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Game #38: Bobcats @ Bulls 2-on-3 Preview

Who: Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Bulls Home Game

When: 8:00 PM ET

Where: Live at the United Center, Chicago, IL

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Chicago 16-18 99.3 (28) 99.8 (2) 90.6 (28)
Charlotte 15-22 99.3 (28) 103.1 (8) 92.8 (19)

Chicago: Derrick Rose (OUT)
Charlotte: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (OUT), Jeffery Taylor (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Bulls Bobcats
PG Kirk Hinrich Kemba Walker
SG Jimmy Butler Gerald Henderson
SF Mike Dunleavy Chris Douglas-Roberts
PF Carlos Boozer Josh McRoberts
C Joakim Noah Al Jefferson
6th Man Taj Gibson Ramon Sessions

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network1- To tank or not to tank? Which team has the better argument for doing so?

Greg: I think the decision’s already been made for both teams. With the Deng trade, the Bulls’ front office signaled that they’d given up on this season. I can’t blame them — Derrick Rose’s health seems like it will always be a question mark moving forward. The players left standing may have been good enough to scrape out a playoff appearance, but the team is capped out and lacks flexibility. A high draft pick in a loaded draft will help smooth over some of those issues.

Charlotte, on the other hand, still has other options. If they make the playoffs, that’s fine. They’re not likely to move past the first round, but it’s still a notch on their belt. And in the next few years, they still have cap space available to make a few free-agent signings and trades. A top pick would be great, but it’s not the only avenue for them to get better.

Mathew: Both teams have a pretty good argument to do so in my opinion, but each has somewhat shown its cards already. The Bulls may not be outright tanking, but they are nonetheless playing for next season with the trade of Luol Deng. As for the Bobcats, given the moves made in the off-season the mandate was obviously to win now and attempt to get this team back to the playoffs. It’s a decision many – myself included – disagree with, but it’s the one they’ve made. However, if the Bobcats continue on their slide (particularly after MKG returns) I could see front office deciding to ditch the idea of making the playoffs and turning their attention to the draft.

2- Tibs or Cliff? Which coach has done the better job so far this season?

Greg: Clifford’s done a good job, but he hasn’t had to deal with all the setbacks Thibodeau has. Despite the loss of Rose, a contentious relationship with his front office and higher expectations, the Bulls are still just below .500 and have the league’s second-best defense.
Mathew: I’m actually going to say Coach Clifford. Yes, I think Tibs is still by far the better coach (who may also be a hot commodity this off-season), but given the fact that Clifford has the Bobcats playing as a top ten defensive unit I can’t help but say he’s done the better job. Chances are they won’t finish as highly ranked as they currently stand, but regardless it’s amazing. Even without Rose and Deng the Bulls remain a more talented team than the Bobcats, so I give Coach Clifford the nod.

3- Who wins tonight?

Greg: I think the Bobcats keep sliding. Chicago has a lot of proud players, and they’ve won both games since the Deng trade. Their defense should still be good enough to carry the day.

Mathew: Bulls. Unfortunately, the Bobcats and their defense are moving in the wrong direction. The return of MKG will help, but he won’t be in the lineup tonight. The Bulls win in a low-scoring affair.

16 comments to Game #38: Bobcats @ Bulls 2-on-3 Preview

  • Spencer/SDS

    Trade Jefferson and Tolliver for Tyler Zeller and Earl clack plus a pick possibly??? Force Tolliver out of Cliffords hands, giving Cleveland the stretch 4/3 they wanted when they got Clark (gives us an actually backup behind MKG and another young guy (25 yrs old) then get Zeller for a backup big behind Biyombo and just more youth with a 1st involved??? That looks like the best possibility to me, fullfills Cleveland s aspirations of being a middle of the road playoff team with potential from their core yougens to develop…plus I believe Jefferson is a Brown type big man, someone he would like to have on his team…win win for everyone…we get younger and a pick, plus free up cap space…Cleveland gets the type of guys they were hoping for when picking up Bynum and Clark in this past free agency…

  • Spencer/SDS

    eww that was a pretty play by kemba at the end of the 3rd, basically saying screw u coach and just went to work there lol. Have been distracted by the NFL playoffs tonight so just came in for these few 3rd quarter minutes…Jefferson getting 3 possessions on the offensive end basically only to himself, 2 jumpers over boozer which were nice, then a throw it up and pray post move hook thing…also got burned by boozer before those 3 possessions…IDK if he should be a PF or not, I think he would cause more mis-matches on offense then how much he would hurt a (at this point i’d rather have him off this team) team on defense.

