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Game #39: Bobcats vs. Knicks 1-on-3 Preview + new PodCats episode

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs New York Knicks

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 p.m. ET

Where: Charlotte, N.C.

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 15-23 97.0 (28) 101.1 (8) 95.0 (21)
New York 15-22 102.1 (17) 104.7 (20) 92.4 (30)

Charlotte: Jeff Taylor (OUT), Brendan Haywood – remember him? (OUT)
New York: Tyson Chandler (Questionable), Beno Udrih (DTD), Pablo Prigioni (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Knicks
PG Kemba Walker Raymond Felton
SG Gerald Henderson Iman Shumpert
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Carmelo Anthony
PF Josh McRoberts Andrea Bargnani
C Al Jefferson Kenyon Martin
6th Man Ramon Sessions J.R. Smith

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network First off, your favorite podcast is continuing to roll out the best content out there on the airwaves – check out the latest episode of PodCats where Doug Branson, Derek James ( and myself (Spencer Percy) talked the return of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

1- STREAKING. The Knicks come into tonight on a 5-game winning streak and now officially in the playoff standings at #8 – what has led to the surge from this group as of late?

Gregory Pietras, Rufus On Fire: Games against the 76ers and Pistons can’t hurt, but they’ve been winning with defense over that stretch. In raw numbers, they allowed 89 points per game over the last five games compared to a season average of 98 points. When adjusting for pace, that’s a defensive rating of 95.3 vs 104.7.

In particular, opponents have struggled to shoot threes, hitting only 24.3 percent of their attempts. If that trend continues, it probably works in the Bobcats’ favor: They don’t have any shooters to take away, and a grinding, defensive battle could play into their favor. It mostly depends on how much Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s return can patch over their recent defensive struggles. See No. 2 below.

2- MKG. He’ll be back in the starting lineup tonight for Charlotte and it couldn’t come at a better time with the defense reeling – what kind of impact can we expect?

Gregory: Probably smaller than you’d hope, but still meaningful. The defense has taken a slide since Kidd-Gilchrist went out, but a large part of that can be blamed on a tougher schedule that included a brutal Western Conference road swing. Still, MKG is without a doubt their best individual defender and just taking minutes away from Chris Douglas-Roberts and Anthony Tolliver will be a net plus. In general, Kidd-Gilchrist tends to deflate the offense, but the healthy starting lineup of Walker/Henderson/Kidd-Gilchrist/McRoberts/Jefferson has been excellent, posting significantly better numbers than when MKG is swapped out for any other small forward.
Again, the Bobcats had a relatively soft schedule while Kidd-Gilchrist was around. But despite concerns about his offense, there’s fair evidence that the Bobcats’ best shot at winning basketball is with MKG front and center.

3- PICK IT. If the Bobcats plan on staying in the playoff hunt, they need to end this losing streak quickly. Charlotte has dropped 8 of its last 9 games. Who ya got tonight?

Gregory: I think this is a schedule loss for the Knicks. They played a tough overtime game against the Suns last night, then immediately flew from New York to Charlotte. The Bobcats, in the meantime, have had three days off and can probably smell blood. Working MKG back into the lineup might be awkward, but it can’t be any more awkward than everything else they’ve done recently.

21 comments to Game #39: Bobcats vs. Knicks 1-on-3 Preview + new PodCats episode

  • NCTony

    Felt bad for Biyombo last night, another dropped pass, and he was totally dejected after he was rejected for slam dunk at end of 3q. Guys body language says it all. He’s totally down, does have the lift he showed in prior years. Maybe he’s injured. But unless he starts showing something soon, he’ll be seeing less minutes after Haywood returns….

  • NCTony

    * does not have lift……

  • charlottean

    they damn sure won’t play haywood over biz. i say that…….and clifford will surely prove me wrong. he appears hellbent to spare no expense at ruining the rebuild. haywood offers nothing in improvement to biz other than being more even keeled emotions wise. but that also means lacks energy. they play him, AT ALL…..and i’m done.

    biz finished with authority on that 1st half pick and roll. drew a few rebounding fouls where he didn’t clock any boards stats wise, he wasn’t giving up offensive boards during his short stretch.

    playing him this little is doing nothing but killing his confidence, and probably leading to him pursuing a trade or heading over to europe. all of the promise is there, it just isn’t being exploited and nurtured in any way. for a 21 year old, dude is playing fine.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Haywood…should only be draft bait, and even then I doubt anyone wants him anymore…who would??? Dude is an old slow useless offensively with no potential of improvement waste of cap space at this point…Biyombo is 21 and is as good as Haywood at everything…

