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Bobcats vs Celtics Preview: QCH 3-on-3

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Boston Celtics

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 13-50 97.2 (29) 109.3 (30) 94.3 (14)
Boston 34-28 100.2 (22) 99.2 (5) 93.7 (19)

Previous Meetings:
2013/01/14 – 89-100 – RecapBoxscore

Charlotte: Ramon Sessions (OUT)
Boston: Rajon Rondo (OUT), Jared Sullinger (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Celtics
PG Kemba Walker Avery Bradley
SG Gerald Henderson Courtney Lee
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Paul Pierce
PF Josh McRoberts Brandon Bass
C Bismack Biyombo Kevin Garnett
6th Man Ben Gordon Jeff Green

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- STATS: Generally, the Bobcats play better against teams that slow down the PACE like Boston. The Celtics are 19th in PACE (93.7) and just 22nd in Offensive Efficiency (100.2). Is Kemba due for a big game against a Celtics team will attempt to corral him in the half court?

Spencer: Avery Bradley has done wonders for the Celtics defensive since the Rondo injury, so my inclination is to say no. That being said, I do believe the Cats’ can get out in transition and generate some easy offense against Boston- it’s the strategy you must have against a stingy half court defense when you have a speedy PG like Kemba. Easiest way to beat a good half court defense is to not allow them to get set. Kemba isn’t shy to the idea of pushing the tempo and I believe that’ll be his main priority tonight. I’m going out on a limb and declaring that Kemba will get the better of Bradley tonight, posting a 20 point & 8 assist performance.

Greg: It probably depends on where his shots come from: if he’s taking it to the rack as opposed to settling for jumpers, he should do fine. Boston allows the lowest FG% in the league on mid-range shots, at 35.5%, but on shots in the restricted area, they’re around the middle of the pack. That’s likely where Kemba will need to focus if he wants to have the biggest impact.

Mathew: No. Two words. Avery Bradley. Since Rajon Rondo went down with his season-ending injury the Celtics have posted a 14-5 record. Much of their success has been due to defensive improvements, which Avery Bradley has contributed to significantly. Kemba may find it difficult to get into the lane tonight, which could in turn result in an ugly offensive performance for the Bobcats.

2- MISSING SESSIONS: In two games against Boston this season, one of which Ramon won with a jumper in the final seconds, he averaged 17.5 PPG on 50% from the field. How much will his absence be felt tonight?

Spencer: Ramon was good to have against the Celtics in the half court because of the fact that he was so willing to just put his head down and sprint at the rim, looking to draw contact. On the season Sessions has averaged 5.7 FTA/game, but in two games against Boston he was averaging 7 FTA/game. Executing offensively in the half court is going to be tougher against a defense like Boston without Sessions, for sure.

Greg: Ramon’s ability to draw fouls is useful against slow-paced, defense-focused teams, so they’ll definitely miss him in Boston. The team had 30 free throw attempts in their win against the Celtics, and eight of those came from Ramon. They’ll need agressive inside play from their guards if they hope to make up his production.

Mathew: Largely. Ramon is arguably the best offensive player on the Bobcats so his absence is certainly going to be felt. Ben Gordon will continue to attempt and fill the void but we all know how well that has gone this season. Get well soon, Ramon.

3- PICK IT: Celtics or Bobcats? History tells us this is a winnable game, as Charlotte has already defeated Boston once this season in the ‘Cable Box’.

Spencer: Celtics. Boston is now rolling without Rondo in the lineup and Doc Rivers seems to believe it’s because they are sharing the ball so much more. The Bobcats are a lost club. At this point in the season and Coach Dunlap still has no idea about his rotation- that’s a bad sign. 100-85 Celtics.

Greg: Celtics. As encouraging as that last win was, it featured Byron Mullens going off for 25 points on 10-of-16 shooting and grabbing 18 rebounds. They’ll be lucky if their entire frontcourt combines for that kind of production tonight.

Mathew: Celtics. The Bobcats are amidst a 10-game slide in which they’ve been outscored by a combined 215 points. Not good. The team historically gets up for big games at home but I’m going to side with recent events over past performance. We just witnessed what OKC did to the Bobcats at home this past Friday night.

