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Game #41: Bobcats @ Magic 4-on-3 Preview

Who: Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Magic Home Game

When: 7:00 PMET

Where: Live at Amway Center, Orlando, FL

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Orlando 10-29 98.1 (25) 103.9 (18) 96.2 (16)
Charlotte 16-24 97.3 (28) 100.9 (8) 95.1 (20)

Previous Meetings:

12/11/2013 : 92-83 Magic

Orlando: Arron Afflalo (Probable), Nikola Vucevic (DTD),
Charlotte: Jeff Taylor (OUT), Brendan Haywood (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Magic Bobcats
PG Jameer Nelson Kemba Walker
SG Victor Oladipo Gerald Henderson
SF Arron Afflalo Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Tobias Harris Josh McRoberts
C Glen Davis Al Jefferson
6th Man Maurice Harkless Ramon Sessions

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- STATS. These two teams are similar in very many ways. One area Charlotte has a clear advantage is on the defensive end – is this the end of the floor they’ll have to excel at to get the win tonight?

Spencer: Always. Consistency on the offensive end would help as well. As good as Big Al and Kemba have been on the offensive end lately, you would think that Charlotte would have more wins to show for it, but night’s like Hendo had against Philly on Wednesday (2-14 from the floor) will contribute to losing close games. All three (Kemba, Hendo & Jefferson) need to show up tonight.

Michael Kaskey-Blomain (NEW TO QCH! @therealmikekb): Charlotte and Orlando share some similarities, as they both struggle to score, and secure rebounds at times. Both teams are in the bottom 30% in the league in both points and rebounds per game, and outside of Orlando’s Arron Affalo, no one on either team puts up twenty points per. Charlotte’s advantage over Orlando will come on the defensive end, where the ‘Cats are fourth in the league, giving up only 96.6 points per contest. If the Bobcats are able to clamp down on Orlando, who struggles to score as it is, then they will put themselves in position for a W. Affalo has missed the past three games but hopes to play. If he does, then a match-up to watch for will be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sticking him. Orlando’s frontcourt isn’t the most formidable, so if MK-G can limit Affalo’s offensive output, and the rest of the Cats’ can contain Nelson and Oladipo, then the Bobcats should be in business.

Dakota: Absolutely.  While Orlando has a lot of young talent, they’re still a team filled with players who are trying to find their niche which is a good situation to go up against when you have an above-average defensive team. Orlando is a team that has the talent to take control of you when you’re not playing 100% on the defensive side which is what Charlotte will have to do.

Doug Branson (PodCats Show): Absolutely, especially if they get Afflalo back. It will be up to Kemba, Hendo and MKG to buckle down and stop Aaron and Oladipo at the point of attack. I will give you another area to watch for. Rebounding. In our first meeting we were outrebounded by 11.  Vucevic and Big Baby combined for 26 rebounds including 8 offensive boards. Vucevic is not expected to play and the Bobcats HAVE to take advantage.

2- OLADIPO & ZELLER. Clearly Victor has been better than Cody so far in his rookie campaign, but tell us some of the positives & negatives we’ve learned about these two halfway through the season?

Spencer: Victor has the motor of the Tasmanian Devil and appears to be improving offensively – he’s averaging 17.6 PPG in his last 5 outings - largely thanks to his 35 point outburst in the 3OT game vs. Chicago Wednesday night. Not worried about Oladipo defensively and he provides the versatility to guard PG’s + SG’s. As far as the negatives are concerned, he may be a man without a position before it’s all said-and-done – Oladipo doesn’t have a consistent outside shot at this point (29% 3FG) and is a turnover machine – he has a 16.1 turnover ratio currently, which is worst in the league amongst rooks that play more 20 MPG.

As for Zeller, oh my. Get stronger, find a consistent center of gravity with your body when the ball hits the floor and sleep in the film room in an attempt to help the game slow down for you, Zeller.