    I agree with Charlottean, if Clifford chooses Haywood over Biyombo, this team will be lost, screw it, Clifford and Jordan can go ruin this franchise without and stop causing me idiotic sports fan stress.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Biyombo last yr was a better rebounder (per 40 mins-to get an even amount of mins-Haywood can’t play 40 mins but whatever) a better shot blocker, and rated better then haywood/had a better defensive impact on the floor then Haywood other then in games against Howard, Hibbert and Jefferson. Biyombo offensively was also more efficient then Haywood, with better free throw and shooting%’s then Haywood….

    Now Haywood is a yr older, dealing with a big injury, while Biyombo is older (in the good sense due to his age) and has been extremely efficient (especially compared to Haywood or himself last year) this year. What does Haywood bring that Biyombo doesn’t bring at a better and more efficient rate??? (received these stats from hoopdata, which no longer is recording advanced statistics sadly:( Haywood is a nobody and bad trade bait at this point (sorry for saying draft bait in my previous post). Best thing to hope for is that a contender needing a 10 min pg big man and overpays for him or an injury forces them to overpay for him, he will go to any team for free in free agency basically. Also he gives you that feel of uselessness that Gordon gives you, he isn’t a good old player that can teach players how to prepare, he is lazy and IMO seems much more like a plague to any young teams then anything good…

  • charlottean

    if that dude touches the court without biz being disqualified, suspended, injured, or on jury duty……..that’s the last straw for me.

    to me it was bad enough they went jefferson over hickson or someone similar. or even robin lopez. it was bad enough they haven’t made any sort of move with all of the top flight talent that has been available. it was bad enough they passed on seth curry to bring back jeremy pargo. bad enough mkg was playing less than he should. bad enough adrien played in front of biz because of a horrible interpretation of a bad stat. bad enough zeller is hardly playing and not getting any touches on the block. bad enough that clifford shouldn’t be the coach to begin with. bad enough watching augustin ball out for the bulls and ajinca show some promise for the pels. bad enough hearing MKG’s being shopped constantly.

    but haywood playing over biyombo? eff that. if it happens, i’m done. that would be like dampier trade pt. 2.

  • NCTony

    Well Biz is not balling like he should when he has his chance. You got to admit that block at end of Q3 was embarrassing, took him forever to get off the ground fumbling the ball. Adrien got Biz minutes tonight so far. He has gotten way too many shots blocked this year which leads me to believe something ( injury) is up with him. Clearly not jumping boarding and blocking like he did in past.

    Biyombo is just not playing worth a damn right now. Hope he proves me wrong… In the long run. Manute Bol anyone?

  • Spencer/SDS

    Either way, Adrien is twice as bad it appears, would rather Cho just go oakland athletics/Billy Bean and release/trade guys guys forcing him to play the people worth a damn…but that’s fantasy land…Clifford needs to be smacked across the head every time he re-tries this Adrien experiment and sprayed with water…seriously, dude is such a bad coach at this point…yes he knows how to teach defense, too bad he can’t manage minutes/develop players worth a damn…probably explains why Howard liked him…he never made him get better/changed anything…sad, just sad…

  • NCTony

    So what Makes Clifford a bad coach exactly? Because he’s not giving minutes to an inept Biyombo is not one of them. He’s just not contributing anything right now. Might as well find it elsewhere.

  • Spencer/SDS

    NCTONY…because he is thinking only about this year, seriously, don’t you know what developing a player is who will actually have a chance to impact this team if it ever actually became a contender…which with Clifford won’t happen until he gets fired or realizes that youth is the key to this team…Adrien is never going to be a center in this league, he plays him like one anyway despite being 6 ft 7 and already shown to be completely WASTED/DESTROYED/NUKED/RAPEDANALLY by anyone with size and skill, he is 27 and has no future on any team other then a back of the roster roll player…21 yr old that is 6ft9-6ft10 and has potential, or 27 yr old who is 27, 6 ft 7 and no potential??? I like the guy that is younger and has potential far more…HE has proven easily this year that he doesn’t know the meaning of developing a player for the future and a team, that is what makes him a bad coach, his strategy will never be sustainable for a franchise, maybe if he was with a heat/went Phil Jackson and just went to teams with money and in place great talent he could be a good coach…but a rebuilding franchise??? He is proving to be a plague.

