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Bobcats @ Wizards Preview: 2-on-2 with ‘Truth About It’

Who: Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Wizards Home Game

When: 8:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Verizon Center

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Washington 19-41 95.8 (30) 99.7(6) 94.4 (13)
Charlotte 13-49 97.3 (29) 109.2 (30) 94.3 (14)

Previous Meetings:
2012/11/13 – 76-92 – RecapBoxscore

2012/11/24 – 104-108 – RecapBoxscore

Washington : Bradley Beal (Questionable)
Charlotte: Ramon Sessions (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Wizards Bobcats
PG John Wall Kemba Walker
SG Martell Webster Gerald Henderson
SF Trevor Ariza Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Emeka Okafor Byron Mullens
C Nene Bismack Biyombo
6th Man Bradley Beal Ben Gordon

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- STATS: Well, the Wizards are the only team in the league that is less efficient offensively than Charlotte. That stat is somewhat skewed due to the return if John Wall, but what is the factor that leads to these two teams struggling so much on the offensive end?

Spencer: For Charlotte it’s pretty simple — depending on guards to generate points far too often. That, in turn, will lead to a ton of contested jumpers and bad shots at the end of the shot clock. Teams number one priority when defending the Cats is to keep Kemba out of the lane and when they’re able to effectively do that, then Charlotte settles for jumpers. A lot. I’ll let Kyle explain Washington’s struggles.

Kyle Weidie ( Teams have learned that if they pack the paint against John Wall and double Nene (and effectively rotate on the shooters) then they can beat the Wizards. Sure, Wall is hitting more jumpers from the right elbow area lately, but his limited range well inside the 3-point line still doesn’t create enough space. With no Bradley Beal, who has missed the last two games with a sprained ankle, the Wizards really don’t have any other ball handlers who are a threat to score in a variety of ways. Martell Webster is the closest thing to that, but even he has his limitations. And touching upon Nene, he has been very turnover prone lately and needs to accept more responsibility for that and also take more of a leadership role on offense. Limitations in his game seen by George Karl in Denver are starting to arise in D.C.

2- OVER/UNDER: In two games against Washington this season Kemba is shooting just 26.7% from the floor. O/U 18 points on at least 45% shooting tonight?

Spencer: Under. The Wizards have been a good defensive team this season — Kemba’s struggles against this club aren’t just an outlier. Would like to see Kemba have a nice night, because he’s been inconsistent of late, but I have a feeling that John Wall is going to take his lunch tonight. Often.

Kyle: Under. I’m assuming that the lengthy Wizards perimeter defenders will be a little more motivated at home tonight after two straight losses and losing four out of the last five. But, making assumptions with these Wizards, especially when they’re playing the Bobcats, using leaves someone smelling like ass.

3- PICK IT: Cats or Wizards, and why?

Spencer: Wizards. Because I think they’re a much better basketball team. Well, who isn’t? 95-88 Wiz.

Kyle: Wizards 90-84. I doubt Bradley Beal will play, but I think Washington still takes care of business on their home floor, where they tend to play better against higher quality teams. So, with that in mind, you might think the Bobcats would have more than a puncher’s chance, but that chance is greatly diminished without Ramon Sessions, who’s normally a Wizards killer.

4 comments to Bobcats @ Wizards Preview: 2-on-2 with ‘Truth About It’

  • charlottean

    If washington had been 100% healthy from day one… are probably talking about an 8 seed contender. And it’s actually better for them that they aren’t because they’ll get another top 5 or 6 pick to go with wall, beal, and vesely and singleton. BEST POSSIBLE LANDING SPOT FOR ZELLER I’M SAYING IT NOW. He can learn a ton from nene and okafor while still getting starter minutes and be paired with a great young backcourt. can’t see him being a good fit in charlotte, orlando, cleveland, detroit, new orleans, sacramento, minnesota all seem like bad fits. phoenix….ehhh. They still won’t be contenders anytime soon without a big move OR beal turning out to be an absolute stud (which MIGHT happen but still would probably leave them in atlanta hawk/joe johnson territory)

    I like our chances tonight, but it would be an upset. we won the first 2 but this is on the road back to back and they’re 11 of 15 at home right now.

    Is kemba on john wall’s level right now? I mean if you’re drafting teams would you not completely debate that if it weren’t for wall’s #1 pick status? height and age go to wall but i mean you talk about now being able to shoot (mkg who?) and wall’s name has to come up. kemba gives you less assists but less turnovers and a bit more efficient scoring. idk.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Wall, mainly due to ceiling….Wall has it close to Rose and Westbrook….if not better, he is move of a pure PG already (Westbrook has improved tremendously this year without Harden) but a worse shooter then either…and by far really….but his ease to get to the rim AND FINISH extremely effectively is the real difference…that extra height does help a lot, i don’t care who you are, it helps to be taller

    Kemba could be Iverson esc, but a little less scoring potential more PG potential…either way you can’t exactly go wrong with either, IDK:(

    didn’t watch or want to watch last nights game….turned out better then i thought…kinda shows how much this team has actually improved this year…despite what their record says compared to earlier, no grades????

    we win if we keep Nene in check IMO….Wall i don’t think will hurt us too much, main issue just being Nene for me

  • Spencer/SDS

    McRoberts is not a big enough factor to win a game….Mullens can be….McRoberts never will be….so why play him more then Mullens???

    And why the hell did Haywood get 29 minutes??? the only thing i question about Dunlap is his ability to let the youngens play through mistakes….and when they are doing bad god damn it….fucking pla MKG 30 mins same thing with Biyombo every frickin game and they will improve….that is my only issue…he has no brain when it comes to minutes IMO…he is supposed to be good and developing the youngens….to bad he doesn’t know playing time is the fucking key…god damn he pissed me off this game

  • charlottean

    mcroberts is dunlap’s new toy. and i think he thought it would motivate mullens into going harder. it’s not. I am loosing all hope with mullens. this was supposed to be his break out season and the slow start was acceptable especially on 3′s. the ankle injury made it worse. but he came back GREAT from the injury and then just completely stopped. 4 straight games of nothing now right? I’m off the bandwagon. Maybe momentarily, but it’s feeling pretty permanent. Just don’t see him putting it together and then you look over and see motiejunas “getting it” and all of the 4′s that they gave away to go with he and robinson. any of those 4′s patterson, morris, aldrich (5?) would outperform mullens right now. and most of them are about the same age, same pedigree.

    mcroberts is not a keeper. he has INSANE skills. shooting is not one of them. he’s poor man’s josh smith. he makes great athletic plays, bonehead passes, dunks all over guys, and pulls up for 3′s early in the shot clock with mediocre at best %’s.