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Bobcats vs. Pistons Preview: QCH 2-on-2

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Detroit Pistons

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 16-52 101.2 (28) 111.7 (30) 91.5 (16)
Detroit 23-47 103.1 (22) 108.3 (25) 90.7 (23)

Previous Meetings:
2013/1/6 – 108-101 – RecapBoxscore

2013/02/20 – 105-99 – RecapBoxscore

Charlotte: Ramon Sessions (OUT)
Detroit: Andre Drummond (OUT), Brandon Knight (Day-to-Day)

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Pistons
PG Kemba Walker Jose Calderon
SG Gerald Henderson Rodney Stuckey
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Kyle Singler
PF Josh McRoberts Jason Maxiell
C Bismack Biyombo Greg Monroe
6th Man Ben Gordon Will Bynum

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- DEFENSE: Greg Monroe has beaten up the Bobcats inside this year, averaging 18.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and 6.5 assists on 61 percent shooting over two games. Is there any reason to believe the shift to McRoberts as starting power forward will help the post defense?

Mathew: I think it will help. Mullens, as noted ad nausea, is not a strong defender. And for all Biyombo’s natural gifts, he is often outmatched against an opponent with a relatively strong repertoire of post moves. McRoberts does not boast a great deal of raw ability on the defensive end but I believe his experience will enable him to do a better job against the talented Greg Monroe.

Greg: Greg Monroe is really, really good, so he’s probably going to get his. McRoberts has never been known for his defense, either, so it’s hard to believe he’ll shut down one of the best young centers in the league.

But! Since McRoberts has started (a small six-game sample size), Charlotte has been better at defending the paint: Teams are shooting 31.9 percent from the area over that stretch, compared to 37.8 for the season. They’ve also slightly cut down on the number of shots per game their opponents attempt at the rim. A lot of that has to do with the caliber of team the Bobcats have played recently, though it’s encouraging. They’re still giving up three-pointers at a very high rate, but baby steps are important.

2- LOOKING AHEAD: Detroit owes Charlotte a first-rounder that’s top-eight protected next year, then top-one protected in 2015. When do you think that the Pistons will have to pay out? Can they put together a team in 2013-14 that’s good enough to compete for the playoffs?

Mathew: I do think they’ll compete for a playoff spot next year. They’ll more than likely be battling the likes of the improved Toronto Raptors and possibly Bynum-led Philadelphia 76ers. Therefore, I believe they wind up paying out next year. Given the Pistons’ projection (should be improving YOY into the near future) it would be in Charlotte’s best interest to attain the pick after next season anyway.

Greg: Detroit’s in very good cap position heading into the offseason, with just under $30 million on the books according to Storytellers Contracts. Rodney Stuckey’s deal is only partially guaranteed, so they can cut him for even more space.

Unfortunately for the Pistons, this year’s draft and free agent crops are looking pretty lackluster. They could invest in some help on the wings, with players like Monta Ellis and OJ Mayo available. They can absorb a lot of salary in a trade, as well, so that could be an option.

It’s hard to imagine, with that much dead weight coming off their books, that they won’t improve on this year’s record. They’ll probably still be a fringe playoff team, but that should be good enough to escape the bottom eight.

3- PICK IT: This one’s another winnable game for the Bobcats. They’ve split the season series so far, and even their loss was a close 105-99 result. Who’s your pick?

Mathew: Bobcats. Charlotte has won three straight at home and with Brandon Knight likely to miss the contest (as well as their talented rookie Andre Drummond who is out with a stress fracture in his back) I’ll give the home squad the advantage. Kemba vs. Knight would have been entertaining to watch, though Jose Calderon, who was acquired just before the trade deadline, is a formidable matchup in his own right.

Greg: Here’s something I haven’t seen in a while: the Bobcats are actually favored by 1.5 points in this game. Detroit is coming in on a 10-game losing streak, and their starters played heavy minutes against the Heat on Friday night. The well-rested Bobcats have a very good chance to win this one.

