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Omer Asik to be traded by Thursday — Bobcats are linked in discussions

15asik-blog480Well, this is fun. The Rockets have an elite center that’s driving the bus to their championship hopes and his name isn’t Omer Asik — therefore, Houston has set a deadline for this Thursday to trade the center by.

Zach Lowe of is reporting that the Bobcats were involved with the Rockets on discussions surrounding Asik. Rockets GM Daryl Morey reportedly asked Charlotte for two first round picks. Uh, if you ask me, no.

It’s clear that all of the advanced analytics suggest that Asik is an elite rim protector and could quite possibly be one of the best when given starter minutes, but it’s unknown how much the guy can give you offensively and therefore it’s hard to justify that he’ll ever be worth $15 million per year – what he’ll be owed starting in 2014-15 when his poisoned pilled contract takes full effect. Asik is only getting paid $8.3 this season, so there’s your bargain, but it’s soon to come crashing down around whatever team takes a chance on Asik.

There’s another head-scratcher as to why Charlotte is involved in discussions with Houston about the center – where in the world would he fit into this lineup? Whatever team acquires Asik will certainly peg him as their starting center, but I don’t see how that’d work with the Bobcats. Al Jefferson is the clear cut starting center in Charlotte when healthy and he’s being paid roughly $13.5 million   per season, over three seasons. Add Asik to that payroll knowing that you can’t play the two on the floor together at the same time would be questionable, to say the least. This roster is constructed with Al Jefferson and then a gaggle of guys that can attack the rim – not space the floor. With Jefferson and Asik on the floor together, you’d obviously have to elite floor spacing to justify the thought offensively.

Unless, of course, all this is centered around the Bobcats trying to find a new home for Jefferson. With how much the team spent on Big Al over the summer, that idea is highly unlikely to manifest itself.

One thing seems to be certain here, at least according to Houston — they’re trading Asik by Thursday and the team willing to give up the most will be awarded him. My suggestion to Charlotte – stand pat and play this one conservatively. Morey smells blood in Jordan and Cho would be wise to sell out full blown protection mode over this one.

4 comments to Omer Asik to be traded by Thursday — Bobcats are linked in discussions

  • charlottean

    if they trade biyombo for asik, i quit. if they trade jefferson for asik and some picks or young player or something…..i’m completely on board.

    asik is a player, but he’s 27 and due an eff load of money for what he brings to the table. and the whining about not starting is not valuable. dude could come here and start for a year until biyombo was ready, and then skip town and eff off. but i do not see that happening.

    if they were smart they would do it and use the pick on a euro-stash guy. hezonja or saric or whoever.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jefferson for Asik and a 1st from THE Rocksets would be good…us give them picks??? Go back to WW2 you bloody nazi’s and eat the taste of the saying…”nuts”…seriously, Asik isn’t worth 2 1st rnd picks by any means IMO, Yes he is a good rebounder and rim protecter, no he isn’t an elite level player, no he doesn’t have an offensive game. This Asik is the best Asik you will probably see for his career…especially with that 15 million dollar contract next yr which puts us in the same place as just having another Gordon for another yr and we don’t get anything in return??? What is this???

    No NO NO, let the rockets rot with that contract and Lins contract next yr…only deal that makes any sense in the league for the Asik would be with the Hawks for Millsap straight up, neither are getting better, both fill needs for the other teams and have similar contracts…kinda…OR to Boston…Boston needs a true rim protector…but once more if Houston expects multiple picks for Asik they are crazy…no contender needs an Asik currently. (Thunder could be there with Perkins contract being somewhat off-setting with Asiks poison pill contract…but they need an offensive weapon at the 2 guard more then anything.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Side note: when talking about the “nuts” I was being humorous in my own way ^_^…not comparing the Rockets to the Nazis…I just thought of “Nuts” when I read this and had to say it…if you don’t know of the saying Nuts in WW2 go look up the battle of the bulge.

  • charlottean

    plenty of teams need asik as a backup, but that dude is crying about being a backup. doesn’t make sense for anybody because of that. and definitely not 2 1sts. that was morey calling rod higgins using that donnie nelson type strategy.

    asik IS a player. dude rebounds at a ridiculous rate. he has more offense than people give him credit for the same way biz does. but we already have biz. asik and A LOT for jefferson would be fine. but i can’t see any deal like that happening. he doesn’t fit here but neither does jefferson.