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Ping-Pong balls summon Bobcats to pick 4th

Charlotte was given a small dose of disappointing news tonight when we found out that the team will select 4th next month in the NBA draft.

There’s good and bad news here. The bad news first — well, it’s rather self-explanatory. Once again, the Bobcats had an opportunity to land it’s first #1 overall selection ever. The good news is that this summers draft is presumably filled with role players on the next level. There will obviously be some very good players in the NBA from this draft, but it’s very unclear who that’ll be and cannot be said that Charlotte won’t find that diamond in the rough at #4. This will be the teams 4th pick in the top-4 in their 9 year existence.

A few names that quickly pop into my mind are Victor Oladipo, Alex Len and Anthony Bennett. Out of these three players, only one worked out in the draft combine in Chicago last weekend – Oladipo, and he dazzled. I wrote a month ago about why I think Charlotte should draft Olapdipo. Victor is one of the most elite athletes in this draft, impacts the game in as many ways as anyone on the board and has as good of a character as you will find. On top of that, Oladipo has arguably one of the biggest upsides of any player in this draft due to the way he impacts the game on both ends — an excellent/energetic defender that scores with his above average jump shot + elite finisher at the rim. The obvious upsides of Len and Noel, due to their size, is well documented.

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  • CH

    I’m sick of Stern, sick of the lottery, hell I’m even sick of that dang on Clev’ kid with the glasses!!!! I’m actually cool with the 4th pick if the draft goes Noel, McElmore, Porter then Charlotte has their pick of Oladipo or Bennett. I think they fill the biggest needs and both should be there. I’m hot about the Portland pick not coming to us too. When does that pick come to us now???

  • CP

    the lottery is fixed and its the dumbiest thing ever. they gave it to cleveland because the NBA wants them to win

  • gsocatsfan

    First thought: trade down, load up for next year.

    I believe the Blazer’s pick is top 6 protected next year.

    Second thought: next year…

  • TM

    Hey CH, that “Clev’ kid with the glasses” has a Neurofibromatosis. Little respect for the bravery and courage of that young man and his family.

  • Chris H

    I understand totally what he has and I respect his struggle fully. Don’t take my frustration for disrespect TM.

  • Edmond

    The whole lottery system is ridiculous.. but anyways.. Bobcats don’t need Oladipo, you have to be kidding me with that choice. He’s basically another MKG but plays the SG position, which is fine, but that obviously isn’t what we need. I wouldn’t worry too much about missing out on the lottery anyways, because either Noel or McLemore will fall to the 4 spot ( McLemore because Wizards and Cavs don’t want/need another SG ) and those teams might be afraid of Noel with his red flags. Bobcats needs scoring, first and foremost… and I wouldn’t consider Shabazz Muhammad a reach if McLemore is taken.

  • Jason

    I like Len at 4th pick here. That would free up Bis to play PF,and with him and McRoberts if he resigns along with Len that would get some solid D work, and potential to master the glass. I think Hendersn down the stretch proved he can be a solid SG. Kemba is a good PG who with work can be consistent 20 pt 8 Assist guy. my only question mark is how much can MKG improve over this off season to make him a solid SF. As far as the bench goes, not sure Gordon will come back but we still have sessions. I like taylor at the SG/SF back up and with McRoberts coming off the bench along with Hayward I think we can compete. Why is Thomas still on the roster?

  • charlottean

    the cleveland kid is nick gilbert no? Where’s the bravery in being dan gilbert’s son?

    i think this is a bigger deal than anyone is making this out to be. noel was the pick and he’s def off the board at 4 if he was ever even in play at 2 or 3. the reason this is soooooo bad is that cleveland, orlando and washington are all picking ahead of us and are all arguably in a better situation moving forward than we are. cleveland is already stacked with young talent and now will surely add noel to that mix.

    If i’m cho, I’m going 4 and the detroit pick for noel and clevland’s 2nd (to get curry).

    this draft is going to be really hard to macguyver because the difference in talent between 1st and 2nd rounders is not a drastic difference and a TON of guys are out for the workout process. specifically len, bennett, noel, but there are a lot of other guys who are out as well. makes it very hard to evaluate how a guy can play within your team.

    still options at 4 but I think zeller or len are the best big options after noel and they don’t have the upside he has. zeller looked great at the combine. i wouldn’t be mad at trading back, getting zeller and a 2nd.