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  • charlottean

    here’s a prediction: ala the last time joe dumars had a buncha cap room….he will disastrously mismanage this offseason by clearing enough room to overpay for monta ellis because dallas will keep Mayo. then they will convince themselves that josh smith can play with monroe and drummond.

    stuckey and kravstov can be bought out to clear room, but I don’t know why they would need to. they have only 35 committed next year BEFORE doing anything with those 2. cap will be ATLEAST 58 million but probably more like 60 million. I hate stuckey as a player and he’s grossly overpaid at 8.5 million (probably worth 2) but it’ll be a large expiring that could lead to a monster deal for them if they keep it on the books. I think the buyout is 4 million.

    They can’t possibly be going after andrew bynum or j.j. hickson so I can’t see how they’re going to spend all of that money this summer. it’s going to be fun watching them though. dumars used to look like a genius assembling that championship team, but literally everything he’s done since makes that look far more like larry brown genius than dumars genius.

    I don’t think it’s possible that they make the playoffs next year. indiana, chicago, miami, and brooklyn are basically locks. washington, cleveland, toronto, philly are all young and better positioned to make a run at that 8 seed than detroit. arguably, orlando is too. then you have boston who may rebuild, but even if they do they will probably have rondo/green/sullinger and rivers coaching. I’m not taking detroit over them. You have atlanta who will probably lose smith (you never know) but could be the landing spot for bynum…either way I’m hard pressed to think that they will drop below detroit just by losing smith. Milwaukee will surely lose one of the 2 guards but I doubt both. If ellis goes to detroit and jennings stays….milwaukee gets better and detroit remains the same.

    name a team outside of charlotte, phoenix, and maaybe sacramento that detroit is DEFINITELY better than next year. As much as a number 9 pick would be great to have next year…..I would rather roll the dice and potentially have a situation where we have an 8 seed level young team in 2015, turn around and have a top 5 pick to use for a power move or land another elite talent for the core. The worst case scenario is like 18 for that pick, so it’s worth the gamble from 9 to 18 if it could potentially be 2 thanks to the lottery. last time something similar happened….the hornets landed baron davis to a team that was already solidly built.

    sorry for the book. the tourney is boring this year. I hope curry doesn’t inflate his stock too much. we need him undrafted.

  • charlottean

    dunlap killed me with having gordon on the floor in the 4th. he killed like 4 straight possessions with horrible shots and turnovers, gave up a bucket, committed a foul, drew a tech. awesome. he killed the game for us. single handed.

  • chris in union county

    Mullens and Gordon bet on the Pistons tonight the fact that MKG sat in the 4th tonight was a fireable offence for Dunlap !

  • Spencer/SDS

    @chris: dunlap doesn’t play MKG in the 4th EVER….its an idiotic move on his part and one of a few reasons i question Dunlap….he doesn’t know how to play MKG or Taylor…Taylor should play in the 4th in place of Gordon, and MKG should play in place o Taylor in the 4th….with McRoberts we can have MKG out there in the 3nd….Kemba, Hendo, MKG, McRoberts, Mullens should be the end for us….Taylor needs to get more minutes in place of Gordon…with Pargo here i see Gordon being completely fazed out eventually by the end of the season…but then again we are talking Dunlap here….

  • charlottean

    I too question the use of gordon vs. Mkg but its not like gordon is playing 30 mpg. Dunlap is already sitting diop and thomas with complete disregard to the 15 million they got paid this year…..i would imagine that we could see gordon getting that treatment and a buyout next year. At least I hope so. The guy is a skilled shooter, horrible basketball player.

    Mkg, biz, henderson, and kemba have been very promising these past few games. Both biz and mkg (and taylor some) played great D on getting the ball out of lebrons hands in the 1st half. That lead to the early lead. Most of lebrons buckets were transition dunks.

