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Game #47: Bobcats @ Nuggets preview, Kemba update + West Coast Act 2

Who: Denver Nuggets vs Charlotte Bobcats

What: NBA Basketball – Nuggets Home Game

When: 9:00 PM ET

Where: Live at the Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Denver 22-21 105.0 (11) 103.8 (17) 99.2 (4)
Charlotte 19-27 98.1 (27) 101.5 (7) 94.9 (21)


Denver: Ty Lawson (DTD), Darrell Arthur (Questionable), Danilo Gallinari (OUT)
Charlotte: Kemba Walker (OUT), Brendan Haywood (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Nuggets Bobcats
PG Ty Lawson Ramon Sessions
SG Randy Foye Gerald Henderson
SF Wilson Chandler Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Kenneth Faried Josh McRoberts
C J.J. Hickson Al Jefferson
6th Man Nate Robinson Anthony Tolliver


  • I speculated on Monday morning that Kemba could return as early as Friday and it sounds like that could be a distinct possibly, but Saturday is more realistic. Rick Bonnell reported yesterday that Kemba is now without a walking boot and running without a limp – he should go through a full practice on Thursday.
  • The Bobcats starting backcourt of Sessions and Hendo have only given Charlotte 41 points, combined, in the past two games (both losses). The team is starting to feel the full affect of Kemba not being in the lineup and with Sessions having to matchup against Ty Lawson tonight, that tremor could be elevated into a full-blown earthquake.


  • After a 3-game losing streak, the Nuggets have had huge back-to-back wins against Indiana + Sacramento. A win against one of the better teams in the league (Pacers) will get any team back on track.
  • Denver is 2 1/2 games back of the 8th seed in the west and are 12-9 at home on the season – tonight is seemingly a big game for the Nuggets due to the fact that it’s very winnable and one in which they could keep the positive momentum going.
  • Ty Lawson makes the wheels turn for this group, averaging 17.9 PPG, 8.9 APG + 1.5 steals/game (leads team in all three categories). Ramon Sessions will garner the load of guarding Lawson tonight, who loves to push the tempo, so Ramon will have his hands full and must come with 100% defensive effort tonight – always a suspect category for him.
  • The Nuggets have been a fairly steady team statistically this season and don’t make a habit of beating themselves in one particular area – Denver loves to play in transition, which is 15.5% of their total offense + they exhaust the pick-and-roll – 24% of total offense (per
  • Obviously, Charlotte will want to keep the Nuggets out of the open-court as much as possible, but when they do initiate their pick-and-roll sets the Bobcats will have to do the best job they can at corralling Ty Lawson. The PnR ball-handler (mostly Lawson) accounts for .84 points/possession (6th in the NBA) on their offensive sets, so it’d be smart for the Bobcats to force the second option as much as possible (per
  • The Bobcats backcourt of Sessions and Hendo will obviously need to be much better than they have in the past 2 games for Charlotte to have a chance tonight. And, of course my favorite stat – the Tolliver + Pargo combo needs to give that 20-point scoring boost off the bench for the ‘Cats.
  • Al Jefferson could conceivably have a huge night tonight. On 3 nights of rest + going up against J.J. Hickson and Timofey Mozgov could be just what propels Jefferson further into the conversation of an all-star reserve slot.


  • Charlotte encounters a crossroads with their season as they enter a 4-game road swing tonight that will define a lot in terms of whether or not this will be a playoff team – @ Denver, @ Lakers, @ Phoenix & @ Golden State await the Bobcats in the next 7 days.
  • 2 of the next 4 opponents currently are in the western conference playoff table (Phoenix & Golden State), so the opportunity for wins away from home is certainly attainable. Most likely, tonight and Saturday night in Staples.
  • I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte MUST HAVE one of these games during this trip.

33 comments to Game #47: Bobcats @ Nuggets preview, Kemba update + West Coast Act 2

  • charlottean

    this layup line ish is killing me. how hard is it to throw some fouls around? contest some shots at the rim?

