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RUMOR: Bobcats linked to DeMarcus Cousins — again

Just as the day turns to night, we’re at it again with the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors. And wouldn’t you know it — Charlotte is right in the middle of the circus.

The Bobcats were linked to Cousins back at the beginning of the year and QCH discussed it. Personally, I hated it at the time + it still makes me sick to my stomach to think the rebuilding effort would end with this franchise investing in this troubled athlete.

Here’s what ESPN’s Chad Ford had to say about who might be interested in trading for Cousins now that the new ownership might look to wash their hands with the failed (so far) experiment –

The Cavs won’t be the only team calling the Kings once they get a new GM in place. Sources say that the Charlotte Bobcats and Dallas Mavericks also will have interest in Cousins if Sacramento’s new management decides to cut ties with Cousins.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan doesn’t want to be mired in the rebuilding process forever. If the No. 4 pick could net him an established low-post scorer, he’d bite. Cousins would be more of a “Plan C” for the Mavs if both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard decide not to join the Mavs this summer, but Cousins would give them a young presence in the paint to build around.

Cousins has enormous talent, but his off- and on-court antics caused major issues in Sacramento the past few years. Will new ownership, management and coaching be able to help him right the ship? Or would the Kings be better off trading him now and get a high pick in this year’s draft? They won’t get a huge offer because he’s a perceived troublemaker who is going into the final year of his contract before he hits restricted free agency. Getting a high lottery pick might be the best the Kings can hope for.

Cousins is a very talented player and is one of the best frontcourt scorers the NBA, but any team is playing with fire by trading for him. To me, he fits with a franchise that already has demanding veteran personalities that won’t allow Cousins to act like a baby everytime something doesn’t go his way. That’s obviously not the culture that’s in place in Charlotte currently, and it seems as if trading for an immature player would be shooting yourself in the foot since a large portion of the rebuilding effort has been based around high character, youthful players.

There’s no denying Cousins talent — 2012-13: 17.1 PPG, 9.9 RPG, 46.5 FG% & 20.21 PER. There’s also no denying the fact that there are talented players in the NBA that you simply don’t win with — Cousins fits in that category, and in my opinion, always will.

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  • Dan

    His character continues to be his biggest drawback. I would be all for this if I had seen any sign that said he is maturing and ready to take himself seriously and really develop his talent. But until then, I can see him being a bad influence on our locker room.

  • John

    I like this…as long as we amnesty Tyrus. Don’t think it would be a good idea to have both of those guys on the roster. We don’t really have a veteran presence in the locker room, but Steve Clifford has been around the NBA for a long time, and isn’t going to be pushed around. And Ewing is coming with him, which I think would really help. Not to mention Mike. Kemba has a strong personality too. And a few blue collar type guys that can help push him.
    This would really hurry up our rebuilding process. I like Bismack and I think he’s gonna be a good player, but he’s a little small for the Center position, and he has no offense right now to speak of. If we could swing a trade of Bismack, our 1st from this year, and say Portland’s pick next year for Cousins, Sacramento’s 1st from this year and Patrick Patterson, (Played with cousins at UK, and the two are close friends) I think we’d have to pull the trigger.

  • charlottean

    I don’t see any scenario where we don’t amnesty thomas UNLESS clifford is a HUGE tyrus thomas fan (i’m talking poster on the wall, took pictures with him at the press conference and immediately made that his wallpaper pic, etc.)

    i mean you just can’t give up the flexibility over a guy that sat behind a 26 year old d-league call up last year (as the backup 4).

    I say eff no on cousins because you have to immediately make the difficult decision about his extension in the next year. meanwhile, you can have thomas robinson for free supposedly. I am way more interested in a deal for robinson. way better fit than cousins. not QUITE as big or talented, but he’ll play harder on a regular basis and give you half the craziness. Robinson still has ? marks himself, but he’s not certifiably crazy like cousins. robinson appears to be KG crazy not artest crazy. Cousins is like the kind of crazy ron ron would be if he didn’t have his psychiatrist to shout out.

    I would imagine royce white is available for free too. I hate that dude on so many levels©hannibal burress but I would rather give him a shot than cousins. Has all the talent, equally as crazy, 2 more years than cousins left on rookie wages.