    Mullens isn’t happening. He’ll prob be back on the QO but he isn’t going to be the cornerstone he could have been. Mcroberts is young enough to suffice until we get a stud big to pair with biz (noel?). Seth curry campaign continues in full.

  • MullensMafia

    Totally agree on Mullens. He has way too far to go on defense and is still way too prone to pulling the lethargic sob act after missing a 3 or getting beat. A qualifying offer would be fine. (McBob is nice insurance for when some team overpays him).

    Ben Gordon lost us the game against the Pistons… Dunlap not pulling him out earlier (he waited until 3 minutes left) and not playing MKG really drives me insane. I think we’re playing him now because one he helps us lose and we have to advertise him sometime, since next year he will not play any. Like zero minutes, I’m convinced.

    I’m still real excited with the team’s future. Lot’s of upcoming flexibility, an extra pick in the next 3 years (Plus Portland (probably next year), Plus Detroit (probably next year), -Owed to Chicago (probably 2015)), and developing young assets (Kemba, MKG, and Biyombo all have trade value due to their contract size)… and all of this would be irrelevant if we didn’t have Cho, who I trust to manage it all correctly.

    Handling the Hendo contract is the only “tough” thing coming up. Can’t pay him like a #2 option, just because he will be the #2 option on our team. Have to pay him like your 4th best buy.

    Another potentially tough decision will be handing out a large FA contract this summer (likely at the PF/C position). I’d love Milsap (or similar) for like $7 or $8 a year over three, but I think we’ll have to over pay. I’d rather have someone like Psycho-T on a three year $12MM or something than overpaying for a “franchise” big, who really couldn’t be more than your 3rd best guy on a championship team.

    Because in my mind… we have our #2 in Kemba. We need to land a #1 via draft or big trade in the next two years. And in FA look to add our #3 and lock up Hendo as our #4.

    Oh yea, and change the name to Hornets obviously…

    Draft thoughts? Chad Ford has our big board of Noel, Bennett, McLemore… with potentially Franklin from SDSU if we get the Portland pick at 13. I personally am leaning toward Bennett… but could care less. I don’t see this pick as a make or break for the franchise. In my opinion, the floor is really high on all the top 5 guys (Noel, Bennett, McLemore, Smart, Shabazz, maybe zeller or Porter)… and conversely, there is a pretty measured ceiling on all these guys too. I personally have BPA (considering potential + athleticism + NBA game ceiling) as

    Smart, Noel, McLemore, Shabazz, Bennett, Porter, Zeller.

    But we won’t take Smart because of Kemba and likely won’t take Noel because of the “similarities” to Biyombo and might avoid the guards because of the Hendo extension… which is why I’m leaning towards Bennett. Hopefully someone trades up for Smart and we can have a “safer” pick and a free 2nd rounder and some cash.

    Not going to lie. Getting Noel and “resting” him for a season to prep for the 2014 draft would be fine with me… but the season ticket holders would be furious.

    2014 top 5 pick, Noel, Biyombo, Tyrus expiring (if not amnestied), Portland 2014 pick (13 – 25 range), Detroit 2014 pick (8 to 15 range)… you could easily take half of that and flip that into an all-star, with change left over.

    Also crossing my fingers for Curry undrafted

  • charlottean

    we won’t get the portland pick this year which is arguably a good thing.

    Only way henderson is a 4th best guy the way he’s been playing is on the heat or lakers. His scoring is technically up from last year, he’s just playing less. He deserves a solid 5 a year for 5 years or something in that vein. something between 20-25 million for 4 years is a steal for what he gives you.

    Mullens just kills me when he doesn’t contest layups. I get it if you were playing 40 mpg and not wanting to get in foul trouble but jeeeeeezus dude refuses to stop layups from happening on his watch. he oooozes talent and capability and just refuses to do anything with it. easily most frustrating bobcat since sean may.