  • Edmond

    Bobcats CAN’T draft based on need or based off who fits where. You draft based on talent and use free agency to fix the needs. Len, Oladipo, Bennett are all stupid picks when either Noel or McLemore will fall ( Strong possibility Cavs draft Otto Porter and/or Magic drafting Trey Burke. ) McLemore is hands down the best player in this draft.

  • gsocatsfan

    McLemore falls its a no-brainer, even for this organization. We won’t/shouldn’t match Hendo’s offer (good for him, he earned the money, but he is NO Mclemore).

    Outside of that… somebody needs quickness and scoring in exchange for plenty of big men late first rounders, thinking Len, Zeller, kid from Gonzaga, some overseas big men, Plumlee?

    Bottom line: no McLemore at 4, no pick at 4, dump it for size.

    We have PLENTY of picks in the MOST stacked draft ever next year, no need to fret too much about having very little picks in the worst draft in a while (and another likely shot at a first overall).


  • charlottean

    i cannot see any scenario where mclemore or noel are available at 4. if cleveland goes noel, orlando goes mclemore and vice versa. only if cleveland goes with someone crazy and orlando goes noel does mclemore end up 4. no way noel gets past washington without a major medical report coming out (doesn’t make sense this far after surgery and after the combine).

    its not about drafting for need, its about drafting for fit. drafting a great talent that doesn’tfit (see adam morrison) doesn’t work. you can have kobe bryant but if you draft him to the wrong team, he ends up jr smith.

    we gotta trade up and get noel. the best part about noel is that he’s going to give biyombo a ton of time to continue his development before he even starts playing. then they have half a season that doesn’t matter to figure out playing together. then we get another lottery pick or 2 next june and start gunning for contender status.

    i would give the detroit pick and 4 and maybe a future 2nd for 1 and a 2nd and grab noel and curry. i’m repeating that through the draft. there’s no way that’s not 2 rotation caliber nba players. if we’re sitting at 4 with noel and mclemore gone….i’m giving long looks at len, zeller and gobert. all reaches but wtf isn’t in this draft. no way i’d go porter, burke, carter williams, etc unless you plan to trade them to force a trade down. bennett is debatable. that injury is rougher on him than noel because he’s already small for the post. noel at least has the size and length to compensate for any potential loss of explosion. bennett doesn’t have that to fall back on. him not being able to work out (or len) is really killer for this draft.

  • Edmond

    Look at the NBA mock drafts, I know it’s not the actual future but… Otto Porter is going to either Cleveland or Washington, but both need a solid 3. Trey Burke could very well go second, because neither Jameer Nelson nor Afflalo are worth building around. Either Noel or McLemore has to slip… Just look at T-Rob or Drummond last year, or even Perry Jones and Jared Sullinger, someone will slip to us this year.

  • charlottean

    mclemore has more talent than hendo, but hendo is everybit the athlete and wayyyy more of a leader. let’s not forget than mclemore (like muhammed) is like 20/21, not 19. they cant be looked at like freshmen when mkg is significantly younger than they are. i think biz is younger than one of them. hendo has way more balls than mclemore and that matters in the nba. i would keep them both personally. we have wayyy too much cap room to let a potential trade asset like henderson walk when we cant sign free agents. just doesn’t make sense unless a big deal is on the table. hendo won’t cost but like 18 million over 3 years tops, maybe less. and he’s worth every penny of that even if we do draft mclemore. let ben get his jame harden on and hendo get his sefalosha on and then let them swap it out after 2 years.

    with all these guys out for workouts….zeller is going to beast against a bunch of 6-8 dudes in workouts. i mean seriously…..gonna be zeller against kelly o and…..seriously and?

  • Jason

    I cannot see a scenario where McLemore slides, I see a scenario where Cleveland and Orlando like a lesser player and TRADES the pick for talent, and future picks. Charlotte does not have the talent to offer these clubs that other teams do and are willing to part with. This is not a strong draft so Charlotte needs to get a role player at 4, or trade away for an unprotected pick.

    you do not draft for need but need does have to factor into your pick. You draft to build a team, not a team of Swingmen.