    I don’t understand how a guy can be so insanely talented and so insanely productive and simultaneously such a loser.

    they gotta figure out MKG’s free throw problem with the brace. kid would be having a major impact on games like these if he could buy some free throws. as of mid-way 3rd quarter……losing the offensive rebounding differential, and the turnover differential and the 3 pt differential…….this has been the constant and these are major indicators in this league. for all the credit clifford has been getting, none of it is translating to sustainable winning.

  • charlottean

    seriously that wilson chandler dunk is a microcosm of our entire franchise. 41.5 million for the center that refuses to protect the rim.

  • Spencer/SDS

    41.5 million for the PowerFoward* that is playing the center position* that refuses to protect the rim. McRoberts brings no where near enough defensively or offensively (spreading the floor) to not just have Biz in to hide Jefferson’s lack of talent (trying*) on D. ut that will never happen, Clifford yells, Defense!!! but makes no defensively adjustments, just so much fail.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Come on take Jefferson out for his shoulder inury please god.

  • charlottean

    mozgov was eating that dude alive. that shoulder injury looks career threatening if you ask me. that’s his waving arm. the one he waves at opposing players while they are dunking freely.

  • Spencer/SDS

    lol, ahh the laughs, thank you,

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jefferson’s back, time to get raped y McRoberts and Jeffersons looking like blind puppy’s. (why Biz was pulled and MCRoberts wasn’t for just watching a layup happen is mind boggling how bad of a defensive coach Clifford is, (DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE, doesn’t do shit to help his team defensively)

  • Spencer/SDS

    phantom call by the refs on MKG

  • Spencer/SDS

    Mcroberts and Jefferson lucky, both left the play defensively and gave a wideopen lane to the basket

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jefferson showing why he should be a pf, if he doesn’t have length on a player he is true shit on D both off the ball and on the ball.

  • charlottean

    not once do you see him sub offense for defense down the stretch either.

    the call on MKG was supposed to be on jefferson. that’s the kind of ish the 20 year old takes while the veteran gets away with sucking D off the refs for 9 years. it’s part of the NBA, so you have to respect al’s politicking but it’s a disgusting part of the league that tarnishes the beautiful game that it is.

    seriously…..dude is making mozgov look like dirk.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Jefferson see’s mozgov on floor??? what does he do?? OH ME A POST UP LIKE BIG IDIOT, MKG wide open right in front of him sitting for a free layup, but no…WTH??? have some floor awareness, 5 vs 4 = free open shot.

  • charlottean

    dude just completely whiffed against fournier on a post up. WTF. and it was a while there that nobody was guarding him before fournier got there. i am not going to sugar coat it….i hate watching this guy play.

    i bet dude’s vertical is 8 inches. draft express has it at 30, but that was like 11 years ago. that dude isn’t clearing 2 feet these days.

    looks like they’re going to pull this out. pretty impressive road win against a sub .500 team without their star point guard.

  • Spencer/SDS

    or their star backup PG (so don’t say, oh but we didn’t have Kemba) or Andre Miller…Nuggets basically (Robinson played 6 minutes) ahd all 3 of their PGS out of this game, and had a 2 guard go ham on us at the point, and this game is still a game.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Put in Biz at the 5 Clifford, or forever be known as a true idiot.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Nope Jefferson is in for whatever reason in a defensive position deciding the game, what happens??? Nuggets should have won two times as jefferson was out of position.

  • Spencer/SDS

    but MKG saves the game

  • charlottean

    MKG with the game winning block. and people still think that dude is a bust. they read the box score and see jefferson’s gaudy stats and have no idea the impact the kid has on the actual WIN aspect.

    he is a far better version of gerald wallace at the least.

  • Spencer/SDS

    So Clifford showed us this:
    1 he doesn’t know that Jefferson is the definition of shit when on defense. Jefferson should have lost us the game twice in a span of 10 seconds (last 10 seconds of the game) by being a complete bumbling idiot letting the paint be wideopen for an easy layup (missed) and then an easy putback dunk (blocked by MKG-which was a miracle). Jefferson SUCKS on D, Clifford doesn’t give two shits about that of course.