    There’s a deal to be worked involving ben gordon and andrea bargnani. They throw in a 1st and we take klieza. I prefer taking bargnani for 2 years over gordon for 1 and also over a jefferson or milsapp for 4 or 5 years. Those guys are all talents, but our core guys are 19,20,22, and 25. They aren’t going to be in the same mindset.

    Bennett is tough because he’s 6-7 and not at all an nba 3. Let’s see his official measurements though because people said thomas robinson was 6-7 and he measured 6-10. I would take curry over bennett.

    I don’t like smart much at all. I would take curry over smart any day of the week.

    I like noel and think that with mclemore slumping and muhammad aging rapidly he’s somehow becoming the consensus number one that nobody is sure of themselves when agreeing on him being the #1. pairing him with biz can work…..i think oakley/ewing might be a model there. It’s hard to compare either to ewing offensively but you have to remember that ewing spent 4 years at georgetown. biz would be a sophomore and noel a freshmen right now. milwaukee has had some success with sanders, mbah a boute, udoh, henson, dalembert, etc. basically no offense in the post outside of dalemberts ridiculous one night only one man show. It could work. Will definitely work better than mullens giving up layups like he gets tax write off’s for them. still prob take curry over him.

    i’m off the mclemore bandwagon. you don’t have back to back horrible games in the tourney and get drafted top 5 and go on to be a stud nba player. name a guy that did that. big games bring big players. dude has disappeared. definitely curry over him.

    we’re picking top 4 unless we go on a tear and pass orlando (unlikely). That said, I think our order is noel/bennett 1-2 mclemore/muhammad/zeller 3-5 no idea on the order. I repeat….I would take seth curry over any of them. Seriously. No effing question. out of those 5 guys 2 of them will not get extensions on their rookie deals. Curry will get monta ellis type deal 2 years in and we will have a peyton/eli situation on our hands. and we’d get to play the hometown hero card?! effing kidding me?!

    oh and I would definitely give up the portland pick next year to get gobert this year and stash him for 1 more year. THAT DUDE IS GONNA BE A BEAST. skilled 7 footers don’t grow on trees. they just don’t. especially not with 7-9 wingspans. you need licenses to fly aircrafts that big. he and biz would basically turn every bobcats defensive possession into a jumpshot.

    but yea…curry.

  • Spencer/SDS

    @charlottean….sad about McLemore….he will be a GREAT 2nd option on a team…he can stroke it like Ray allen when he gets going, is extremely athletic and a good defender….he has a future in the league…just how big it is idk….i see a mix of Brandon Rush and Ray Allen (Brandon Rush if he hadn’t gotten hurt was looking like a 6th man of the year)

    Mullens….ehh qualifying offer and hope no one bites on him too hard…he has the talent…hopefully he gets more then 1 yr with dunlap and company…if he went to the spurs i would expect him to become a superstar in a few years…

    Charlottean…loving your man crush on Curry^^

    Gobert is interesting…i haven’t seen much of him…heard some here and there, but not much…will look further into it in the coming weeks

    What happened to game grades???

    Bennett is a Milsapp type player….will be very efficient, probably underrated player that will be a very good #2-3 offensive talent (#1s are rare to come by if you haven’t noticed)…Smart NTY,a tweener guard…expect him to be like Stuckley…or even Gordon, a tweener of those two really…good athleticism (not great) a tweener guard (stuckley) good shooter, but what you see as taking over games in college i see as just rushing the basket…it can work, but i don’t think he is big enough/athletic enough to do so(very big and has that baby fat that Gordon had issues with early on) Noel i fear, Acl tear….very skinny, could be injury prone (yes its only 1 injury but with his body it will be common if he doesn’t add on weight) Isn’t as big as a defensive threat as people believe IMO and wouldn’t be a good match with Biyombo as others stated….BUT WITHEY…i also am liking more and more as a higher pick… (big KU fan if you don’t know) Withey’s issue is athleticism and that alone, he isn’t very big (weight) nor is he very athletic (jumping/quick) he needs to get bigger for the NBA….he has gained a lot of strength though this year, very long (probably around 7 ft-7ft 1 and 7ft3 wingspan…tall and pretty long, very good free throw shooter, above average to good post game (still needs work on fadeaways and less just using his height-won’t work as much in the nba) i assume he has a good mid range jumper, that he doesn’t utilize enough…he has good touch with the ball…obviously a good shot blocker and defender…can get beat on the pick and roll though (he isn’t quick despite being relatively light, thus i assume he should add on 10 lbs of bulk at least…he won’t be losing any key asset

