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Game #45: Bobcats @ Knicks 2-on-3 Preview

Who: New York Knicks vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Knicks Home Game

When: 7:30 PM ET

Where: Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
New York 15-27 101.7 (19) 106.1 (27) 92.7 (29)
Charlotte 19-25 98.0 (27) 100.8 (7) 95.0 (21)

Previous Meetings:

11/5/2013 – 102-97 Bobcats (@ NYK)

11/8/2013 – 101-91 Knicks (@ CHA)

1/14/2014 – 108-98 Bobcats (@ CHA)

New York: Amar’e Stoudemire (OUT), Andrea Bargnani (OUT), Metta World Peace (DTD), Kenyon Martin (OUT)
Charlotte: Kemba Walker (OUT), Jeffery Taylor (OUT), Brendan Haywood (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Knicks Bobcats
PG Raymond Felton Ramon Sessions
SG Tim Hardaway Jr. Gerald Henderson
SF Iman Shumpert Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Carmelo Anthony Josh McRoberts
C Tyson Chandler Al Jefferson
6th Man J.R. Smith Anthony Tolliver

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 1- STATS. The Knicks are allowing their opponent 25.8 trips to the foul line per game – that’s good for 3rd worst in the league. The Bobcats are 8th in the NBA in FTA/game (25.1) + Charlotte is 18-12 this season when they take more FT’s than their opponent. Will the rate in which the ‘Cats get to the charity stripe tonight tell the story to this game?

Spencer: I do believe trips to the foul line for Charlotte will be very telling in this game. To throw another fold to that, it will be very interesting to see if Mike Woodson slides ‘Melo over to PF now that Bargnani is out – If so, this would mean that New York would be going small and likely starting Tim Hardaway Jr. & Iman at SG and SF, respectively. This would be advantage Hendo, going against Hardaway Jr., and a fun matchup to watch between MKG and Shump.

Essentially, I believe there will be two huge stats to watch tonight – FTA and rebounds. It’s always important for Charlotte to get to the line more than there opponent – when they do, they’re 18-12. Also, New York possibly having to go small tonight gives the Bobcats an advantage on the boards, where they’ve struggled lately.

Michael Kaskey-Blomain: I also believe that the Bobcats’ ability to get to the line will play a big role in the game’s outcome, along with their ability to get production in the paint. These two areas go hand-in-hand, because if the ‘Cats are able to get the ball down deep they will draw fouls and get to the line. Charlotte is at its best when it can get to the line (18-12 when they do it more than their opponents), and the Knicks don’t boast the deepest frontcourt. A couple fouls on Tyson Chandler takes them completely out of their game defensively, and Charlotte’s offense should also look to take it at Carmelo Anthony, who may see his fair share of minutes at the four spot. In short, I think the ability to win the battle of paint production, and the Bobcats’ ability to get to the line early and often, will be of central importance to Charlotte tonight.

2- Al Jefferson, Josh McRoberts, Anthony Tolliver & Jannero Pargo have all stepped up big for the Bobcats recently – which guy is the key for Charlotte’s second victory in MSG this season?

Spencer: I’m going to stick with what I pointed out in Wednesday’s preview - If Tolliver & Pargo can get this team 20 points, combined, off the bench then Charlotte is going to have a real good chance at winning games in Kemba’s absence. Wednesday night they got 21.

Michael: I think it will be up to big Al Jefferson to set the tone tonight. If Jefferson can take it to Tyson Chandler and keep him busy, that will open up the court for the rest of the ‘Cats. I would give the Knicks a big dose of Jefferson early on, letting him go to work on the block and in turn opening up the rest of the offense. Big Al has started out strong in recent games, and it will be important for him to do so again against the Knicks. He put up a season-high 35 against the Knicks’ earlier this month, and I will be looking for a similar performance from him again.

3- A win tonight will seal the tie-breaker with New York on the season, put the Knicks 4 games back of the 8th playoff seed and also keep the Bobcats in the final playoff spot for the east. Who ya got?

Spencer: I’ll take Charlotte. This team is playing with a chip on their shoulder without their leader on the floor currently and the Knicks appears, by all accounts, to be a total mess. Not to mention they lost their starting PF Andrea Bargnani to a torn ligament in his elbow during Wednesday night’s loss to the Sixers.