7 comments to Bobcats vs Celtics Preview: QCH 3-on-3

  • Spencer/SDS

    to compare the celtics to OKC is not a good idea….OKC is ELITE and a vry young and fast paced team (fast paced teams generally DESTROY the Bobcats, slow paced teams do not) OKC is a top 4 team in this league, Boston is around 16th, or middle of the pack in my mind, do not look at what OKC does against us as a matter of what will happen later. In fact i will go out on a limb and say the OKC game was a GOOD sign…it showed that we had made improvement (the 1st game being un-watchable and terrible-showed who we really were). That game it wasn’t nearly as large a blowout (near 40 pts) and we just played better (despite no Sessions). We didn’t get the same effort from OKC (our first run in had us looking nearly 50/50 in winning percentage and they didn’t know what we were, so they went all out) but i still believe it showed some signs of improvement

    anyway…i still see it as a loss, although close till the end (the box score at the end of the 4th not showing really what happened in the game) but we still get in a deficit when Boston anchors down in the 4th and we are unable to get on fast breaks (plus MKG loses all of his minutes in the second half of which negatively affects this team imo)

    Quick question for the writers, or 2…

    1) What do you think of Dunlap’s minutes displacement of MKG??? Personally i say just play him 30 minutes a game rather then this 22-24 minutes a game bull, i find Dunlap to be far too conservative with these young guys when they get in foul trouble

    2) do you see Mullen’s in Dunlaps doghouse (probably later to break out into Dunlap’s love nest and start playing 20 minutes a game later-ala Haywood or Ben Gordon), do you think he is done in Charlotte or what???..As you probably know, i’m on the Mullens “bandwagon” and i love his potential, Offensively i see him as a possible BEAST if he ever got it together (mainly offensively) defensively i think he will just become average, rebounding he can be damn good as well

  • charlottean

    unrelated but I would love to see the bobcats make a run at jan vesely this offseason. safe move given you could see him in summer league and preseason before making a decision on his 4th year option, similar to mullens deal, potentially have a stud who just didn’t work out at his first stop. Kid is way too young to give up on and it looks like washington is. can’t teach size and athleticism.

    as for mullens i’m off the bandwagon (maybe dunlap too?) and following closely behind. I may jump back on, but his lack of balls is just killing me. Dude could own this team as the go-to guy and just hasn’t jumped at the opportunity. he may have even played himself into a DJ augustin QO situation.

  • Spencer/SDS

    well then…Hendo went off, MKG played 30 minutes (thank you Dunlap, play him 30 EVERY NIGHT) McRoberts was a surprise…shot well tonight, and well….Celtics with no Pierce=worse then Bobcats….well actually Bobcats=better then Celtics as of this year….what a….surprise???

  • David_C_Hornets

    great win by the cats tonight. it was good to see all the young guys have fun out there and get a win. GH had a monster game and it will be interesting to see what we do in this years draft since we are on our way to another possible #1 pick.

    if we do get #1, do we draft ben mclemore? anthony bennett? do we trade down and draft size and depth?

    i for one would like to draft mclemore. he can basically do everything GH can and has the ceiling to do more.

  • charlottean

    Great game of course. We always seem to beat injury plagued teams. Gerald was sensational, mkg was very good. Kemba had 4 steals, mullens had 3 nice assists (random as hell), mcbobs rebounded well and i only remember one bonehead play….

    The big difference i saw was quick and crisp passing on offense.

    As for the draft, it’s got to be between mclemore and noel with muhammad being an outside shot. Can’t see anybody else with the top pick (basically guaranteed to be top 5). I’ve been big on mclemore or muhammad because both have potential to be go-to guys on offense, but the more our post play is the question mark, I would love to get noel assuming the medical report looks good post surgery. That said, we will prob be getting portland’s pick also and that’s in no man’s land where the water is muddy. Best bet for that area is plumlee, olynyk or withey (who is insanely underrated IMO). I really like gobert here but doubt that cho can get mj to go for another frenchman.

    All i know is….whether undrafted or via trading into the second round….seth curry needs to be in a bobcats uni next year. The biggest eff up in franchise history will be if we have 2 picks and trade assets and cap room and cash and fail to get curry.

    Some people think noel is too limited offensively a la biyombo, but I think they will develop offense but will immediately play great defense together. Defense wins. Offense is easy in transition and both biz and nerlens can dunk emphatically. That’s all they need to do.

  • Spencer/SDS

    si on everything….although lets hope Noel falls to our portland pick

  • charlottean

    THAT won’t happen. we could possibly move up though. he could fall to 6 or so and we possibly move 13 and a player (sessions and haywood are the only moveable parts though) or a future pick (although we still owe chicago 1 and don’t have a 2nd this year)

    if we’re picking 1, it’s going to be hard to pick noel 1. if we’re picking 2 or 3, i think he’s the guy if he’s there. i think pecking order (for us) is mclemore, noel, muhammad. but I kinda think shabazz is going to be the stud of this draft. I think noel fits the identity we’re building though. again it’s hard for me to pass on noel for a wing player if we can get seth curry for the free. i would literally take seth curry over mclemore or muhammad if he was 2 inches taller. even with the lack of height, i’d still debate about it. dude is no doubt lottery talent IMO. shot makers make it in the nba. shot makers and bigs who rebound and defend.

    that 13 pick is going to get misused, I can feel it. It WOULD be more valuable to trade out for a future pick but I don’t think there’s any market for that.