  • NCTony

    Every time we have a chance to get back into this game a poor charge on Henderson a bad jumper by al….ball movement is poor with Al Kemba and Hendo just holding the ball deep into clock! Teams are just packing it inside daring us to win jump shooting.

  • Spencer/SDS

    well ya, this team doesn’t know the meaning of a 3pt shot…If only Gordon was just medicore at defense his shooting could actually be used, but nope…its god awful

  • NCTony

    Sometimes I wonder what Henderson does with his Duke education Down 9 with steal goes 1 on 3 gets blocked and DJ hits three from corner .. Game set match… Better effort tonight but same old story.

  • NCTony

    At least tonight they did not quit. If we only had a legit outside scorer….maybe one of these days

  • Berdj Joseph Rassam

    Bulls should win at home against the Bobcats.

  • Spencer/SDS

    39 mins for both Jefferson and McRoberts…wow Clifford, 1) playing your starters that many minutes doesn’t amount for long term success or even playoff success, 2 screw you and your inability to let go a mistake by the youngen bigs…just wow, he is failing so hard when it comes to minutes these last 2 weeks

  • charlottean

    “if only we had one outside shooter”

    “augustin is a bust. we could have had brook lopez”

    hmmmmmmmmmmm. i thiiiiiink…….no, wait. new york, cleveland, boston come on down…….you’re next. philly and orlando you ARE invited. utah, sacramento too. milwaukee we are on our way, save us a seat at the bar.

  • charlottean

    tony – henderson had 30 and walker nearly had 30 how much outside scoring do you need?

    are you even watching the same games? do we need 3 pt shooting? sure, but we can win without it. the problem is al is a layup line on defense and the starters played entirely too much.

  • NCTony

    Yeah I’m watching the games maybe it’s you who is not.That’s one out of every 5-8 games or so we shoot well from outside if not we have the Wolves turnout. If you think Jefferson is the problem, you are crazy. How many time this year has Kemba and Hendo scored over 20 in same game? We need outside shooting that is respected to make Al’s game worth anything. He Al, doesn’t fit with this team as constructed. I agree with that. With a legit 4 th option this team is a lot better with Al. We have little to trade except Hendo or expiring contracts. They pack the inside nullifying Als game, and dare us to win. Of course Hendo is not the problem but one of the few trade able assets we have.

    The teams we just played have at least two strong rebounders on court, where are ours? Al gets killed 2 on 1 at the rim.

    DJ stinks let’s be honest. He has one good game out of 5. Brook Lopez? Where did that come from? That’s water under the bridge. besides DJ didn’t accept our offer claiming we were not a winning organization. If DJ couldn’t perform with Indy, that tells you all you need to know. DJ would have a game like that for us every now and then disappear.

    Biyombo is a bust, already. Zeller is on his way to becoming a role player at best.They would get minutes if they were legit NBA players and not liabilities while on the court. The 36 min stat would be meaningful if it were real playing time minutes and not a projection coming from playing against second team.

    The starters played minutes because of 2 days off and, the bench can’t contribute enough and keep us in games. If we are about developing players, we got the wrong guys to develop. Kemba us a third year player we has developed Biyombo has not warranted playing time. He should have been a second round pick, we could have kept our pick at 19 and still got Faried.

    Maybe 3/5 years from now I might be saying something else about him, but I’m willing to let someone else find out. Just like DJ, or Raymond, or Adam, or May. Two and a half years is enough time to see progress not regression.

    Oh and the coach is not the issue as you all seem to think. It’s the players and lack of depth.

