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Game #17: Bobcats vs. Bucks 3-on-3 Preview

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Milwaukee Bucks

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 7-9 92.9 (28) 98.1 (6) 94.7 (28)
Milwaukee 2-12 92.7 (29) 104.9 (29) 94.9 (27)



Charlotte: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Questionable)
Milwaukee: Brandon Knight (Questionable)

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Bucks
PG Kemba Walker Brandon Knight
SG Gerald Henderson O.J. Mayo
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Khris Middleton
PF Josh McRoberts Ersan Ilyasova
C Al Jefferson Larry Sanders
6th Man Jeffery Taylor Luke Ridnour

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- STATS. Milwaukee is 29th in offensive efficiency, 29th in defensive efficiency, last in overall rebounding rate, 29th in turnover ratio and play at the 27th slowest pace. So, yeah, the Bucks are basically horrible at every aspect of the game currently. I would ask what the key statistical category is for a Bobcats win tonight, but can’t they just show up and earn a W?

Spencer: It’s certainly not that simple, well at least not with the way that Charlotte has been playing at home as of late. This team has got to find some offense outside of Al Jefferson + more consistency from their guards. Gerald Henderson has showed us some signs this season, but still remains to be extremely inconsistent – he’s the x-factor for Charlotte tonight. In part offensively, but he’ll draw the defensive assignment on O.J. Mayo as well.

Dakota: After their performance last week against Milwaukee, I guess it would be pretty obvious for the team to just go into the TWC Arena and win. While the Bucks have remained somewhat competitive in their last few games, they’re still an extremely messy team.

2- FEAR THE DEER? Who’s the one Milwaukee player that Charlotte must be able to contain tonight in order to get the W?

Spencer: Mayo. Pretty much what Dakota said about him. From there, I’d point out that Gary Neal can win a game on his own with his ability to shoot the 3 – he’s firing it from deep at a 47.3% clip this season.

Dakota: O.J Mayo. While the Bucks offense continues to be reprehensible, O.J. Mayo is having an extremely solid season from the perimeter where he’s currently shooting 45% from beyond the arc. Charlotte has done a nice job in terms of protecting the perimeter but Mayo is still a dangerous target so he could give Charlotte some problems if they let him get hot.

3- PICK IT. The Bobcats are coming off two terrible back-to-back performances, but the Bucks present the ideal opportunity to get back on track. Who ya got?

Spencer: Bobcats, but I don’t feel great about it. This is a Milwaukee team that very well could have the most balls in the lottery come summer time – they’re bad in so many different areas.

Dakota: As a long-time Bucks fan, it would be usually tough to pick against Milwaukee but I’m going to have to go for the Bobcats. The Bucks are just currently in an awful position which is the perfect situation for a team like the Bobcats.

2 comments to Game #17: Bobcats vs. Bucks 3-on-3 Preview

  • Spencer/SDS

    Well since there were no grades I guess I will comment here

    1) Biyombo, why Clifford gave your job to Adrien I have no idea…thank you for making him look like a fool for that
    2) Jefferson, I dis-like his contract, I dis-like that he takes minutes from the youngens, but god damn is his post game beautiful at time…offensively he is what every championship team should want, pair him with a Hibbert or an athletic defensively minded center and you got a championship front court…
    3) Kemba made a fool of some of the bucks defenders…wasn’t very efficient but god damn when he wants to get to the rim he can…was a bit reckless running the full court at times, needs to realize he doesn’t need to take on an entire defense anymore on the fast break, this team can actually score in an half court offense
    4) Gordon…well I guess it was nice seeing 10 million on the court…looked rusty, the bucks were very aware of his shooting ability though, he took advantage on pump fakes, just couldn’t convert at the rim consistently
    5) Cody Zeller seemed very tentative to take the mid range shot
    6) Josh McRoberts is as much the point guard of this team as Kemba, he completes this team offensively in the half court, plus he can take advantage of his athleticism when he is in the air…Zeller and Biyombo especially I don’t know what they would do if someone tried to throw either of them a lob…they are both on a higher tier athletically then McRoberts in vertical/explosiveness as McRoberts but damn neither seem to be able to catch a ball reliably and throw it down…

    Does Biyombo have small hands??? OR should we just send him to a baseball and football camp in the offseason??? Get that hand eye coordination up to par.

  • charlottean

    follow up to your follow up to the game

    1 – no doubt. and it’s not like that was a breakout game (rebounds was a high for the year, but he’s had bigger games before even at his young age). I think he has THAT kind of game in him……regularly at this point. Like he could average 13 or 14 rebounds, 8-10 points and 2 blocks….NOW if given the chance to play 30 mpg. he’s had like 6 games on this level thus far this year including the one against brooklyn that he somehow got benched after.

    2 – i hate the over paying in his contract and STILL would rather of had j.j. hickson, but yeah his offense has NEVER been the problem. his passing has been much improved over his minnesota days as well. about his contract….i do like the fact that he could opt out after next year as the market might be ripe for him to go grab one last big contract after stat stuffing for 2 years here. even if he stays…..he isn’t on the books the year MKG is up for an extension. the big thing is to not overspend on ANOTHER mid level talent and to keep our options open for an elite young talent to put us over the top. we already have talent and depth and youth. we just need that lynch-pin guy like a better version of jefferson – and a younger version of that – would have been.

    3 – kemba’s just ehh this year. outside of the bk game, he’s just been blahhhhhhhh. 6 assists to 2 turnovers…..oh wait, that was 6 turnovers to 2 assists.
    4 – that *13* million can go sit back over there by james southerland.
    5 – he made the jumper once and got fouled on another if i’m not mistaken. absolutely beaaaaaaaaaaautiful dunk too. just like with biz…anyone who is down on his stock just baffles me. that jumper is going to start falling and that blow by is going to become a consistent highlight reel. can’t teach passing like the one he had to biz against the zone.

    6 – when his name was boris diaw, everyone hated him. the difference: idiots love dunks. i love both versions. nonchalant layups can go on posters too.

    and the hand eye coordination doesn’t look so bad right now. i think people over emphasize THAT and don’t factor in how nervous dude must have been at first. new country, new language, highest level of professional athletes in the world – coming from where he came from and moving around as much as he did as young as he is….. i mean look at bennett. you mean to tell me bennett can’t play? people just gotta let the kids grow up.