  • Spencer/SDS

    Oh and by Withey i meant late lotto (12-14) not #1….re-read it myself and though oh, someone might mistake that as me meaning #1 or top 3

  • MullensMafia

    Love your Curry enthusiasm, but it makes no sense to talk about him in the same breath as the other guys in the top 5. I totally agree that he will far exceed his draft stock, but he will have trouble getting open in the NBA, not to mention guarding almost anyone.

    And to my point about Hendo… I agree that him being the 4th best option is a stretch but consider the last 10 championship teams:

    2012: Heat (Lebron, Wade, Bosh)… also Thunder (Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Harden)
    2011: Mavericks (Dirk, Chandler, Jet)… also (Heat: Lebron, Wade, Bosh)
    2010: Lakers (Kobe, Paul, Bynum (when healthy)/Artest/Odom (when he was sane/good))
    2009: Lakers (same as 2010)
    2008: Celtics (Garnett, Pierce, Allen, not to mention Rondo)
    2007: Spurs (Duncan, Parker, Ginobli)
    2006: Heat (Wade, Shaq, Zo)
    2005: Spurs (Duncan, Parker, Ginobli)
    2004: Pistons (Billups, Ben Wallace (DPOY), Rasheed or Rip)
    2003: Spurs (Duncan, Parker, Ginobli)

    Looking at all of those teams, I’d only replace current Hendo for one player, and that’s Rip Hamilton. But knowing that Pistons team, he probably wouldn’t have been the fit they needed. Rip opened up the floor and Hendo would have brought a lot of the same things as Prince.

    So I know it will be very hard to make Hendo your 4th best player, but unless he gets a lot better… he sort of has to be in order for your team to win it all. And in regards to his contract, I think he will command around $5-7MM a year. No way we have to give him 5 years. I think we can get away with 3/$19MM. Which will set him up for him to re-enter free agency at his “peak” around year 7 or 8.

    I mean could Chris Paul/Hendo/MKG/Josh Smith/Biyombo win a title? Off the top of my head that’s about the best we could do in the short term (would require sign and trade with clippers (likely giving up Kemba, Gordon expiring and Detroit+Pistons pick), sign Josh Smith via free agency).

  • charlottean

    I think hendo in 2 Years is in that hamilton/artest/jet level. You have to factor in how good he becomes has mkg, kemba and biyombo get better. The big thing is his ability to make shots and he doesn’t have to dribble the shot clock out to get a shot off.

    As for curry…..everyone said the same thing about his brother. While I would take steph over seth in a straight pick up….seth is a better fit with kemba. he’s better than his dad. I think he’s a better shooting version of jason terry. a smarter, better handling version of ben gordon. he’s NOT 2nd round material. he’s NOT late first round material. dude is lottery talent through and through. it’s criminal he’s projected undrafted. i’m a UNC guy, so to talk about duke guys like this is somewhat painful. we need that dude though.

    none of the top guys in this draft are better than curry right now. some have potential, but none of these guys scored 30 a game as a freshmen. he did. his stock lowered by going to duke (as a lot of guys have had happen, example sean dockery/carlos boozer). he could have gone pro after freshmen year and gone 2nd round. and he hasn’t fallen off. he just went to a stacked program where he has to share the spotlight. think nash going to the lakers.

