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REPORT: Bobcats to sign PG Jannero Pargo to 10-day contract

In the absence of Ramon Sessions, who is expected to be out 2-4 weeks, and in an effort to maintain Kemba Walker’s minutes, the Bobcats have decided they will sign journeyman Jannero Pargo to a 10-day contract.

Pargo has been with Washington and Atlanta already this season and 7 teams, total, over his 8-year career in the NBA. Pargo is currently 33 years old. This signing is further evidence that Ramon Sessions may be done for the year with a sprained MCL. Charlotte has Sessions under contract for one more season, so there really is no sense in rushing him back this season and risking further injury.

Pargo will likely eat into the minutes that Reggie Williams has seen at the PG position since Sessions injury. Williams has looked decent in Sessions absence at the PG slot, but his below average work ethic is likely what has earned him a spot on the end of Dunlap’s bench for most of the season. Considering the fact that Williams contract is expiring at the end of the season and Dunlap would rather not play him at PG if he doesn’t have to, the idea of bringing in an experienced PG to fill the backup spot and see if he’s worthy of a training camp invite next year probably isn’t a bad idea.

Jannero Pargo is 38.8% from the field for his career and 35% from behind the arc. Pargo averaged 5 points and 2.7 assist in 7 games with Atlanta, his most recent stop, earlier this season.

4 comments to REPORT: Bobcats to sign PG Jannero Pargo to 10-day contract

  • charlottean

    not a fan. Would much rather see them grab a young guy that could potentially go all jeremy lin for the rest of the year or something. josh selby would be my vote since a lot of the other d-leaguers got snatched up last week. would much rather see williams and MKG get experience running the offense a few minutes a game for a few weeks than bring in pargo but whatever.

  • Elcor

    @ charlottean

    I agree. Is a 33 year old who has already been on two teams this season really going to make that much of a difference on the worst team in the NBA? Much less next year. Why not try to find someone young to hopefully progress. Regardless, hopefully Pargo will do well.

  • charlottean

    Hopefully he isn’t needed and is only for insurance during the injury. Hopefully he continues to play reggie williams although all reports indicate that this signing is because dunlap is not a fan of reggie williams. Seems odd, he’s someone they could have easily jettisoned if that were the case.

    Would also love for them to go ahead and waive diop since he won’t be playoff elgible and bring in a d-league big for a 10 day. NOW is a great time for open auditions in REAL GAMES against REAL competition where opponents DO have something to play for. Way better measures than summer league/training camp.

    Every year you watch teams like san antonio, houston, etc. make the most subtle move with the 15th spot on their roster and you turn around the next year and he’s their starting 2 guard (danny green) or significant role player (patty mills) now aron baynes. rockets had greg smith last year, patrick beverly this year. I mean these games and roster spaces are incredibly valuable. It costs NOTHING to sign a guy to a 10 day and give him 10 mpg to audition. 50k for a free look on a guy who might be a keeper instead of the guy you KNOW you aren’t keeping.

    Would love to get jerome jordan in for a 10 day. 26 year old 7 footer d league all star. aka BETTER THAN DIOP and probably better than haywood.

  • chris in union county

    remember these days when we’re in the title game ! Charlotte Hornets 2018-19 NBA Champions !!!