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Nuggets blast Bobcats

Denver Nuggets 113 Final
Recap | Box Score
99 Charlotte Bobcats
Bismack Biyombo, PF 37 MIN | 3-8 FG | 3-4 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 9 PTS | -16

Nice effort tonight. Started the game by really impacting the paint, but as the game wore on Biz was eaten up by trying to help on penetration and leaving McGee.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF 21 MIN | 4-11 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 12 PTS | 0

Thought that MKG should have seen more minutes than he did because of Bobcats struggle to contain Nuggets dribble penetration. Although the offensive efficiency wasn’t great, I really liked the effort and how he picked his spots. Rookie mistakes led to turnover- should be expected.

Byron Mullens, C 28 MIN | 1-9 FG | 2-4 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 4 PTS | -20

2-21 from the field in his last two games.

Kemba Walker, PG 32 MIN | 9-14 FG | 5-6 FT | 2 REB | 5 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 24 PTS | -1

Very good game tonight from Kemba, offensively. Defensively, he was scorched by getting beat off the dribble by Lawson. Charlotte wasn’t helping off shooters much tonight, so Kemba getting beat on the defensive end stood out more.

Gerald Henderson, SG 32 MIN | 7-11 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 19 PTS | -5

I liked most everything I saw from Hendo tonight. He has a natural inclination to play help defense and that led to some wide open 3′s for Brewer, but usually the focus is on Hendo’ offensive efficiency- tonight, it was good.

Josh McRoberts, PF 6 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | 0

Here’s what you need to know about McRoberts- he’s going to make the simple play on the offensive end 9 out of 10 times and he can box out on the defensive glass, unlike Mullens. His minutes will continue to increase and quite possibly phase Adrien out of rotation.

Ramon Sessions, PG 22 MIN | 4-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 1 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -14

Not a lot of run tonight. Better than the last game, but he has been a different player since the all-star break.

Jeffery Taylor, SG 33 MIN | 7-13 FG | 4-6 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 18 PTS | -14

Dunlap had suggested that Taylor was going to see more minutes after last night’s loss to the Bulls and he came through on that. Great game for the 2nd round pick- seems to be more aggressive offensive every game.

Two Things We Saw

  1. Denver had 66 points in the paint and A TON of dunks. I won’t bother trying to find out how many, but I know that McGee had 7 just on his own.
  2. The Bobcats will start a 4-game road trip on Tuesday night in LA against the Clippers.

2 comments to Nuggets blast Bobcats

  • charlottean

    Keep hearing about how mcroberts makes the basic play, plays the right way, makes smart decisions……yet I’ve seen the guy make plenty of bonehead plays over the past few years. I mean i like the guy and the trade…..but i’ve seen him pull up for 3′s wayyyyyy beyond the line and out of his range and on fast breaks, i’ve seen him attempt to run the break and not give the ball up disasterously and i’ve seen some pretty bad deep fadeaways. I like the guys game, but i wouldn’t consider him cerebral at all. I would say equal to mullens, just more skilled a passer and ball handler, heavy on the post play, weaker shooter/scoring touch.

    Mullens had a disaster of a game. He just can’t seem to have a decently solid game. 10/8 isn’t in his stat sheet reportoire. A 4 for 8 night isn’t common. It’s either 1 for ever or 10 for 16. Here’s to hoping he’s playing himself into a weaker contract and turning it up next year. The turnovers were the worst part about this. The shots were good shots that rimmed out but he made some horrible decisions and passes.

    Biz looked great, all of his misses rolled just off the rim. 5 offensive boards in a game is relatively insane. Tempo had nothing to do with it either. Dude is just LONG and outworked and positioned himself. That alone kept us in a game where denver was getting easy buckets in transition all night. 2 blks but he wrecked havoc on several more. Our guards did him no favors against mcgee and faried. That’s hard to defend and is basically a bucket either way. Not much he can do. Between the offensive boards and hisshots, his offense looked solid tonight.

    Taylor is a stud of a 2nd round pick. Not a lot else needed to say. I could see him making a klay thompson type jump at some point and that may have been a big factor in shopping henderson when gordon had no takers.

    Kemba had some GREAT passes some ending in assists others not. He’s gaining more and more of my faith as an actual point guard and not just a little guy with a handle.

    They played with my emotions by not playing gordon last night only to play him tonight. Solid effort, says something that we hung with them through the half on 2nd night of a back to back. Way better than last night.

  • charlottean

    Oh yea and…..seth curry. That’s the new campaign slogan.