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Pacers complimentary of Bobcats culture + effort last night

Tim Donahue of, the Indiana Pacers ESPN TrueHoop affiliate blog, sent me some great audio from Frank Vogel and David West last night. Some of the audio is pregame, as Vogel speaks about the culture change and how well coached the team is, and some is postgame when Vogel reiterates the changes that are obvious in Charlotte.

Just thought everyone might enjoy these audio clips:

David West Postgame

Frank Vogel Pregame

Frank Vogel Postgame

2 comments to Pacers complimentary of Bobcats culture + effort last night

  • Spencer/SDS

    Stephenson after the game in an interview also called the Bobcats the 2nd best defensive team in the league (behind them of course)…high praise from another NBA team and its players is pretty damn rare…lets see if the team keeps it up…unless you want high draft picks…:( we (if the season ended today) would have Detriots and Portlands picks…but would lose ours to the Bulls considering we would be the 6th seed right now.

  • charlottean

    i would love for us to play every contender down to the wire and lose closely. we can win them next year a lot more frequently with exum or wiggins or smart or parker. even if we don’t keep the pick, the value of those picks is going to equate to major upgrade for the team.

    i just want to see biz and zeller get more run, those dudes have been playing ball. biz is up to 69% from the field. he keeps it up, he might finish around 80, he hasn’t been missing much at all lately.