I’m going to go with Charlotte. The Knicks will be hungry for a home win after a let-down against the struggling Sixers on Wednesday, but they have just been playing some bad basketball, and Charlotte hasn’t.  It will be difficult for the Bobcats to contain Carmelo, but their advantage on the inside, especially now with Bargnani out, should give them an advantage. Charlotte has won a couple close games against good teams recently, and should be playing with a little added confidence. The Knicks on the other hand, remain a mess. The Knicks will score some points, but in the end I expect Charlotte to pull it out, as they did earlier in the month.

19 comments to Game #45: Bobcats @ Knicks 2-on-3 Preview

  • charlottean

    could be staring down a ROUGH stretch here…..lakers game next friday looks like the best bet at a win of the bunch and that’s no easy road game especially if they start getting some bodies back from injuries.

    optimistically……..3-6 over the next 9?

    realistically……….what the eff are we doing?

  • charlottean

    i would have much rather watched melo go for 80 than watch tolliver and CDR launch jumpers at will. so glad our coach is using the meaningless time to run some sets for our young bigs. because they will learn how to be extremely confident and efficient nba players by observation. great theory.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Or letting McRoberts get schooled for years by Melo rather then have MKG playing against Melo to learn and since you know…he can actually defend at a high level

    Seriously Clifford isn’t even a good defensive coach, yes he emphasizes it, but that is about it…its like he doesn’t even understand what a mismatch is…or how Jannero Pargo and Tolliver are awful defenders…he should have retired with that surgery, dude is not ready/prepared by any means to be an NBA caliber head coach, and he is an awful stop gap coach like Dunlap was supposed to be for building a team, he brings NOTHING to the table that makes this team better now, or later.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Come on Queencityhoops posters…you guys used to comment with us a lot…do you guys actually like Steve Clifford (he should go back to being a gigantic red dog). Seriously, what does this guy bring that benefits this team long term, or even short term over Dunlap??? With this Deron Williams esc game/the team showing its true form (a team needing rebuilding/development) and no where NEAR ready for a playoff game…yet we have this idiot of a head coach…putting “emphasis” on Defense when he does some of the most….questioning/retarded moves iv’e seen when it comes to defense….why the hell did he ever become a head coach in the 1st place??? HOW did he ever become a head coach at all??? He was with the Knicks who sucked at defense (supposedly a defense specialist their). Howard loved him (that is awful news considering that shows he likely never made Howard work to even a sweat). He has been with ultra talented teams that just suck at converting that talent to anything…why is he a head coach???

  • Dave Walshy

    Yeah, even Clifford’s in game coaching is starting to become questionable at times. It is his first year and the defensive improvement has been awesome so I’ll wait to restrict full judgement on his ability. There are a lot of other things about him that I think are hurting the team but I’ve went into depth about them on multiple occasions.

    This is kind of unrelated, but the lack of any kind of knowledge about this team by a lot of people in the sports media is astounding. I just read an article claiming that drafting MKG was a monumental blunder and that he has been struggling tremendously. The person went on to suggest we would have been better off drafting Dion Waiters (among others) instead to help our scoring. They also already declared Jefferson as a fantastic signing and heralded Clifford as a fantastic coach of the future for this team; giving him all of the credit for the defense and saying he wasn’t at all to blame for the offense. I don’t think anyone actually watches this team play except for like five people who post on here lol.

  • Dave Walshy

    McBob got two rebounds in 30 minutes compared to Biz who had eight in 17 minutes and was 3/4 from the field. If Clifford wasn’t the leader of the Josh McRoberts fan club he might of gotten a mcdouble-double.