  • John

    Just saw that Robinson was available, and I completely agree he’s a better fit. Would definantly be one of the “right guys” Clifford is looking for. Would never have to worry about his motor like you said.
    I don’t think Cousins is crazy by any stretch of the word. Immature, yes. Too expresive at times, definantly. But not crazy. Cousins reminds me of Tyrus when we traded for him, but Cousins has been A LOT more productive. And if he matured under the tutelage of Ewing, we would have one of the best young centers in the league.
    And how can Royce White have “all the talent” as DC when he hasn’t played in the league at all yet? Don’t really understand that one.

  • charlottean

    your right that he hasn’t proven it in the league yet, but what I saw of him in d-league, he was just toying with those guys. Like he was completely disinterested by how easily he could maneuver. he’s a different guy…he’s a lebron type point forward that can play the post. Would have been a top 5 pick last year if it weren’t for the crazy. But there’s no effing way I’m cosigning getting the guy that thinks he’s special because he has anxiety. they don’t let blind guys play with seeing eye dogs, they aren’t going to make exceptions for his handicap.

    I agree about cousins talent level, but I don’t have quite as much faith in his maturity. That’s based on last year where he repeatedly talked about maturing and repeatedly did the same dumb ish. His career arch will be something like arenas’. Latrell spreewell at best.

    Robinson would be the fit. We want those detroit piston chip on their shoulder chauncey billups/rip hamilton type players. He fits that flawlessly. walker/henderson/mkg/robinson/biyombo is a 5 I would absolutely love to have. And add in the pick this year? woah.

    If you asked most people at last year’s draft would I give up next year’s 4th pick for robinson, it would have been a no brainer or close to it. Now it seems stupid because his market value has dipped, but he hasn’t dipped as a player/prospect. Give up the worst of the 3 picks next year? top 12 protect it or something. Could you imagine if we somehow pull off the deal to not include any of next year’s picks? we would have a young starting 5 in tact with 3 1sts next year. If they drop the ball on this OR seth curry, cho is losing me.

  • John

    Honestly I never looked into White’s D-league experience. Hopefully he get’s over his anxiety so we can all see what he can do.

    That’s fair, DC has to prove himself too as far as that goes. I’m still holding out for him though. He’s still really young.

    Robinson would be amazing if we could get him. Only thing I’m a little wary of is Houston ran a fast paced game and that’s what it looks like Clifford is wanting to do. But that is still a risk I would take, no question. If we were to get Robinson, who are you looking at drafting? I’m liking Alex Len or Oladipo. And I’m leaning towards Len. He’s big, mobile and plays pretty good D. He has a decent jumper, and I think his stats weren’t better at Maryland cause he didn’t get the ball much. Oladipo to me looks exactly like Hendo, minus the experience and leadership he brings.

    I’d love it if we could keep all three picks, but like you said Robinson’s value has dropped a little. I think if we give up one of those picks next year, puts us in the best position to get him.

  • charlottean

    i’m more interested in robinson than any of the players available at number 4. I would not be against trading the pick for a next year unprotected 1st that would probably be a top 10 pick. Someone like sacramento or phoenix or orlando. if we have 4 1sts AND a starting 5 in tact. that gives us a TON of leverage for a big fish deal. you could afford to take a flier on andrew bynum at that point. really swing for the fences.

    I just don’t see anybody other than noel, mclemore, or maybe zeller bringing a major impact to the franchise without other moves taking place. If you take oladipo and let henderson walk, you basically just reset the 2 position 4 years and didn’t get anything out of this draft. You could take len, I just don’t think that’s good value for the pick. He’d be a great guy to come off the bench behind robinson and biyombo but that’s the kind of move that would have us in hawks territory (perennial 4 seed not contender). If we get robinson, we have our base in tact. that 5 will at least make the playoffs every year once grown. then we have all the other assets to land us something that makes us a contender. and maybe THAT something is in the draft next year.

    if robinson was in THIS draft class and coming off the 18/12 jr. year that he had a year ago…..where would you peg him in this draft class? I would probably have him 1. No lower than 3 behind noel/mclemore but probably not even behind them. that’s what’s so intriguing about him being available. Knowing morey, he must know howard is leaning houston.

  • Ronicewolf90

    Royce White seems to have anxiety when it come to pulling out. All those kids he is racking up on.

  • John

    I think Bynum scares me more than DC does you. haha! Just don’t trust those knees.

    I think trading down/away the pick this year is the best option, but noone is really crazy about anybody in this draft so it’ll be hard. No way I think we get a 1st from next year with all the talent that’ll be there. Cho should be thrown in jail for robbing the Pistons in that trade. haha!