  • Spencer/SDS

    So Biyombo is a bust after 3 years and just 22…you must have thought Ben Wallace was a bust as well, Zeller is a bust with less then half a season under his belt and just a roll player??? WOW, Dirk must be awful as well huh??? LaMarcus Aldrige must have been a bust as well considering his poor 1st yr as well huh or at best just developed into a roll player??? Goran Dragic is still just a meh backup behind Steve Nash I assume as well??? Nikola Pekovic who was drafted in 08 must have just been pure shit from 08-11 and never developed hmm??? Why is Zach Randolph good??? His 1st two years were complete shit as well then???

    GROW A PAIR and learn how to let players develop/not want everyone to be stars in less then a yr or have a known developmental player to become a star within 3 years and be a super star at the age of 22…i’m sorry that we don’t live in fantasy land where every good player in this league started out like a Durant or LeBron…most happen to need time to develop their games and you know…not be considered to be just roll players for their entire career when they haven’t even played a full season or busts when they are just 22 and have gotten better every year…sorry m8, but you would be awful as a GM, this isn’t a video game where players become super stars within weeks.

  • NCTony

    Please I’ve seen enough basketball to tell you neither of these guys are going to be an Aldridge, Dirk, Ben Wallace or Mike Wallace… thats some pair to make that statement. Please. I’ll give Zeller can be a decent role player but he doesn’t have enough game now or ever to be an impact player. A role player. Biyombo can be a role player too. Never a star, never a #7 pick caliber. Yes Biyombo is a bust. Other than his foul shooting, what else has he improved on in 2.5 years? His shots get blocked, he fouls out of position. He HAS NO HANDS. That’s something you have or don’t. Ewing has to be working with him. None of this doesn’t make him a bad guy, just not an NBA impact player.

    Ever read out of town press on this team? Doubt it.

    Grow a pair of what? how many more years are we supposed to wait to se development? last year Beal or Lillard was a better fit need than MKG, year before we could have stood pat and gotten Faried, this year MCW or Trey Burke would have given us some scoring punch. We are in love with the stretch pick. to prove how smart we are rather than scoring which this team needs so badly. you think w would be better off with Biyombo over Al?

    Like I’ve said I am a very loyal bobcats fan, didn’t need the name change. gone to more NBA games live than most anyone in Charlotte non team member, Played high level of NYC HS basketball against players who did play in pros. I know talent when I see it. I’m at floor level right behind the bench. its a lot different watching game from that level vs living room. come on down and watch a game with me

    None of these guys are Dragic, Pekovic, Randolf, who you you could see glimpses of star potential early on in their careers. Never did i think any one could be instant star (lillard) but obvious talent would not be too much to ask after picks like Adam (yeah i know he was comin on in summer league and he hurt his knee), DJ, Biyombo and now Zeller, enough is enough cant keep swinging for the fences and getting not much more than potential. they don’t pay you for potential forever.

  • NCTony

    And for all those Biyombo lovers… The is what we gave up to get the pick. I’d love to still have Livingston on the team plus

    June 23, 2011: Drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the 1st round (7th pick) of the 2011 NBA Draft.

    June 23, 2011: As part of a 3-team trade, traded by the Sacramento Kings to the Charlotte Bobcats; the Charlotte Bobcats traded Tobias Harris, Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston to the Milwaukee Bucks; the Milwaukee Bucks traded Corey Maggette to the Charlotte Bobcats; the Milwaukee Bucks traded Jimmer Fredette and John Salmons to the Sacramento Kings; and the Sacramento Kings traded Beno Udrih to the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Magette turned into Ben Gordon and a Pick.
    But I digress. I’d rather wait for more development

    Let’s develop Clay Thompson…. Let’s develop Kenneth Faried, let’s develop Reggie Jackson, let’s develop Norris cole, let’s develop Kawhi Lwanard, or the Morris Brothers, valanciunas ,vujuvic…. Too many examples of where year 2.5 should be. Same class. Let alone Kemba…!!