  • Spencer/SDS

    MKG isn’t even that bad offensively, he is a very good driving presence, his mid range jumper although looks awful isn’t bad, his 3pt range needs improvement obviously (but just as good as Henderson’s), he is a GREAT defensive player, especially when counting into the fact that he is just 20, the dude can rebound, he has very good court vision when he handles the ball I feel. MKG is a STUD, issue is 1) Henderson is on this team…Henderson is NOT a bad player, he is however an AWFUL combo with MKG, they add no spacing what so ever together. 2) Sessions, sessions is our 2nd man driving presence, MKG skill set isn’t specifically used (plays drawn for him) to address his ability at driving to the paint. 3) Coaching, Clifford makes his (off-ball) offensive liabilities far more apparent then they are because clifford is likely the WORST offense minded coach (behind Brown in Cleveland) in the league. Hell Clifford and Brown are very good to compare, as they will get ten times more credit then they deserve no matter the situation, and are terrible coaches no matter where they go, and yet will be loved by the media for some unknown reason. (free BJ’s to every media member that talks in a good manner about them are the only logical reason I can conjure in my mind)

    Ehh…I just don’t understand Clifford’s reasoning behind anything…either he is a genius (highly unlikely) or a bloody dog the size of a 2 story house who happens to be red…I think the 2nd option is the most likely to be true…

  • charlottean

    and nobody beat the biz three times. hahaha.

    yeah nobody watches this team. one espn guy labeled jeff taylor one of the year’s biggest disappointments (he was completely oblivious that taylor is out for the year and was just looking at his mediocre stats coming off a very stout summer league).

    it’s just insane. dunlap got zero credit for doubling a team’s winning % while getting younger at the same time….clifford brings in a bunch of veterans, abandons player development and will win A FEW more games and gets adored throughout the league. makes absolutely no sense what so ever. we’re backtracking big time. best thing that could happen right now (and highly probable) is to drop every single game during this next tough stretch including tomorrow against chicago, a west coast trip, and a homestand against san antonio and dallas, and then a back to back home and away against detroit. could be 11 straight losses. 2-9 seems realistic expectation. 4-7 would require several upsets. if we could lose enough to force management to start talking next year and start selling before the deadline… would pay dividends next year.

    dunlap is still getting paid through next year supposedly……can we bring that dude back and make clifford an assistant?

    biz got all his production in garbage time………..THIS ENTIRE EFFING GAME WAS GARBAGE TIME. MELO GOT HIS IN GARBAGE TIME. biz is shooting like 64% from the field (top 10) with the sample size just getting larger and larger. the free throws are still horrible, but are up to a career best 56% and appear to be trending upwards year by year and month by month. the stroke looks solid.

    how anyone could not be absolutely giddy about this guy’s potential at age 21 blows me away. 2 time top 10 shot blocker…….would be 3 time but clifford is larry browning this dude’s career right now. dude is barely playing and he’s in the top 30 right now. 8th in blocks per minute. 15th best rebound % in the league. 6th in block %.

    if al jefferson had missed the season due to ankle surgery or some ish………how many 20 rebound games would biz have had? how many 10 block games? how many monstrous dunks? it’s those kind of achievements that spur growth in player confidence both in the player and in his teammates. THAT ISH DOESN’T HAPPEN ON THE BENCH. that dude is ready to play.

    watching this team going nowhere slowly is exhausting.

  • Dave Walshy

    I’m pretty sure people just look at MKG’s PPG and 3pt% and declare that it makes him terrible. I agree with pretty much everything you said about MKG’s offense. He doesn’t put up big numbers because he plays within himself and doesn’t try to go outside of what he is good at. The skills are there for him to develop a very solid or even a good offensive game even if he never shoots 3′s consistently. Biz is being thrown in the trash by this organization. So frustrating.

  • charlottean

    he’s the 5th option by design in this offense. he SHOULD be in mcroberts role with zeller more playing the 5th man (to gain experience and work on the jumper) the guy can handle the ball better than just about anybody and has that unstoppable build/athleticism that makes other guys so unguardable. you don’t score 25 points in an nba game at age 19 on accident. and you definitely don’t do it twice without being somebody. how he goes from that, to this is just horrible. it’s just horrible coaching and player development.

    we NEVER get the most out of guys. watching augustin for the bulls right now…..i haven’t seen that out of him since his rookie year. we zapped all of it out of him. it kills me to think how good morrison could have been. i honestly still think he was a hall of fame caliber player that the entire league shunned because of the bust label he garnered. that dude was the closest thing to bird since bird no offense to dirk. it just kills me how we miss on our own guys over and over.

    and even more recently……if we had just kept dunlap, signed hickson or lopez or traded for gortat or scola instead of jefferson……….drafted zeller all the same……so depressing how easy it is to do the right thing. it could all be so simple…….