    In the long run I would say that those three would have a chance of making a major impact, none of them immediately. Noel when he gets healthy is going to have to gain a ton of weight. And it seemed like Zeller had a problem with length. Don’t know how he’ll do, but I may be wrong. I think Len is a bit of a reach at 4 too, but I think he fits better with his defense. And if nothing else he could be a tradeable asset. Now if we could pry Asik away with Robinson for the 4th pick I’d be extatic. Only way I could see that happening is if Houston is convinced Howard is coming, and willing to dump the $15 mill due in Asik’s 3rd year.

    I don’t think there’s a question Robinson would be the #1 pick if he was in this draft. If it wasn’t for Davis I think he could’ve been the #1 last year.

    Who has caught your eye as far as fitting into our core out of next years draft?

  • charlottean

    I think we can get a 1st next year AND derrick williams from minny for the 4th.

    we won’t get asik with robinson I don’t think, but we could get another decent role player. I think howard is drawn to playing with asik the way he was with pau. the way asik played this past year, that 15 million looks like what his salary should be. especially when guys like lopez and hibbert get that kind of money.

    bynum’s knees scare me too but I mean it’s a wild card situation. we aren’t winning anything without him so taking a flier on him is the ultimate win-draw scenario. we don’t really lose. I bet the lakers sign him if howard bolts. and watch them win more with bynum than they did with howard. with bynum it’s not a tear your roster up with chemistry issues kind of deal. it’s a maybe he’s healthy maybe he’s not toss up. that won’t damage the rest of your roster the way cousins would. philly killed themselves because they went all-in where they were already a middle class playoff team on the rise. and brand was actually healthy this year, igoudala was great for denver, vucuvic and harkless showed they are serious prospects in orlando. they gave up a lot for bynum to get injured on a 1 year deal. different scenario to just sign him using cap room that you can’t really use responsibly otherwise.

    we would essentially be replacing tyrus thomas and gana diop with andrew bynum. what does it matter if he wears a suit all year? his hair had a PER over 20 last year.

    as for next year’s draft, detroit’s pick is top 8 protected so no guarantee there but it does look good given the knight/monroe/drummond trio + guys like singler and jerekbo, draft pick, ton of cap room that very well could mean a tyreke evans or monta ellis or oj mayo. any of those 3 should get them in the 10-12 range at least. portland is top 12 protected so, I expect that pick to come to us around 15 or 16. those picks are mostly valuable as a trade package or to move up if we were to wind up picking 4 or 5 and had the opportunity to get a guy we really needed in front of us. I don’t look at next year’s draft until this year’s is over. it’s too far out. every year there’s a major blue chip prospect that doesn’t come out after his freshmen year (see barnes, zeller, sullinger) and every year there’s other guys that just aren’t impressive at all after being highly touted out of high school (alex poythress, the wear twins, etc.) and there are guys that were impressive, that were top recruits that for whatever reason fall later in the draft than they should (avery bradley, lance stephenson).

    For all those reasons, I try not to get too ahead of it. I want to see guys playing college ball next year. There are guys that dominate high school ball because of who they are playing with or against and you take them out of their element and they can’t survive. I want the guys that do survive.

    all i know is….right now, we need thomas robinson wearing a charlotte jersey. gerald henderson back. and to make the best possible move with the 4th pick. I still think that move is going all in on noel (giving cleveland picks in next year’s draft to move from 4 to 1). but I recognize I’m in the minority there. that would leave us with a pick or 2 next year and a walker/henderson/mkg/taylor/robinson/noel/biyombo core. hopefully a seth curry signing to add on to that as well.

  • John

    Depends on how crazy Minny is about Oladipo. I heard that rumor before the lottery, and I think it hinged on us getting in the top two so they had a shot at McLemore.

    I can see DH wanting to play with Asik, just thinking 15mill is A LOT for a backup center. And they’re fixing to have to pay Parsons as well. I don’t think it’ll happen either, but I think it would be worth looking into.

    Umm, I can think of a better way to use cap room than risking paying someone to wear a suit. Tyler Hansbrough is a RFA this year, Indiana has to decide what to do with West, and they’re gonna have to pay George next year I beleive. Stephenson is another in the next couple of years they’ll have to pay. So offer him more than they’re willing to pay, somwhere in the 5-6 mill a year. Combo of Robinson and Hansbrough at PF would be great.
    Then I would go hard after JJ Redick, maybe try a sign and trade with Milwaukee and send Gordon out of town.