    Round 1 Totals Shooting Per Game Advanced
    Pk Tm Player
    1 CLE Kyrie Irving Duke University
    2 MIN Derrick Williams University of Arizona
    3 UTA Enes Kanter
    4 CLE Tristan Thompson University of Texas at Austin
    5 TOR Jonas Valanciunas
    6 WAS Jan Vesely
    7 SAC Bismack Biyombo
    8 DET Brandon Knight University of Kentucky
    9 CHA Kemba Walker University of Connecticut
    10 MIL Jimmer Fredette Brigham Young University
    11 GSW Klay Thompson Washington State University
    12 UTA Alec Burks University of Colorado
    13 PHO Markieff Morris University of Kansas
    14 HOU Marcus Morris University of Kansas
    15 IND Kawhi Leonard San Diego State University
    16 PHI Nikola Vucevic University of Southern California
    17 NYK Iman Shumpert Georgia Institute of Technology
    18 WAS Chris Singleton Florida State University
    19 CHA Tobias Harris University of Tennessee
    20 MIN Donatas Motiejunas
    21 POR Nolan Smith Duke University
    22 DEN Kenneth Faried Morehead State University
    23 HOU Nikola Mirotic
    24 OKC Reggie Jackson Boston College
    25 BOS MarShon Brooks Providence College
    26 DAL Jordan Hamilton University of Texas at
    27 NJN JaJuan Johnson Purdue University
    28 CHI Norris Cole Cleveland State University
    29 SAS Cory Joseph University of Texas at Austin
    30 CHI Jimmy Butler Marquette University

  • charlottean


    1 – i would have loved to of had livingston also. easily one of the dumbest things we did by letting him go right after drafting walker. the 2 are an ideal pairing because of walkers lack of size and playmaking and livingston’s strength of size and playmaking. and he’s cheap too.

    2 – i was referring to the one game. as far as consistency? they were one of the top 3 or 4 highest scoring backcourts in the league last year, look it up. not sure where they are at this year with al on board, but the scoring is lacking from the 3 and 4.

    3 – al is a great offensive player and a horrible defensive player. he’d be far better suited to play the 4 on a grind it out team like indiana or new york than play the 5 on a up and down team as we’re constructed to be. al also hasn’t won anything, ever, so assuming he’s a franchise guy ANYWHERE is nuts. he’s just not that. and him being 29 and only guaranteed to be here for 2 years doesn’t help or make any sense to play him 35+ mpg over the young bigs.

    4 – biyombo was a top 10 shot blocker each of his first 2 years, and had multiple 20 rebound games in preseason. and he’s shooting like 66% from the field right now. and free throws improving of late. and no, he isn’t 22, he’s 21. you want to give up on a 22 year old big man with his size and athleticism and shot blocking ability. at the very least, he’s the best backup in the league, but i would argue that he’s the ideal guy to start ALONG SIDE ZELLER with zeller being the scorer/playmaker of the 2 and biz being the defensive anchor that he has already proven himself to be capable of. we’re 5-4 this season with jefferson out and biyombo starting. just facts.

    5 – zeller has shown A TON of promise. how much promise can a guy show in limited minutes in the first half of his rookie season. what are you expecting?

    6 – i wanted kahwi leonard on draft night over kemba.
    7 – augustin didn’t play much for indiana. george hill had just signed a 5 year extension, he wasn’t going there to be the starter. lance stephenson emerged and there weren’t any minutes on a CONTENDER. now he goes to chicago as an injury replacement and he’s making plays. that was one great game, but he’s had several really good games. ask thibbs about augustin. ask durant. ask larry brown why he drafted him and if he regrets it (he doesn’t). he didn’t say he wanted to leave, that’s a misconception. he turned down a 2 or 3 year deal right after they drafted walker. it was dumb for him money wise, but his thinking was…..i’ll play out my QO and get a starting job elsewhere. we restricted him during the prime free agency, and then after the well dried up, we pulled the QO. that’s what actually happened. if he had been unrestricted……several teams would have given him offers in the 5-8 range long term. good teams. they met with many of them who could not afford to tie up cap space for him on an offer sheet that was expected to be matched by charlotte. if he had been given the keys steph curry style, from day one…….he would be a top 15 or so pg in this league. at age 25 this season (he just turned 26 actually).

    we should have been drafting kawhi as you said, and bringing back livingston. 100% on the same page there.