Michael: Both Zeller and Oladipo have shown positive potential during their rookie campaign, but both have had their share of struggles as well. The type of player Oladipo can eventually become remains somewhat of a mystery to me, as it doesn’t seem Orlando has found the fit for him yet. He has shown potential as a point, but needs to improve upon his shooting, and learn to take better care of the ball if he intends to play the position, as his assist-to-turnover rate is almost 1:1. Defensively though he shows a lot of potential, especially at guarding the perimeter, and he can certainly develop into a solid starter for Orlando. Zeller has been less impressively statistically, but he has also shown promise. Although he needs to add some strength if he wants to be a solid starting forward in the league, he has displayed athleticism and activity on the glass. He has also shown that he has the ability to pass for his position. While he won’t be a star, Zeller could be a solid contributor (albeit probably off the bench) down the line for the ‘Cats.

Dakota: As far as Oladipo, one of his biggest negatives is the simple fact that he’s just trying to figure out his game on an extremely young team. Especially on the offensive end, Oladipo is still extremely raw as he’s extremely athletic which is kind of masked by the fact that he’s not a good perimeter shooter. Still, his athleticism and overall play on the defensive end makes him into an extremely intriguing player. As far as Zeller, he’s slowly starting to get adjusted to the pace of the NBA which has lead to him struggling mightily this year.

Doug: +Oladipo Positives: Aggressive scorer, triple double potential, very comfortable with the ball in his hands.

+Oladipo Negatives: Let’s go to special guest commentator Coach Popovich for this one:

+Zeller Positives: He’s growing. He looks a little more comfortable every night and you can tell that he hasn’t let his confidence completely shatter in the face of some fans’ unrealistic expectations and brutal criticisms. “Better” players than him have not been able to say the same.

+Zeller Negatives: He doesn’t have an NBA ready body for his position and he’s been getting tossed around a lot on the low block. His awareness on defense is always a question and his decision making when he has the ball in his hands is suspect at best.

3- PICK IT. Two part question: 1) Is this a must win for the Bobcats? 2) Who ya got tonight and why?

Spencer: I believe it is a must win. You look at the upcoming 5 games after tonight: vs. Miami, vs. Toronto, vs. LAC, @ NYK, vs. Chicago – 4 of those 5 are current playoff teams, with the Knicks just on the outside, looking in.

I’m taking Charlotte tonight, but I don’t feel great about it. The team has dropped 7 of their last 8 on the road. To me, a win tonight could propel the Bobcats to an impressive 3-game home stand that’s right around the corner. On the other hand, it could send this team spiraling out of control leading up to the all-star break and back in ‘Club Tank’.

Michael: With Toronto and Brooklyn playing better basketball and the ‘Cats slipping down the standings, tonight’s game against Orlando is as close as you get to a must-win at this point of the season. Charlotte needs a win to keep pace, especially after letting one slip in Philadelphia on Wednesday. This is a winnable game, and the type that the team needs to continue to capitalize on if it wants to make a successful playoff push.  With that being said, I got the Bobcats winning tonight. They should be able to shut down Orlando’s offense enough to at least out pace them.

Dakota: After the recent losing stretch, Charlotte currently sits 9th in the Eastern Conference which kind of leaves them in a weird position. If you’re in favor of the Bobcats going into the playoffs over grabbing a top-notch prospect in the draft than this kind of is a must-win game to try to get back on track. If you’re pro-tank than this is still a crucial game because Orlando is one of the teams who stand in front of us in the NBA draft order.

In terms of who’s going to win tonight’s game, I definitely give the edge to Charlotte.

Doug: Must win? I don’t think so, only because I don’t think we’ll ultimately make the playoffs with the Knicks, Nets and Bulls all finding form. The Magic have lost 9 in a row and we have yet to win a division game. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. For whatever reason, we never seem to show up for a game against the Magic. BUT, they will be without Vucevic who was a huge factor in their December win. I’m TORN!!!! Bobcats WIN! You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get a pizza….

22 comments to Game #41: Bobcats @ Magic 4-on-3 Preview

  • “…find a consistent center of gravity with your body”
    We should call for an ESPN Sports Science segment on Cody’s center of gravity.

