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Game #2: Cavaliers at Charlotte 2-on-2 style

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable, Charlotte, NC

Previous Meetings:

Cleveland: Nope
Charlotte: Nope

Starting Lineups

Cavaliers Bobcats
PG Kyrie Irving Kemba Walker
SG Dion Waiters Gerald Henderson
SF Earl Clark Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Tristan Thompson Josh McRoberts
C Anderson Varejao Al Jefferson
6th Man Jarrett Jack Ramon Sessions

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network

1- How do the Cats slow Irving?

Spencer: Irving is one of the hardest players in the league to guard due to his ability to hit a jump shot from just about anywhere on the floor + the nastiest crossover in the league. I’ve always been of the train of thought that you should blitz Irving with an extra defender every chance you get just to get the ball out of his hands.

Mathew: Make him a shooter. You’re forced to pick your poison with Irving, and if I’m doing so I’m making him beat me from the perimeter. Irving is undoubtedly a solid shooter, but I’d rather take my chances by going under screens and enticing him to forego a drive into the lane for a long range attempt (even more so if it’s a long two). Irving is an adept finisher at the rim and makes good decisions upon entering the paint, so I’d take the trade of open jumpers for fewer drives to the basket.

2- Do the big men look better against a slightly less imposing front line?

Spencer: Depends on how much Bynum plays tonight. Even if he plays, I see Jefferson having a big game. Not an elite defender anywhere around the basket for Cleveland and Big Al’s savvy nature with the ball will take over. Hope to see Biz get a few more minutes tonight.

Mathew: Yes and no. Jefferson should have a better night on the offensive end against the Cavs smaller front line, but it could still be difficult for Zeller and the rest of the Bobcats bigs. Zeller and McRoberts could struggle with the physicality of Thompson and Varejao (and Bynum for 7 minutes?), while Biyombo may find Varejao’s craftiness tough to handle.

3- Bobcats win their home opener? Pick it.

Spencer: Cavs. I have seen Kyrie Irving play enough times against Charlotte and come to learn there’s nobody on this roster to contain him — Jeff Taylor has the best chance, but was torched last season when they went head-to-head.

Mathew: Home court matters early on in the season when fans’ hopes are high and a euphoria spawned from unrealistic expectations fills the arena. Just look at what happened in Philadelphia Wednesday night. Tonight’s crowd will be the Jamal Crawford of crowds, lifting the Bobcats to their first win of the season. Good job, fans.

6 comments to Game #2: Cavaliers at Charlotte 2-on-2 style

  • charlottean

    double irving on every single pick and roll. have a perimeter help man (probably MKG) on every ISO. make earl clark beat you from 3, not irving. thompson and varejao are good finishers, but the fumble the ball away plenty……you make them be decision makers instead of receivers of dump offs from irving and you stand a chance.

    here’s to zeller having a breakout home debut tonight and making all of the fans that booed him on draft night love him after 1 game.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jefferson isn’t playing today…ankle will keep him out sadly…come on BIZ…lets see what you learned this off-season.

  • charlottean

    ^^^ that’s good for zeller though. he’s going to manhandle his brother.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Good 1st win, Biyombo played very well, Kemba outplayed Irving, MKG was ferocious when trying to get to the basket (especially in the 1st half) Cody Zeller looked calmed down compared to the last game…just a good 1st win. Defense looks to be a good focal point for this team.

  • Jacob

    Promising effort fro a young team missing its best offensive player. Kemba outplayed Kyrie, and Zeller looked much better. I expect at least a 35 to 40 win season for this squad if Clifford can find a way to make all the pieces fit.

  • charlottean

    MKG was DOMINANT (i said it) early. if we could get some shooters around, he will be the master of the drive-collapse-dish out-wide open three. they know he’s going to the basket but one dude cannot stop him. they’re either too small or too slow.

    zeller is going to make that elbow jumper his bread and butter.

    biz looked proficient on offense last night. that spin and baby hook that he missed (barely) was a LEGIT post move. no turnovers and 5-6 from the field with THAT being the 1 miss. and his 11 rebounds was misleading as he drew SEVERAL rebounding fouls on cleveland. he and adrien and mcroberts were giving thompson, bynum, and bennett fits.

    very exciting game. way less sloppy than the houston game.