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Bobcats officially begin return to Hornets name

The Charlotte Hornets are on their way back, according to a report from CBS Sports. The news was later confirmed by Rick Bonnell at The Charlotte Observer.

There’s still a lot that’s up in the air. While the league hasn’t approved the change yet, that seems like it’ll be a formality. Incoming NBA commissioner Adam Silver has previously said that he’s “fine with whatever the Bobcats decide.”

It’s likely there won’t be any change until the 2014-2015 season, but no timetable has been set. While the former New Orleans Hornets were able to fast-track a change to the Pelicans brand, it doesn’t appear that the league will be doing the same for Charlotte.

What form the new Hornets will take is also unclear. Bonnell’s source wouldn’t comment on whether the iconic teal-and-purple color scheme would also be returning, but it’s hard to believe ownership would go in a different direction.

The Bobcats name wasn’t liked by many, and some of that had to do with the mixed feelings people had about Robert Johnson’s run as owner. I’m happy to see the Hornets return, but I don’t see much point in spitting on the Bobcats’ grave. Despite a rough nine years (and counting), the team brought professional basketball back to Charlotte — and that means more than how little-loved the name might have been.

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  • Chris


  • Lester

    Welcome home Hornets !!!! The NBA should hope we will forgive them for taking our team . Now let’s just hope they don’t screw us in the assignment , I mean lottery again.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Personally wouldn’t mind a different color scheme then the hornets of old, maybe a Orange and black or something else…purple and teal was just ugly in my opinion

    • drew

      i’d have to say you’re the minority, spencer, old pal. the teal and purple color scheme is just as beloved and iconic as the name itself. losing the team in the first place felt wrong. but getting them back with a different coat of paint [especially one so similar to the bobcat's current scheme], heck even if they keep that yellow they picked up in NoLa, would be a bitter pill.the teal and purple must come back with the name!

      of course, that;s not to say a new scheme would be totally bad. adding black to the teal and purple might be interesting. for that matter, an alternate done in, say, carolina blue wouldn’t feel so wrong either. i just don’t agree with your black and orange suggestion. doing that would give the team a rebranded bobcats look, which would defeat the whole purpose of the name change.

  • Brad

    Keep the same Color Scheme – and Hornet Name on the Jersey !

  • Phil

    In my opinion as a fan of the “Charlotte Hornets”…Bring the sting back to the “HIVE”. All though I would like o see a diffrent color scheme. Maybe Black and Blue….? As long as the Hornets are back in Charlotte will go see them. I WILL NOT go to a Bobcats Game EVER.

  • SirGladiator

    I’m a fan of red, if we could incorporate red into the new uniforms that would be great. Of course I understand if they want to go back to the old colors, but the name was much more the key than the colors. Lots of folks like red, it’s cool, not the really dark red Miami uses but a bright red. That’d be swell. But whatever the colors, it’ll be nice to have the Hornets name back. That, and the #1 pick, I hope we get that too. The Hornets name, some red in the new uniforms, and the #1 draft pick. That would make for a great news week :) .

  • Chris H

    I agree Spencer you have to update the colors, the teal was alright the first go around but it’s 2013 now. Time to change it up for the better.

  • CharlotteHornets

    You have to go with the old color scheme it would be stupid to use orange seeing as that was the same color scheme as the BOBJOHNSONCATS and it never worked. They should go with EVERYTHING from the old that includes mascot, colors, uniform designs, and of course the ATMOSPHERE AT THE GAMES. I will buy merch as soon as it is available as long as it is CHARLOTTE HORNETS. This is a VERY popular move in NC/SC and will help win bitter fans (majority of NC/SC potential fans) who never recovered after OUR Hornets left.

  • HiveIsAlive

    The ONLY way to go is to return to the ORIGINAL color schemes, return to what people loved. It’s not about fashion, it’s about nostalgia. it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about how it made and will make people FEEL. The only concern here is if the poor Bobcats and TWC Arena management can pull this off or make it as lame and boring at the Bobcats with another name and logo. I do believe that the Hornets name will attract better talent to Charlotte. This is guaranteed to be a success in the short term and can be a lasting win if we bring in a competent front office. PLEASE don’t screw this up MJ!

  • Rashad

    There is too much merchandise out there with the old color scheme on it. Leave the colors alone. We just need some updated uniforms with Charlotte on the home, away, and alternate jerseys. I also liked the home court they played on at the time they left where it was teal on half of the inside of the three point arc and purple on the other side with the basketball serving as one of the jump ball locations at the free throw line.

  • Edmond

    The Bobcats need to bring back all of the colors, ESPECIALLY the old court, yet modernize the jerseys, logos, and other things so that the old Hornets are back, yet everyone won’t cling to their 90′s gear. They need to be new and bring back almost everything at the same time, if that makes sense, so that the fans come back and they can make a profit. Very happy about the move to the Hornets, and I can’t wait to see the Hive… never had the opportunity as a child.

  • RK

    Grandmama II… draft 6’8″ Anthony Bennett UNLV… that will “Bring Back The Buzz”

  • Jay

    Love the idea of going old school. Of course I also think that the records from the Charlotte Hornets should be returned to Charlotte. The stats and season’s belong in Charlotte, not in NOLA. Just like the NFL left the Browns history in Cleveland and the NBA did the same with the Sonics. It is not too late to go back and correct the Hornets history. Oh yeah, I like the old colors more now than I did in 1988. And no I don’t have a “rat tail” and I am not wearing “jams” like in the 80′s. Ahh the good ole days.

  • charlottean

    blown away how much adults care about the colors and jerseys and mascots and not the coaching hire but i mean….that’s charlotte sports in a vessel. i’m just glad the debate is over now. 1 less thing for people to constantly bisch about.

    • Najee

      I agree. The Bobcats’ lack of success has everything to do with its combination of poor play, bad personnel decision and and poor management. If the team was named the Hornets for the past nine years, none of that changes. To act like the team suddenly going to be better because of some misguided nostalgia that smacks of local yokel mentality.