  • charlottean

    the bottomline is……he’s not getting calls. he’s getting “tossed around on the block” because the refs swallow their whistles for rookies. this is normal. expecting a rookie to finish at the rim the way a veteran does, or get to the line the way a veteran does is just unrealistic. not to mention nerves and experience come into play.

    i keep hearing about how slight and weak the guy is……some of you might want to research that further. his balance issue is a combination of the above mentioned issues and the result of that. a guy who knows he isn’t going to get the call is going to shy away from contact (usually awkwardly).

    just play the effing kid and give him the ball. we have NOTHING ELSE to be playing for at this point. 16-24 staring down a stretch of road games and tough home matchups. we played an easy schedule up to this point.

    I count 10 home games against sub .500 opponents remaining with 6 of those being chicago x2, brooklyn, washington, minnesota, detroit. doing the same thing will not result in a better record in the 2nd half of the season. it will be worse.

    If the deadline passes with no major shakeup, there is absolutely no reason not to start playing cody 30+ minutes and biz 20-25 at the least. no reason. and no reason for MKG to play less than 35 RIGHT NOW. dunlap could have played walker/henderson/mkg/zeller/biyombo the bulk of the minutes and got us to 30 wins. what on earth are they doing?

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jeff Adrien and O’Quinn showing why Clifford is an idiot when it comes to biyombo…Biyombo is a 6 ft 10 center with one of the longest wing spans in the league (7ft7) while Adrien is 6 ft 7 and maybe a 7 ft 2 wingspan…losing what 8″ of length??? He has SF height, with PF length…he should NEVER guard a center in this league, and got schooled by a 2nd yr player in Quinn…we need to get a line started smacking Clifford across the head for every idiotic move he does with minutes and players….yet McRoberts making this many 3′s will make Clifford think McRoberts is the 2nd coming of Channing Frye and play him 36-38 mins the next few games expecting 3-5 made 3′s a night…then he will be disappointing and bring him back to 32 for a couple games, despite the fact that Zeller should be getting 24-28 mins a night and playing McRoberts this many minutes doesn’t help long term….

    Please, why did we get such a bone-headed coach??? Someone explain to me what made anyone think this guy would turn this franchise around with this core??? Of which he refuses to even play??? Screw you Jordan if you had this team fire Dunlap.

  • NCTony

    First off the guys are honest in their assessment of Cody.

    Yes he’s a rookie and they don’t get calls. But he needs work but has potential yo be a serviceable NBA PLAYER.

    Biz stat line is a joke . 3 min 1 board 1 turnover too many. Got yanked again. Hard to teach the unteachable.

    Al 30 pts 15 boards and your wanting more of Biyombo. His number equals his current contributions ZERO!!

    And the coach is a joke for playing a guy whose scored 30 pts twice this week,

  • Spencer/SDS

    Not once mention Jefferson, Jefferson is a liability defensively to say the least, he is a PF in this league due to his defensive issues…put him next to a Hibbert or Howard people would be praising Jefferson as the next Karl Malone, if you hide his defensive issues, dude is a MONSTER no doubt about it.

    Biyombo is 21, having issues, losing faith most likely due to Clifford…Clifford has him on the shortest of leashing where if he makes 1 mistake gets pulled as you said, Clifford is a PLAGUE to young players as he doesn’t allow them to make mistakes but allows Jefferson to give up layups every other possession on defense.

    Adrien is 27 and worse then Biz, he has no reason to be on the court, how is 1 board in 6 more minutes better then Biyombo’s stat line??? Clifford is the joke and will be seen as the worst hire of every jordan hire as of yet, Clifford will never make a player better or allow them to get better a.k.a this team will regress every year (which is hard to do) with Clifford as the head coach of this team.

  • NCTony

    I’m not saying Adrien is better but you are getting similar performance for 2.3 million less against your cap. Now last year we carried Diop for close to 9 million.

    We are sitting Ben Gordon’s 13 million…

    I get the kid is young and too soon to totally write him off, but he’s not doing it right now.