  • NCTony

    You can’t develop something or someone that’s inherently doesn’t have the basic skills and basketball instincts. Probably should play in D League for a while to be honest. I don’t want Adrien either, and I’m sure there is a reason he dnp coaches decision.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Only reason the send biyombo to the d-league is confidence value as he would simply put wreck everyone there…no one is better then Biyombo at the center position other then Jefferson, who he himself is a very poor center in this league (better suited at the PF position to hide his lack of defensive ability) …Clifford will be a very good coach on a set team that has talent to win immediately, he isn’t a team builder, which this team needs…

    Biyombo with 20+ mins per game this year, 4.8 PPG 8.9 RPB, 1.6 BPG (only 11-includes the 5 25+games)
    25+ 4.4 PPG, 10 RPG, 2BPG (only 5 games)
    Biyombo is 5th in FG%, but attempts fewer attempts then any other player in the league that plays more then 15 mins per game at 2.1 attempts per game. Clifford never gives Biyombo a chance to do anything offensively, much like Zeller never running plays designed for him…coach doesn’t like giving the youngens any chances to do anything or learn obviously…must have mixed them up with the 30 yr olds that won’t do anything for him past this year so sad…His rebounding has him top 10 in the league, defensively as a C/F he is top 20 (bit screwed as it does go with team defense and its hard as hell to find him since he should be listed as a center but for some reason believes he is a PF which he has never been in his time playing in this league…Offensively he is 10th in EFG% in the league and 12th in true shooting, he deserves more looks just off those stats, even if they are just dunks and layups…he is converting them, let him have a chance to give himself those looks in the post, not rely on Henderson or Kembas misses to get those looks…but no Clifford will never do that (completely awful coach at developing bigs)

    Clifford explains so much about Howard now that I think about it…he is just an AWFUL coach when it comes to developing bigs, Howard not once improved his game in any aspect (unless you look at NBA stats as if its golf and like lower #s in which case look at Howards free throw)…dude is garbage at this point in my mind…i’m set in stone…I hate Clifford as the coach of the Charlotte Bobcats…4th coach coming next year, please.

  • charlottean

    how does biyombo not have skills now?

    the guy is leading the team in FG% and points per shot and points per possession used, etc. he’s also 2nd to jeff adrien in rebound rate and one could argue that adrien hasn’t played enough to trust the stat. I personally believe adrien IS that level of a rebounder, but I also believe that biyombo’s numbers would go UP as he played more. he had 2 20 rebound games in preseason AND a 17 rebound game. don’t tell me that wasn’t an indication because it was preseason.

    back to back top 10 in shot blocking while playing less than 30 minutes per game. and as the youngest and 5th youngest player in the league those 2 years. how is this not showing that he’s worth playing time?

    al jefferson is a layup line on defense. his offense is NEGATED by that. you could replace al’s 19 ppg with biz and get 10 from him just off the offensive glass and transition. we would make up the difference in giving al’s shots to others and make major net gains by having better defense.

    how is clifford such a great coach? nobody is getting better under him and we’re 16-23 playing veterans heavy minutes. i don’t blame him for the roster we have (entirely that is) but I do blame him for playing mcroberts and jefferson so much when they aren’t helping the team win. he also doesn’t understand how statistics work and has constantly used them incorrectly to make personnel decisions. the most glaring being playing adrien over biyombo off of +/- stats (which quickly corrected itself as adrien played more) and then by playing tolliver so much at the 3 when the guy is a 4, based off the on/off numbers between he and CDR and Taylor and MKG. somebody has to tell him to leave the math to smarter people.

    5-4 in games that jefferson missed and biyombo started. we can’t win with him? have cho call morey up and tell him asik for biyombo. bet he does it in a heartbeat and then wins GM of the year award because of it.

  • NCTony

    You guys are totally smokin somethin in your pipes….they wanted two firsts and Biyombo for Asik… And charlotean or charlatan… I can tell you it was done in preseason because it was done in preseason…..

    That’s why the guy keeps grading D on this website.

    He is “fumblin and stumblin” as Walt Clyde Frazier describes his game on TV.

    He is bad pick, playing bad right now. Not worthy of his paycheck. Adrien does the same damn thing foe a lot less money.

  • NCTony

    And the coach is bad because he doesn’t play Biyombo over Jefferson? Your guys are beyond psychotic delusional.

  • NCTony

    The place to develop the guy is in the D League not in the NBA.