    8 – all the guys you just named from that draft class that have been having success are either on good teams or have been playing, or both. numbers look bad when a guy plays limited minutes with an effed up role, on a losing team. you can’t take a go-to star player of zeller’s caliber and tell him to be a role player and expect good results. even if he’s coming off the bench, he should be the go-to guy on that second unit and get the ball where he wants it, and that hasn’t been done. they are ruining the dude. we’ve seen some highlight reel dunks from dude, tons of great hustle plays. show me all the times he gets the ball on the block or ANYWHERE other than at the elbow. show me that. it’s horrible what they’re doing with a #4 pick. if they had no intention of playing him properly…..they should have traded the pick. or drafted a nerlens noel who wasn’t going to play this year and given the minutes to jeff adrien. again……..something i recommended pre draft.

    you can’t go back and judge draft picks entirely on what has happened since because each of them have been put in different situations. derrick williams is still a stud talent, he got drafted by an idiot GM on a team that has the best 4 man in the league and little else. for 2+ years he was the #2 talent on the team and hardly playing. that doesn’t make him any worse of a player. he goes to sacramento and starts playing like a stud quickly, and they turn around and trade for rudy gay. he’s still playing well, but he’s playing less and getting less touches. it’s circumstance. this applies to biyombo. morrison especially. biz might have been poised for that break out 3rd year like larry sanders had last year. dude was a BEAST in preseason play when al was out. he looked GOOD when all missed the first part of the year. he’s finishing plays at a much higher clip than before. he’s not playing the minutes to put up the bigger quantity numbers and he isn’t given ANY touches to improve his offensive game. morrison had a kemba (and many others, dirk, whoever) style rookie season, had a great summer, great preseason, tore his ACL and missed his 2nd season. year 3 he has a coach that hates him. brown basically admitted as much. he does not like morrison type players. he prefers larry hughes and darius miles over morrison all day every day. that’s circumstance. he gets traded to a contender who had no minutes for him behind the kobe/artest/odom/gasol/bynum juggernaut they had assembled. that’s not the same situation rudy gay got. rudy got 5 years in the same role with the same team, many with the same coach who loved his game (hollins). can’t compare. roy’s injury doesn’t change the fact he was a great talent. you don’t go back and redraft these guys knowing the future and say “that was a bad pick” – it’s the things after the draft that make them a bad pick.

    guys like dion waiters are bad picks (because of attitude not talent). greg oden was a bad pick because he already had bad knees and a bad back and looked like he was 65. but he could also play ball so there was some justification there. but morrison? mkg? zeller? felton? no. may was a steal of a talent at 13 and showed it when he was healthy during his first 2 years, but he also had red flags medically and he had the history of his father’s career to look at also. identical basically. but klay thompson? put him on the bobcats and he’s gerald henderson at best. we’re the problem, not the players (not all of them).

    the guys that succeed are put in a position to succeed. MOST draft picks are of comparable talent. there’s the few lebrons and KD’s that are above, but the rest of the league? there are guys playing in europe just as good that never get a chance. ask around. guys like rudy fernandez and sergio rodriguez and teletovic are great examples. these guys dominate international play INCLUDING against the top NBA players on the american and other teams, and they get signed to teams that don’t spend the time to acclimate them.

    look at walter hermann. dude barely played or played horrible 80% of his first season here. then he starts turning the corner on learning english and all of a sudden dude had a linsanity type month. if it had been in NY, it would have been that.

    you aren’t looking at all the variables. jefferson/mcroberts isn’t winning us any championships. so why waste ALL of the playing time on them? just doesn’t make any sense. it gets us nowhere. it gets us 15-23. think about that. 15-23 and without jefferson we’re 5-4. that’s 10-19 with jefferson. * being that several of these recent losses were without MKG. so…….MKG holds more value, right? why isn’t he playing 40 mpg when he gets back? it was a hand injury, not a leg injury. no reason to hold him back. clifford will surely play him 20 mpg to give tolliver and CDR some unnecessary run.


  • charlottean

    same thing with jimmer freddette… he’s playing a little more and all of a sudden he’s showing major progress. and they declined his option for year 4 based on him not doing much……while he wasn’t playing much.