gordon taking horrible shots OR watch warrick or thomas launch up mid range jumpers at horrible make %’s. a mullens/biz/humphries rotation with a splash of adrien is far more tolerable.

    reggie williams can fill in the guard rotation.

  • Spencer/SDS

    makes no, and i mean No sense for the Nets, do they not remember Marshon Brooks??…i hope we get that Kid in the deal as well if this comes true, we may/likely will need to give them a big somewhere thou…Idk how they would replace Humphries and with who…Blatch sure…Evans is there and Lopez…but they don’t have a 4th man

    Also i’m almost positive Haywood CAN be traded…

    i believe haywood falls under the 2nd “round” of amnestied players, or 2nd round of waivers, whatever u wish to call it…so Haywood SHOULD be able to be traded, making the Nets trade possibility more realistic (unless they have their eye on a d-league big)

  • Spencer/SDS

    sorry bout the age of the article…but i haven’t really been able to find anything else and i do believe the amnesty is just a waiver system, but not having the players contract hurt you (although u still have to pay it)

    if this is true (i hope) then it gives us far more trade possibilities, i know we’ve gone over this but a possibility to trade Haywood helps a LOT..he would be a VERY good role player for a playoff team looking for more depth in the front court (or in trades where they need to get another decent big back, that is relatively cheap)

  • charlottean

    everything i read at the time said that haywood was restricted until june.

    the only reason it makes sense for the nets is if humphries is bitchin about not playing as much. they have blatche, they have evans, they have teletovic, they have lopez, they have young’ns james and shengelia too. they have brooks, but if carlisimo doesn’t like him, they might opt for a veteran wing.

    if we gave them gordon and the detroit pick for humphries and brooks, that would be like flipping maggette for humphries and brooks. not horrible. especially when you think of humphries being tradeable next year if somebody needed to dump a big contract a la rudy gay. I could definitely see new orleans going that route with eric gordon given how much talent they have and his pedestrian numbers/injury concerns/lack of size for a 2.

    i’m not big on brooks. i’m about as much of a fan of him as i am gordon. I’m not a huge humphries fan either, he’s GROSSLY overpaid but i mean, he works. and i prefer he over warrick or thomas at this point. or haywood.

  • Spencer/SDS

    yea, Humphries (especially) this year hasn’t been playing very well…he is an above average re bounder and knows his role, he doesn’t shoot/attempt to score in ways he can’t do, ala Warrick and Thomas

    getting rid of Gordon gives more playing time to the younger guys, hmm i like Brooks, he plays a lot like Kobe/Henderson, and may be more athletic then Henderson…(less hops but quicker)…even looks kinda like a young Kobe^^, plus he is young,

    + what do u think about the Boozer for Bargnani trade rumors (raptors obviously need to add in some more players to fill the cap gap) -i think it is a terrible deal for the Bulls and a ehh deal for the Raptors

    + any news on MKGs head of late?

  • charlottean

    i would take boozer AND the salary over bargani every time until boozer shows that age is an issue. for the raptors it’s a good move to move in a different direction. for the bulls it would be a salary move. not a wise one. they would be better off going boozer for humphries (but don’t tell them I said that).

    henderson is way tougher than brooks. Smarter too. Brooks isn’t bad, I’m just not a fan. i’d take henderson over brooks any day. mkg is in the lineup tonight.

  • Spencer/SDS

    yea noticed mkg^^, Mullens and biyombo looking good so far (biyombo getting a bit out muscled by Howard on defense, Mullens so far slow to recover when helping)

    Issue with the Raptors is it could prevent them from getting Lowry (i’m under the impression that he is on a 1 yr deal currently/1 yr left)…Boozer with his big contract won’t do so well…

    Bulls get younger (worse defensively and WAY worse rebounding), gets a better shooter (although far less effective as of this season compared to Boozer as well)…so it makes it souly almost a salary dump and a THREAT (Although not effective currently) to spread the floor

  • Spencer/SDS

    Funniest part about the 1st half:
    Nash trying to Guard Kemba at the end of the 2nd…just giving up after Kemba starting dribbling and pulling all of his moves on him and just walking into him^^

    Best part: Kemba ally oop off of a steal on an inbound pass to Mullens for a nice 1 handed dunk

    Weirdest Part: Kobe scoring ZERO points in the 1st half

    Favorite player of the 1st half: Mullens, forcing his way into the paint, playing smart D by just fouling Howard when/if Howard gets deep position on him, hustling to get steals, looking good and confident (one of those games that show his potential)

    Worst looking player: Haywood, in 2 minutes (to give Biz and Mullens a short break) stopped the flow of the offense and defense, not really his fault, the young guys are just on a role currently and he was the only one that really looked out of touch

    Fans: looking hyped up a few times so far in this game (mainly the dunk by Hendo with Howard behind)…would have been an outbreak if (after the steal on the possesion after by the Lakers) Bismack had been able to slam the ball home on the fast break-lost control of the ball it looked like

    (side note) Idk what to think about Mullens beard…it kinda hides the ugliness/hides the terrible stash he beholds on his face…i say keep it at this point…no offence but Mullens is no pretty stick ^^

    Also having fun watching this game (haven’t been able to watch to much of any game as of late)

  • Spencer/SDS

    Bobcats with a lead=headless chicken

    they have no brains what so ever…they stop doing what got them to the lead…NOOOOO passing, terrible gameplay by the entire team in the 2nd half…way to many isos…ESPECIALLY BY KEMBA AND SESSIONS..

    blame those 2 souly for this loss, they wern’t PGs when it counted…

  • charlottean

    Lowry has a team option for next year. But looking at their payroll, i can’t see it either. They have about 72 million committed to next year plus a lottery pick coming in. Adding boozer would have to increase it a bit. Mind you….toronto is no small market team but that’s way over the tax line for a ehhh team. After next year they have some guys coming off the books….klieza and gray but they have to replace them and that’s only about 7 million and they’ll have to give lowry some of that.

    Hard to imagine it making sense up there. They grossly overpaid derozen. 9 million a year for a guy you could replace with a d-leaguer.