    I like withey a lot, I may be off but I think he’s plenty athletic for a 7 footer, just lacks ball skills. He’s a backup big in the nba but a good one.

    Noel will get bigger, he’s 19.

    mclemore is killing me because you would take ANY of the top guys from last year over him. beal, Barnes, mkg, lillard, etc. I don’t see him being worth the pick for us anymore. Henderson is solid enough, I think Bennett or noel is the pick unless we’re picking 3-5 and they’re both gone.

    But seriously….curry. he could take gordon’s job immediately and be more effective at it. guys get bigger from college to pro but the basket stays the same. And he has nba range. There are not 10 Better prospects in this draft than curry on CEILING and there aren’t but MAYBE 1 Or 2 on floor. Arguably. I say 0.

    J.j. reddick was drafted what? 11TH? Curry is ATLEAST reddick.

  • charlottean

    and nothing involving chris paul coming here wins us a championship. Miami and OKC will dominate the next 5-10 years no question. We want to be positioned for after 5 years from now to be LOADED and take over from this era.

    Kemba/Hendo/MKG/Biz plus a stud big, a curry off the bench, a jeff taylor getting his bruce bowen/bobby phills/deshawn stevenson on can compete for a championship. it can. just not for at least 5 years. probably more like 8 years. but then kemba will be 30, mkg will be 27, biz 28, hendo 33. Nobody wins championships with young teams. So everyone panics and trades the young guys before they hit their prime. if we ride it out, we will contend. winning one takes stars aligning (see dirk getting his but malone/stockton not for example). but being in that top 5-10 teams for a solid 8 year run is what you’re gearing up for.

    a knee jerk move now will prevent that. Brooklyn has done that across the board and they are effed. They won’t win with their current team. They have too much cap committed to too mediocre a group. we have the benefit of all these teams being tied to these horrible contracts so our draft picks won’t be getting signed away from us. Henderson will probably play out his QO next year because nobody will be in a position to give him anything substantial. walker/biyombo/mkg/taylor will all be kept for cheaper than they would have in the past and this will help us keep ALL of them.

    we might not have a superstar in the bunch, but we will have a stellar team if we keep them all together to be coached up for years. indiana/memphis are both of similar builds in that regard. or were rather (memphis). and while MKG won’t be lebron……i don’t question that he’ll be rudy gay or better. And he won’t be getting paid as much so the value is there.

    We’ll be fine. this draft is looking like a disaster but there are still diamonds in the rough EVERY year. that’s where I think gobert is. 7-9 wing span, athletic, 20 years old playing level A in france in the rotation and producing? when was that ever a late first rounder unless there were contract problems? supposedly sam presti is guaranteeing the thunder use 1 of their 2 picks on him if he’s still there.

  • MullensMafia

    Great points. Really like your thoughts against “knee jerk move”s. I hope we don’t go there and instead just get better this offseason by finding a big who wants to be here (without spending too much).

    And I really think that Kemba could turn into an all-star if he keeps improving.

    Have you watched Gobert’s tape? He’s very thin and the Euro camp highlights are against what appear to be highschool players. It will be a gamble for sure. Could pay off… But I wonder if Jordan is too scarred from the Ajinca mess.

    I think we’ll end up going with a higher floor.

  • charlottean

    ajinca would have been the perfect pick for this team also. We had zero patience with that kid it was insane. Dude was a d-league all-star putting up near triple doubles and what not and we gave him away and ruined his american career. Dude probably hated basketball after we got done with him.

    He was more of a shooter. Gobert is far more tyson chandler/deandre jordan type. Youre watching last years tape of him playing against jrs. He’s in the rotation for level A french league this year. To me….he’d be ideal to draft and stash for a year or two.

    young guys are going to be thin. Tyson chandler was rail thin at 20. They hit 25 and start to bulk up.

    we’ve just got so little to lose that I would love to see some dice get rolled.