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Your new Charlotte Hornets Logo

The Hornets are returning next season, and the team unveiled the revamped logo Saturday night:

Looks like they’ve got the best of both worlds: a revised shield-style logo more in keeping with what you see  around the league today, and an alternate logo that updates the classic.

I’m sure we’ll be writing more about this soon, but let us know what you think in the comments.

UPDATE: You can view all nine (!) of the new logos, wordmarks, etc. here.

3 comments to Your new Charlotte Hornets Logo

  • charlottean

    looks just like the pelicans’ logo.

    i’m so glad grownups care about jersey colors and mascots.

  • Spencer/SDS

    now that i look at it, it really does look like the Pelicans logo…meh, anyway who doesn’t love a good mix of colours…I personally feel meh about the color scheme, would have liked something new or with a mix the bobcats/jordan colors and the Hornets…anyway…

    Great win last night/comeback….Kemba and Henderson kept them in it then Jefferson just put on his big boy pants and beat the youngen down a size (Drummond-who is what people hoped Bismack would be essentially).

    Sucks about Taylor…didn’t watch the game today…very surprsied we lost to the lowly Jazz…then again Kemba, Hendo and Jefferson can’t do it all offensively every game I guess…kinda un happy we beat the Pistons te more I think about it…we need their draft pick and we need t keep our draft pick…beating them didn’t help :(

  • charlottean

    This week was an indicator of how weak a team we really are. We’re in win mode (mind you with some injuries – everyone has a few) and we can’t beat Utah, Milwaukee, or Toronto in forty eight minutes of basketball. That doesn’t sound like a contender or even a decent team to me. Milwaukee is missing a ton of guys.