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Al Jefferson ‘Questionable’ for Wednesday opener in Houston

I wouldn’t list this as a setback, but Bobcats fans are going to have to play the waiting game to see if Al Jefferson debuts in the opener Wednesday night or not.

Jefferson did reportedly practice today, but the extent of how much activity he was able to do is unknown. He was riding the bike as practice was opened up to the media, according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

“He did some contact, some 5-on-5, but not everything,” Steve Clifford said after practice.

One thing is clear here: Jefferson is taking the ankle very serious and handling the situation with precaution. One week ago it sounded like a no-brainer that he’d play against the Rockets in the opener, but it doesn’t seem like the tone around him is quite as optimistic now. The fact that the opener dishes out Dwight Howard, James Harden and the upstart Rockets could certainly have something to do with this — Charlotte will face a ton of pick-and-rolls on Wednesday night and the team may not be very confident running Jefferson and his glass ankle out in coverage of the PnR. I’m just throwing darts here, but it’s worth considering. Worst case, we’ll see Jefferson on Friday night at home against Cleveland.

3 comments to Al Jefferson ‘Questionable’ for Wednesday opener in Houston

  • charlottean

    it would be smarter to play biyombo on howard anyways. biyombo has played very well against howard in the past.

    last year it was 8 and 11 & 8 and 10 against howard’s 12 and 11 & 16 & 18. both close losses to the lakers.

    year before it was biz going for 10, 15, and 7 to howard’s 15, 17, and 2 in a charlotte 16 pt win (one of 7 mind you) and biz going for 11, 10, and 4 off the bench in 20 minutes to howard’s 20, 17, 4 and 4 in 40 minutes where he destroyed mullens to the tune of 5 fouls in 20 minutes – orlando won by 7.

    when keeping in mind the context of howard as an all-time great center in his prime vs. biz being a rookie and 2nd year player in these matchups….there’s something there. i think biz just gets more fired up to play against howard than other guys. you go pound for pound as a rookie with the best in the league at your position and that says A LOT.

    jefferson can debut friday at home.

  • Spencer/SDS

    + Howard is a good matchup against Biyombo…no offence but offensively Howard is most likely the worst “best” center we’ve had in this league ever. He isn’t very talented on that end at all, never was, likely never will be…his athleticism is the only thing that makes him competent on that of the floor for the most, Biyombo happens to be probably the closest thing to Howard athletically in the league…has a bigger wingspan the Howard, at most is only an in smaller at best, is very strong for his size and is just athletically a good matchup against Howard.

    Against cousins, who has an offensive game…he gets merked, and it isn’t because Cousins is just bigger then Biyombo (He is) but because he actually has a great post game AND is stronger then Biyombo. Biyombo…hopefully with practicing against Jefferson will become a better defender against the few big men in this league that actually have post games, and become an even better defender…rather then just a rim protector.

  • charlottean

    cousins is an inch taller, slightly less wing span slightly more standing reach. but yeah….agree with the rest. biyombo is all athlete at this point and is learning the fine tuning of the game. there really isn’t much defense against a great post game other than ball denial and physicality. the rest is help defense and overall scheme of the entire unit. that’s why we overpaid jefferson. problem is, he gives up as much as brings.