  • charlottean

    adrien is like 28. he should be better than biyombo. i don’t see adrien shooting 65% and he doesn’t have 2 top 10 shot blocking seasons under his belt at age 21.

    if they sent biz to the d-league i would be OK with that. how convenient…..the team that fails to develop talent doesn’t have a d-league team.

    come on dude…..his rebound rate is better than jefferson’s. he plays, he accumulates stats, simple as that. he’s not a 20 ppg guy, but he’s a defensive ace. you were harping over him dropping a pass that kemba threw him – i ran back the tape…..that ball was deflected by udrih before it got to biz. that’s why kemba (not biz) was credited with the turnover.

    the guy can play ball. he’s just not a go-to scorer. neither is roy hibbert. biyombo could absolutely be roy hibbert. hibbert would still be in college at biyombo’s age. imagine what biz would be doing to college opponents.

    and he’d STILL be a top 10 pick in THIS draft class.

    morey asked for 2 1sts cause he though we were dumb enough to give them up (we have a track record). morey initiated the conversation for biyombo. think about that for a minute. run back the tape of his games against dwight howard. the kid can play. he needs to be given time to ATLEAST hit 24 years old, but more so – he needs to play.

    at this point, i want them to trade him. it’s just disgusting what they keep doing to guys. zeller is next in line.

  • NCTony

    Ok the guy we picked to trade up for Him Tobias Harris has developed nicely, and I wish I could turn the clock back keep Livingston And Him…. I hope Biyombo turns things around but …

    Why do we keep drafting projects like him Zeller MKG and not legit scorers . I know many don’t like Kembas game either but he plays hard and scores …

    I want a winning team not a development league team in the NBA.

    Fwiw we do have an affiliation with a team according to DLeague website

  • Spencer/SDS

    Yes, every team has an affiliation to a D-League team, but not every team owns a D-League team…I believe some just have shares in a D-League Affiliate while others out-right own them.

    Biyombo was the best center in the draft and we needed one, Zeller was considered the best post scorer in the draft when we got him and we needed a PF…we’ve been drafting for need and for what we needed…Zeller is a post presence and a good shooter, Biyombo was/is a good rebounder and defender, which is what we needed most, MKG was the most valuable and he fit a need of a SF…we just drafted Kemba so we weren’t going to draft Lilliard

    2013: We had no post offense, we got the best post player in the draft by FAR…issue is Clifford refuses to use him in the post because he sucks
    2012: MKG fit the high character, high effort/work ethic that this team likes (Biyombo, Kemba). He fit a need at SF, and as of right now he is a top 6 talent value easily from that draft. We didn’t need Damian Lilliard we just drafted kemba and didn’t need to make kemba the next felton or D.J. Augustin. Beal could have fit, but we had Henderson and MKG was/is on equal footing with him, Dion Waiters no way, Barnes and Drummond are the only picks that we realistically could have taken…Issue is Drummond was/is another Biyombo prospect coming out of college, why get 2 of those, and the team liked MKG more then Barnes, as do I, this team just doesn’t have a 3pt SG, we have a mid range SG which hurts us greatly.

    Really, without over stacking on one position and basically giving up on our 1st rnds we took just the year before, there was no one that really fits this team or would make this team better if we had drafted them at the time of the draft…Every pick has made sense, issue is we are on our THIRD coach in 3 years, and this one is easily the worst for developing our most recent picks because he doesn’t like developing players.

  • charlottean

    each team is assigned a team where they can send players. we don’t actually have a team. previously we shared a team with boston before they smartened up and got their own team.

    all the smart teams do.

    and zeller isn’t a project. dude IS a legit scorer, just needs the ball and playing time. can’t score 20 points on 3 shots per game. biyombo needs to be traded to a team that wants him, dude can block shots, rebound, dunk, and play defense. at his size, that’s worth a lot in this league (including a number 7 pick). you forget we dumped jackson in that deal, so we got detroit’s first out of that deal also. livingston could have been left out of the deal. we had other throw in options.

    augustin continues to ball out in chicago.

  • Spencer/SDS

    clarification:::We had no post offense, we got the best post player in the draft by FAR…issue is Clifford refuses to use him in the post because he sucks
    I was saying that Clifford sucks, not Zeller (just in-case you were wondering)…I would cry in happiness if Clifford was fired tomorrow…oh how I wish this were fantasy land and were the world wasn’t so cruel…but no it is, and it is forcing me to watch the biggest idiot of a head coach in the league coach this team…why couldn’t the Nets have been less brain dead and taken him instead???:(