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Jazz out-rebound Charlotte by 38, win by 30

Charlotte Bobcats 68 Final
Recap | Box Score
98 Utah Jazz

Five Things We Saw

  1. The Bobcats grabbed just 16 defensive rebounds in this game. Utah had 20 offensive rebounds. Let that sink in.
  2. At the other end of the court, Charlotte managed just 8 offensive rebounds to 42 defensive rebounds for Utah.
  3. The only reason this game wasn’t worse than it was – like a 30 point blowout isn’t horrible – is that Utah had 22 turnovers, negating (to a very small degree) some of their offensive rebounding prowess.
  4. If you didn’t see this one (and you’re a Bobcats fan), count yourself fortunate – and delete it from your DVR.
  5. Just watch this over and over and feel a little bit better:

    I’m concerned this might be a recurring salve through the end of the season.

3 comments to Jazz out-rebound Charlotte by 38, win by 30

  • Mind boggling. Less defensive rebounds than the other team has offensive ones, and thats WITHOUT two of their guys, including Jefferson. Does this mean we’re officially in full-on ‘tank mode’ the rest of the year? And is that even really necessary? If we are, I vote we bring in the Lady Cats to play the rest of our games, at least then we wouldn’t have to go back in time to that dunk in order to find something nice to look at on the court :) . On a serious note….actually, I dont think there’s anything serious to say, so instead I’ll close with ‘Is the season over yet?’ because apparently nothing good is going to happen until draft time rolls around.

  • Spencer/SDS

    well to be fair Favors and Kanter are both far better then Jefferson or Millsap in the rebounding department, Jefferson is just an average rebounding center (per 40 minutes) and Milsap is as well for a PF, Kanter is a top tier rebounder per 40 and favors is up there or PFs

  • charlottean

    defensive boards being higher than the other team has to do with coincidence and shooting %’s. offensive board disparity matters. the jazz had a HUGE number for rebounds because the bobcats were missing the 2nd of 2 free throws and generally shooting poorly, while giving up a higher % to the jazz. offensive boards are the worry…..and even those can be coincidental.

    kills me because, mullens and biz CAN rebound. but they both disappear from game to game. those dudes gotta learn that the ball is the most important part of the game.