  • Edmond

    I would say McLemore is worth trading up for if there’s buzz about teams being interested in him. A lot of people don’t see the possibly of him slipping to the 4 spot but Cavs and Wiz both have mindsets that this will be their last lottery pick and that filling a need is most important.

    My logic:
    Let Gerald and Mullens walk and sign McRoberts to a 1 or 2 year deal. McRoberts would be really cheap, Mullens is ONLY solid off the bench and id rather have the more Efficent McBob filling that role. Hendo is solid, but his early to mid season injuries and inconsistencies are old and late season peak performances aren’t worth being optimistic for, nor are they worth 7-9 million dollars like most people predict.

    Drafting McLemore or settling with Shabazz. This team needs someone that can be effective at the 2 spot, and getting emotionally attached to Gerald Henderson is a waste of time.

    Signing Paul Millsap or the next best thing at PF. We’d have PLENTY of money after letting Gerald, Diop, Mullens, and others walk and signing someone like Millsap wouldn’t be hard.

    The team would be solid for the future yet ‘ bad ‘ enough for a solid lottery selection in one of the most stacked drafts since 2003 ( Lebron, Melo, D-Wade )

  • Ronicewolf90

    Any talk about free agents going to Charlotte is mundane. Not a soul goes their by choice unless they have great reasons. Sessions signed the contract last year because it was close to home and he could escape the scrutiny of playing with the Lakers. I don’t see Charlotte being a first or second choice for any free agents this summer. Hell even Kris Humphries would rather stay in Brooklyn than come to Charlotte. I’m a fan of the team but let’s be real no free agent that suits the Bobcats needs is coming. They need scoring big men in Charlotte, not more guards to stack on the bench. They need size, and they need talent with that size. I mean talent that is guaranteed not potential because they don’t know how to develop that. What ever happened to talks of the younger Zeller kid. He slipped so far off everyone’s radar. I would take him as a big that has developed an offensive game and has the guts to play. On another note let Mullens walk, and if Henderson gets an overpaid contract offer from another team let him walk as well. We still have Taylor who can play the two spot and can score if he gets consistent playing time.

  • Ronicewolf90

    There seems to be a lot of names being thrown into this years draft and it dilutes the draft. All I hear is that this draft doesn’t have enough starters but honestly I could say that about the last two drafts. Glaring examples are players picked by Sacramento like Thomas Robinson and Jimmer Fredette. I honestly don’t want to go through the names but we don’t know how the talent will be til a few years play out. We have Lebrons, Kobes, or Jordans once in a blue moon but more often we classify draft picks as duds. On a team that expects to win their can’t be a bunch of kings. We need role players that fit a system and that is what Charlotte needs from the top down a system in which the GM picks a coach who can get his players to work in the system. That will make Buzz City shine. Charlotte needs to stop taking scraps from what’s left over and go for the quality players in the draft, in the D- League, overseas, that mesh well with their current returning players. And yes someone is going to say D- League…. uhuh even the D-league has good role players but Charlotte never get the good ones.

  • jsn23nc

    Charlotte should draft either Oladipo or Cody Zeller, Alex Len has bust written all over him, he’s not athletic or strong and he’s stiff. Oladipo game reminds me of Dwade and Cody Zeller game is similar to A. Bynum or Kevin Love.

  • Trez

    Oladipo is the pick here. Sign & trade Hendo or just let him walk. Bennett otherwise.

  • charlottean

    mkg is better than every player in this draft and younger than almost all of them too. dude is going to take a big leap from last year to this. i don’t see the point in getting rid of henderson even if we do draft a 2 that turns out better.

    we still need a backup and veteran prescence and henderson is ideal for that. and he’ll always be tradeable if we don’t overpay him. doesn’t make sense to keep letting talent walk. our gaping hole is at the 4 anyways. even if we keep mcroberts, he isn’t elite the way noel could be.

    I would go all in on noel or trade back a few and get zeller and a 2nd rounder to get curry. lot of teams willing to trade up for oladipo. I wouldn’t be mad at oladipo at all but seems like there’s better value in moving back for us if we aren’t getting noel. mkg was a solid pick last year, but taking him #2 was bad value when we could have had him 4 or 5, paid him less and gotten some sort of additional pick or player to take him there.