  • charlottean

    the turnover credited to biz was for a screen violation…..that was on sessions. you CANNOT judge a dude’s performance in 3 min. you looking at his stat line like he should have had 8 boards, 4 blocks, 6 steals, 15 points, and 4 turtle doves in 3 effing minutes???

    you guys blow my mind. give that kid 40 minutes and his stat lines would be ridiculous. 15+ rebounds 4+ blocks, 12+ points (as efficiently as jeffersons averages) and we would win more games because of how valuable he is both defensively, screening, and energy wise.

    this one was labeled “a big win” against ORLANDO. and it took an insane night from jefferson offensively (not so much defensively).

    tony – you are blaming the guys that aren’t playing for the team being 17-24 through the first half of the season? make sense? 5-4 when biyombo starts.

  • Spencer/SDS

    But he was doing it just a month ago, Jefferson came in, Biz had 1 or 2 bad games in a row and Clifford benches him for Adrien…then Adrien shows his true form, Biz comes back does ehh, can’t really get it going as his minutes continue to dwindle and he get benched again??? Clifford is single handedly going to kill this guys confidence. Biz was playing like a young Ben Wallace when Jefferson was out, then his minutes drop drastically, he has a few games and Clifford just says, no I don’t like you…Now you have to think Biz is just trying to play mistake free WHICH you should NEVER do at a high level, yes play under control, but don’t limit yourself, and now he is suffering more. If you play with the mentality, don’t mess up, don’t make a mistake or i’m going to be pulled how are you going to play effectively??? You can’t…

    1st 11 games, 4.3 PPG .7 TOPG 2.1 FPG, 1.2 BPG, 7.6 RPG 25 MPG 2.5 FGAPG. 2.8 FTPG shot 68% from the field, 50% from the line
    Ben Wallace 6PPG, .8 TOPG, 2.4 FPG, 2BPG, 8.3 RPG 27 MPG, 4.3 FGAPG, 2.9 FTPG, shot 58% from the field and 36% from the lne…

    Not that different at all, far more efficient offensively, but has the leash the size of a Chihuahua. Sadly Biz is likely going to need a change in scenery to be ALLOWED to show his talent, he has it, Clifford is just the worst coach possible to allow him to show it.

  • NCTony

    We have zero depth. That’s what separates great teams from good ones, and good ones from average to brow average teams.

    Yes his Turnover was an illegal screen he set up too late. He does that a lot. Thank goodness the ball was not passed to him or he would fumble it…

    How you can project those number base off of his current or past or cumulative career is a stretch.

    Get over Al being the problem. We need a bench that can contribute both defensively and offensively. We don’t have that. Biyombo strength being defense is also very weak. If you are honest with yourselves, he has nice rebounds and blocks, but he’s very much out of position all of the time, his men are always scoring behind him.. He’s better served as a roving defender blocking shots and intimidating others but he needs to be on a very talented team like the heat or clippers or Portland, spurs to have what he does best matter.

    It’s not happening here. And it’s not Clifford’s fault. I would limit his minute to basically give Al rest and don’t screw up and make stupid fouls, turn the ball over etc.

    I like to win, I’m not the d league. He should go down and work on his game or we should get something for him now while he has some value… There were so many other better players in hat draft – Chandler Parsons went in round 2. He should be showing something other than what we saw in year 1 by now.

    His shooting percentage is nothing to be excited about. Dunking at 60% is not something to brag about.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Lol NCTony he showed it all in pre-season and the 1st 11 games, Clifford DOESN”T ALLOW HIM TO PLAY, HE IS ON A LEASH…get it THROUGH YOUR HEAD, HOW CAN SOMEONE PLAY ON A LEASH, he has a RED LIGHT, you ever hear of players being given the GREEN light??? Clifford has him on a red light and doesn’t allow ANYONE to develop, ONLY ONE PERSON in this offense is even ALLOWED to think about posting up ands its Jefferson, the moment Clifford drew plays up for other players then Jefferson then you would see the improvement Biz has shown with his jumper (last yr) and his post game (pre-season) but no, Clifford is like a grammer nazi that doesn’t allow you to do anything wrong without being punished and criticized to all hell, the dude is an AWFUL and i mean AWFUL coach for this team…

  • NCTony


    I hate to say it because early on I held out hope that he was going to be a diamond in the ruff, but he’s cubic zirconia ( fake).