    There you get two high character guys, fill needs, and both have deep playoff experience. It’s not going to hurt attendance at all to bring in a UNC guy. And I personally love the idea of having the top two leading scorers in ACC history in Charlotte.

    That’s fair, I think Parker is going to be similar to Barnes and stay in school for a couple of years.

    Yeah, can’t say I’m with ya on going all in for Noel, personally I would rather have Len’s size and his potential to be a Hibbert type of player, than to make the risk/reward pick of Noel being the next Howard. I just see it as Len could be Hibbert at best Spencer Hawes at worst. Where Noel could be Howard or Kwame Brown. And while drafting a player that turns out to be Hawes at 4 would be a bust, another Brown situation would be worse.

    And I like the idea of picking up Curry, but we might have to find a way into the 2nd round to get him.
    oh, and I would love to resign McRoberts, he played really well for us.

    lineup would be something like


  • charlottean

    I like hansbrough but I wouldn’t overpay him if we can have mcroberts cheap. I prefer hansbrough but mcroberts might be a better fit.

    I would much rather have curry than reddick. everybit the shooter, younger, charlotte guy, better ball skills.

    Noel is definitely not kwame brown. He’s way more shawn kemp or alonzo than kwame. kwame came out of HS unknown. we KNOW noel can play ball. the concerns about noel’s size fall entirely on his weight. that will go up with time, he’s 19. not every 19 year old is built like howard or lebron. most aren’t. like biyombo, when he’s 26 he’ll be bigger. maybe not hibbert big, but big enough. 240ish at least. hibbert is 26, hibbert spent 4 years at georgetown bulking up before going to the league.

    and the idea with bynum is the ultimate risk/reward. he’s either in a suit OR we’re contenders. That’s basically a win-win when you factor in the impact on draft status. I have very little faith in that being a long term thing. yeah, he’s a big man, big men WILL have foot and knee problems (maybe back problems) but having that guy healthy outweights the potential of him being out half of every year.

    look at what bogut did for GS in their run this year and he isn’t bynum. there are far worse ways to spend 16-20 million every year than that. far worse. plus, if done now, it won’t hurt us when re-upping our young core.

  • John

    I think McRoberts would be a better fit, being able to stretch the floor, and his passing skills.

    If Curry makes it in the league, he’s going to have to move to point. He’s not quite as tall as Dell, and he doesn’t have the length to defend the 2 positoin. And Redick is proven. he’s shown this year he can get his own shot, but his bread and butter is still off-ball running off screens. So I don’t see why we couldn’t have both with that being said. I would however rather have Redick than Gordon.

    Kwame was hardly unknown coming into the league. Hard to be unknown and go #1 overall. He was supposed to be Dwight before Dwight. Noel might turn out to be a good player, but as of right now, he’s not worth swapping 1st rd picks, and giving up one of next years picks. If he were to somehow fall to us, then ok. But that’s too much to give up. I’m sure Bismack will bulk up nicely in the next few years, I see hom being like a Ben Wallace type player. But Hibbert is 7’2, Bismack is 6’9. He ain’t getting that big. haha.

    We’re finally rid of all our stupid contracts, why start up another one immediatley? And we’re going to be a fast paced team, Bynum doesn’t fit that at all. That’s why I prefer Cousins. He’d be on a trial run for a year, and then we could decide what to do. He can run well for a big man, and he doesn’t have the injury history. Yeah he brings some baggage, but he’s never had the GOAT as a boss. Bynum had however many years learning from Kareem and had Kobe as a teammate, and he still never really grew up. And with Cousins, his salary wouldn’t be as much as Bynum’s since he hasn’t been in the league as long. We have plenty of hard-working, high-character guys to help keep him straight. And two greats in the organization to show him the way.

    We’d be contenders for the playoffs, but nothing more. GS is a few years ahead of us. But why do we need to spend 16-20 million right now. There’s no need. If we’re gonna go after somebody getting paid that kind of money, why not wait until next year, when there will be people worth that kind of cash in free agency?

  • dagrimey1

    Has anyone watch Robinson play? Saw him in summer league and at time this year. He is a strong but seems to get pushed around alot. Take DC, draft Oladipo. I just can’t get over his athletic abilty along with superior defense. Not to shabby on offensive side of the ball either. Last of all give this coach a shot fo at least 3-5 years. Stablity in Charlotte will help a lot.

  • charlottean

    ^^^ My cosign is on the stability/continuity measure. Should have happened with dunlap. Inexperience goes away with……….experience. Coaching carousel’s don’t help players.