  • charlottean

    mcroberts and the detroit pick for anthony bennett. or derrick williams. either way.

  • Spencer/SDS

    This team was BUILT for 2015…man, just thinking about it pisses me off. Dunlap was the perfect coach to BUILD a team (not necessarily win). Biz with a 2nd yr of starting, MKG starting and getting more minutes, Taylor taking over Gordon’s role under dunlap, Kemba another yr with Dunlap and learning the pick n roll with Biyombo and now a Zeller (who is perfect for the pick n roll-another huge flaw in Clifford offense). A top 6 (hopefully) pick in this draft….this team was BUILT for 2015….then we bring in Clifford…1st doesn’t seem soo bad (had to wait till the season to realize how miserable of a coach he is)…Jefferson is brought in…also doesn’t seem too bad, a decent marketing trick to bring in the non normal fan base, get some attention leading to the future Hornets franchise. Doesn’t seem too bad…Clifford once again shows he’s going to just destroy the young bigs development.

    aww man:(…just sad to think about really…and pisses me off even more. My issue with Dunlap was Ben Gordon mostly…I hated seeing him play over Jeff Taylor…but now, looking at how bad Clifford is…man…who gives a flying f about ben gordon compared to that lol.

  • NCTony

    I can’t believe I’m reading all this – you guys are way over-the-top. I get you guys wanting to develop young players but our players are those not the players you project them to be. Only time will tell. You got that wrong about coach Clifford.

    Every so often a guy the NBA has a career game deal with it

    I just had surgery on my right arm so I can’t type so I’m out of here. Back in a month or so when I can type again

  • charlottean

    yeah i hated seeing gordon and sessions a lot too, but they were really the only ones. dunlap developed kemba, he tried to get mullens going, he played biz and mkg a lot. that was all you could ask for. you have to play some vets who know how to play.

    but the big difference is….now kemba and gerald fall into THAT category. playing them with the young guys is just as good as playing a ramon sessions or ben gordon. biz nearly falls into that category.

    tony – you guys that are down on mkg and biz and zeller haven’t paid attention to their highs. bad players don’t ever get that high. you just look at the lows (that are mostly created either by inexperience or lack of playing time/confidence) and chalk them up as that. biz is averaging 8 and 12 per 36 without ever getting a play run for him. a super efficient 8 by the way. if he actually played 36 per game, his numbers probably look a lot more like drummond’s. + the shot blocking which is where his real value is.

    i don’t know where you can project him being worse than that because statistically he’s there already WITHOUT the support of his coaches. what did zach randolph say when he won most improved player several years ago?

  • NCTony

    If Biz only had “hands” I’d feel a lot better about him. Zeller is learning the NBA game.

    MKG lacks confidence in his shot he’s passing up too many for shots in closer ….

    McRoberts is here as a role model for the youngsters… He’s not the answer. I see Clifford trying to bring these guys along at a different pace then force feeding. Mullens experiment did not work because Mullens is just not smart enough to realize what he could be god at inside vs outside.

    Hats off to Carmelo because most of his points were with MKG in his face… Very few gimmes last night.

  • NCTony

    PS typing one handed with off hand sucks so please excuse my typos…. I agree this stretch before all star game is key to whether we buy or sell….

  • charlottean

    biz’ hands are typical for a big though. look at brook lopez. roy hibbert. dwight howard. look at them all when they were 21. biz is right there with those guys.

    force feeding would be playing biz 40 mpg 2 years ago… he’s more ready for that. mcroberts isn’t being any kind of role model, nneither is al. they’re just showing the young guys mediocrity and complaining to refs a bunch.

    mkg DOES lack confidence. he didn’t last year. but now we have basically broken the kid. awesome job bobcats. this is the whole point. this kid came in KNOWING he was going to be the man. playing like he was going to be the man. and we basically ruined him. he played GREAT at the beginning of last year. how does a guy play that good, that early in his career at age 19 (barely) and not become an absolute stud in this league?

    please look back at mkg’s first 20 games in the league.

  • Spencer/SDS

    DJ Augustine showing why every youngen should run from this franchise…ehh

  • charlottean

    i can only imagine what MKG would be doing with jimmy butler’s playing time and freedom. dude is so much better than butler. not even close.