  • charlottean

    he’s only a dud because he isn’t playing. it’s absolutely no different than augustin, ajinca, morrison, and every other “bust” that we’ve produced. we continue to be the problem and blame the players.

    the biggest component of my frustration: that they picked up biz’ option for next year. had they not, he’d be another expiring contract AND he would be free to move on after the season. they’re not only not playing him, but not allowing him to go somewhere that wants him. and simultaneously restricting our ability to move him to a team that just needs short term help for a playoff run and no money to extend him.

    there is nothing logical about what we’re doing. nothing progressive. nothing that gets us closer to contention. nothing that even gets us closer to playoffs next year.

  • NCTony

    Now that makes more sense….I’ll give you Adam might have turned out better if not for the injury …. But I’ve been watching Ajinca too.. It’s more than 6 years and all he is a respectable reserve… I’ve met DJ personally and he just lacked confidence… Maybe this bouncing around put some zest up his rear to finally step it up or it’s good bye basketball career. Some guys need that kick.

    I’m glad he’s doing well, hope he can sustain it.

    I hope Biz turns it around too… I really do. I mean I sit literally 5 rows behind Cats bench and he was totally dejected during that Knicks game after he blew that play end of q3. What’s worse he’s getting shots and dunks blocked. Maybe he’s got an undisclosed injury. He sure doesn’t play nor has he developed much this year.

    Maybe the coach is trying to motivate him some… Ever think of that ?

  • charlottean

    That dude doesn’t need motivation. you might want to check his work ethic.

    as for ajinca……did you ever think he would be further along if he had been drafted by ANYBODY else? if we had been picking in front of cleveland and took hickson, their careers might be flip flopped.

    DJ didn’t play much in Indiana and he BARELY played in toronto. you can’t judge a guys game off of one he doesn’t get the chance to play. DJ got his confidence ruined by Larry Brown trying to fit him into what he thought he was (same as he did with morrison as a jump shooter) instead of what he was. That’s the biggest mistake a coach can do. You can work to make a player well rounded but you HAVE to play to his strengths. DJ came in as an absolutely elite scorer from the pg position. he had a GREAT rookie year that would have been better if felton wasn’t in front of him. the guy went toe to toe with derrick rose in their head to head matchups. his minute reduction in his 2nd year was absolutely inexplicable. it was entirely centered around brown mind effing him and thinking short term by bringing in flip murray and later larry hughes and giving them his minutes.

    10 games as a rookie of 20 or more. which coincided with the games he actually played in.

    37% on 3′s, 3 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, 93% on free throws. chicago is 7-4 since adding him. there is absolutely no telling how good he could have been if we had given him the reigns as a rookie the way guys like rose and westbrook were given that year. he was ABSOLUTELY as impressive.

    you guys keep thinking it’s all about the player and not at all about the organization or the coach. a coach can absolutely sabotage a players career. on the flipside, he could absolutely make a guys career. if mullens had worked out last year, dunlap would have been 100% the reason why. he gave the dude a fair go of it. and mullens just proved to everybody that he didn’t have the balls or work ethic to be consistent in delivering on his talent.

  • Spencer/SDS

    If anything Clifford is de-motivating Biyombo, as iv’e stated before you can’t put leashes on people, especially when playing in such a high caliber competition….ya lets pull Biyombo so he can now think about that play for the next 20 minutes as he sits on the bench or whatever it is…seriously?? If you let him play through it, he won’t think about it and will re-tain any confidence that Clifford hasn’t taken away from him, Clifford doesn’t realize he is coaching 21 yr olds that need to learn by doing, and not be punished like a 6 yr who disobeyed his father or mother. You bring it up and show what he did wrong in the film room, not on the court, Clifford is coaching at a middle school level at best.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Also on Mullens, he also lacked the brain or any basketball IQ on the defensive end…dude has the talent to be a super star…such a waste of talent.

  • NCTony

    There’s an old Joe Walsh album titled ” you can’t argue with a sick mind”.