    I could see washington go zeller #3 though. they need 3-4-5 to go with wall/beal.

    minnesota wants to trade up to get oladipo, I would absolutely take their pick (zeller) AND derrick williams. that would be insane. I would draft oladipo just for the leverage and possibility that happens. can’t see any of the guys outside noel/mclemore/oladipo/zeller being good picks for us at ANY top 10 slot except maaaaybe bennett but that depends on the medical report.

  • charlottean

    so…….clifford. if he can get SOME dwight howard out of biyombo, i’m all for it. it’s going to be hard to NOT second guess everything the guy does like “what would dunlap being doing right now” but he’s definitely qualified for the job.

    thankfully not quinn snyder or kelvin sampson. that alone makes this awesome.

  • Spencer/SDS

    if he gets Biyombo to play like Howard in every aspect except offensively and pick in roll defense then i’m happy, everything else is pathetic…Howard is a complete waste of talent due to his inability to try and get better

    If he can coach up Biyombo good for him, but i don’t want another Howard, I want someone that can actually play offense other then dunking layups and miss half of your free throws, nor is he that great of a team defender…sure Howard can dominate in the paint defensively when he just sits his ass down, but dude is awful in pick and roll situations…which is odd considering his athletic abilities would make you think he would be dominate at defending that as well…lazy…

  • charlottean

    I agree, I’m talking more just on sheer dominance of a game. Biyombo CAN dunk like howard and he CAN rebound like howard but he hasn’t. not consistently. Biz is already showing he can make more free throws, defend as good if not better, and looks like he’s going to have that kurt thomas baseline jumper that just absolutely kills teams the same way corner 3′s do. it’s impossible to stop an nba caliber pick and roll when your 5 guy can knock that shot down.

    but I want to see it brought from biz. it’s year 3. he won’t see the extension if he doesn’t bring it this year. Training wheels come off this year, dude needs to average a double double or close to it. A smart coach will recognize that more attempts for biz will equate to more confidence and more efficiency will follow. and his shot selection is going to be high % and high % only.

    Dunlap was hired for what he could get out of kemba, I feel like clifford/ewing are being brought in for what they can do with biz. MKG doesn’t need any special treatment, his jump shot will come with more time as it has already progressed. Clifford will need to actively scheme for kemba and biz but the rest of the guys fall in line on their own.

    I like the hire more with ewing on board. that’s big, especially if we make a move on noel or bring in zeller. It’s the area that was the weakest the past 2 years.

  • Spencer/SDS

    so we are hiring head coaches to get the most out of the recent 1st rnd draft picks and thus seeing a revolving door of ehad coaches??? PERFECT!!!!!!!!….sounds like something Charlotte would actually do on purpose lol

    anyway, yes Biz has the athleticism to be as good as Howard easily…he just needs to get some old hand eye cordination…its so odd that someone can be so athletic and yet so clumsy, pretty damn funny, Iv’e said this many times but i think it would be good for him to play baseball and football, or at least throw and catch both often, those things will help I think in his main area of weakness..holding and catching a basketball…

    hopefully Clifford gets the most out of Kemba and Biz…Biz well if he develops into what you hope he develops into then he should dominate the league when running screens for Kemba…hopefully MKG sees the type of improvement in range that we saw in Henderson this year…

    New question who sits opposite Biz this year???…kinda sad we couldn’t get in on the Cousins sweepstakes real quick, but I seriously feel like he is going to go crazy this year….

  • charlottean

    kinda sad cousins missed out on the cousins sweepstakes. he would have been a surefire max contract if he hid his craziness til the end of his career ron artest style.

    my money is on new ownership drafting zeller and giving cousins to washington for either nene, okafor, or the 3rd pick (doubtful washington gives that up) but my money is on cousins to washington and zeller to sacramento. and I bet we draft oladipo or bennett off of pure nostalgia.

    if orlando truly is in love with burke and cleveland truly is in love with porter, that makes this more interesting. but I think that’s just speculation trying to stir something up where there isn’t. if EITHER of them are true though that puts us in play noel or mclemore. could be looking at noel-burke-porter and have mclemore sitting on the board for us at 4. washington and cleveland aren’t going mclemore after going waiters and beal last year and both looking decent enough to go another direction with their picks this year.