    You guys are entitled to your opinion even if it’s totally off base.

    No AJINCA WOULD NOT VE ANY BETTER THAN HE IS. And DJ had his chances. Good luck to him.

    Let’s hope Biz develops !!

  • charlottean

    you cannot compare clifford to joe walsh. clifford hasn’t earned those stripes.

    how could ajinca NOT be better if he was developed properly? how does that even remotely make sense? dude’s like 25 or 26 now. He wasted away for 3 or 4 years before getting back on it with SIG the last couple of years and getting a show with new orleans this year. how does he not get better if he has a team that believes in him from day one and has assistants developing his post game? strength and conditioning?

    seriously? you’re going to try to argue that he took the absolute best path for him getting better. that he would not have benefited from a coach that believed in him and treated him the way scott brooks treated ibaka or the way phil jackson treated bynum or the way byron scott treated tyson chandler or the way jim o’brien and frank vogel treated hibbert?

    you are looking at the successful players around the league and ignoring what made them successful. most of these guys did NOT come in the league at 18-20 and start dominating. the lebrons and KDs are the exceptions, not the rule. most starters in the league either spent 3 or 4 years in school, or took several years in the league to develop OR BOTH.

    you are labeling first year and third year 21 year olds one way when we have NO IDEA what they will be at age 26 when most guys hit their prime. look up the average age of all-stars. it isn’t 22. be realistic.

  • NCTony

    In all honesty .. I’ve seen the best teams of 70s 80s 90s 00s and now 10′s….
    None of the guys you mentioned would be SNY better than they are now. It’s not college anymore.

    Yes you need 3 yrs most of the time to develop into NBA talent.

    Biyombo is young and a project, but it’s friggen obvious this guy doesn’t have “it”.

    Neither do any of the past guys you mentioned . AJINCA is and always will be a role player. Your concept of development implies college coaching from freshman to senior year. In the NBA, it’s not.

    Vogel did not develop Hibbert as head coach…

    I’m dropping the convo since you guys have your opinion, I have mine and that’s that. Good luck to Cats / Hornets and Biyombo.

  • charlottean

    “it’s not college anymore” – these are college aged kids we’re talking about.

    you are an effing clown, dude. i wanted to keep it civil because you can have your opinion and everything. opinions justified by facts are allowable, but BS opinions that lack logic and reason? eff out of here. biyombo is 21. dude is younger than MOST of this year’s rookies. think about that. he doesn’t have “it”? dude was top 10 in shot blocking when he was an effing child. 2 years back to back AND DID SO WHILE PLAYING BELOW STARTERS MINUTES.

    hibbert played 4 years in college and then took another 3 years to really become an impact player. we’re talking about a 25 year old at that point. you won’t give biz the same amount of time? you think that roy got the same shot as ajinca (they were picked right after each other)?

    it’s just ludicrous to assume that ajinca was developed properly and that he would be NO BETTER AT ALL if he had been.

    seriously dude……use your effing brain. or stop trying to act like you know ANYTHING. clearly you are up there in age. might want to get a check up.

  • NCTony

    Dude your an effing clown for being so disrespectful.

    Tell me where to meet you so I can kick your egging stupid ass

  • charlottean

    you can meet me at the plaza hotel, i might give you a job. you talking about the 70′s and ish you must be like 55 or something. you haven’t learned much in your years. and you’re throwing out threats on the internets. real smart guy, this one.

    3 of 3 for 7 points in the 2nd quarter. barely played after that. i forgot, this isn’t college anymore (whatever that is supposed to mean). while jefferson allowed a LAYUP LINE from miami in the 2nd half. i forgot, this is the nba. uncontested trips to the line. i forgot, jefferson has “it”. those lebron highlights are HILARIOUS with jefferson in the background.

    meanwhile augustin just shredded MCW (who is supposed to be god to most of you redrafters) for 19, 8 and 4 and 3 steals in a blowout. got chicago talking about “derrick who?” but yeah……we drafted the wrong guy. his failures here had NOTHING to do with him not being used and developed properly. there’s so much evidence to support that theory.