    This game should not have been won plain and simply and isn’t a game to look upon happily. It showed 1) how inept this coach is at making any adjustments (even minor ones that high school coaches would know to make) in game. 2) he doesn’t know what he is doing on defense as a coach or what advantages and disadvantages are.3) we should have lost to a team without any PG in the game (all 3 of their (good starting quality on this team) PG’s were not playing in this game due to injury. We got wrecked by their 4th man up at PG (3rd string SG-nate is before him both at the point and 2 guard). So much fail.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Side note: Clifford shows us this EVERY game, but the Media refuses to acknowledge it (Clifford is known for GREAT blow jobs according to Chris Broussard) and this just pisses me off more and more.

    Meh win, hate clifford more as a head coach (don’t know if that is possible to be honest) dislike Jefferson more and more as a Center, believe we should try and trade either Henderson or Sessions more and more as well…Henderson should be a 6th man off the bench monster in this league and he could get us some nice picks or youngens, sessions is a servicable Pg that requires a playoff team to have an injury at the point position.

  • NCTony

    Spencer you bable in insanity…. No need to comment… The guy you hate ties a team record for consecutive 20 pt games.

    MKG is an impact player and if he gets his shot right .. He can be an all around star. Agreed on that point Chalottean… And from time to time it was too easy inside. But he’s our only offense he can’t foul out. That’s biz or mcroboberts job on this team.

    Clifford is not a bad coach. You are a bad fan.

    Here’s to wishing you’d root for another team Spencer. Can’t stand people wishing injuries to players. That’s just plain foolish. You don’t wish it on anyone ever, period.

  • Dave Walshy

    Biz’s job is to get 9 rebounds in 16 minutes and still have to wonder if he’ll get to play over 10 minutes in any given game while McRoberts and Tolliver suck it up on a pretty much nightly basis.

  • Dave Walshy

    Other than the organization being hellbent on throwing away this years draft pick nothing annoys me more than Biz’s playing time. This isn’t saying a lot, but he is honestly probably our second best big and he averages 16.2 mpg.

  • charlottean

    not at all….

    you yourself said it: he “can’t foul out”

    you can’t have that guy as the rim protector. you can’t have that kind of target that teams can just go at constantly and get the ole. you have to pair him with a defensive stopper. that’s where clifford IS failing this team. and stating all of that doesn’t make anybody a bad fan. there are a lot of LONG TIME loyal fans that are just extremely frustrated with the constant mediocrity (or worse).

    jefferson is an absolute stud on offense. and he’s an absolute dud on defense. it’s extremely frustrating to watch.

    he hasn’t won anything anywhere for a reason. everything he brings you, he gives it up on the other end. and think about this…….if we had a horrible offense last year, and he’s such an elite offensive talent that has been added to the mix…….how come we have a worse offensive efficiency as a team and ppg is only up .5? As great as he is offensively, there’s no net positive effect. that’s the problem with the guy. smart franchise know this kind of ish and that’s why you saw golden state go for andrew bogut, utah prefer their young bigs, dallas prefer dalembert, minnesota prefer pekovic, atlanta go with milsap, portland go with robin lopez, denver go with hickson, etc. etc. etc.

    he’s like derrick coleman with a much better attitude.

  • Spencer/SDS

    The guy you hate ties a team record for consecutive 20 pt games.
    and gives up 20 pts a game I’ve raved about him constantly on the offensive end other then his one complete blunder in this game in the 4th, what are you talking about??? do you remember anything I say past 2 minutes???

    Seriously, the dude is the WORST center in the league (starter) when it comes to defensive impact (its negative all day long) He’s the best pure post presence in the league by far (with Lopez out) offensively (defensively is another matter). If you believe Jefferson should be in the game on a defensive play that is deciding the game then you sir are a bloody idiot to all proportions, i’m sorry but seriously, Jefferson is the BIGGEST liability defensively. He was a Lay-up machine and should have lost the game when it matters (in the last 10 seconds of the game) because of it. He was no where near in position to help on the drive (neither was McRoberts for that matter as they huddled together).

    I’ve said this all year, Jefferson does not belong on the floor defensively as a center (PF with a rim protector next to him is another matter)…offensively he is a monster and would be even more of a monster if he actually played that position offensively. ONCE MORE: JEFFERSON IS SHIT on the DEFENSIVE side of the ball, if you deny this I will just ignore your posts from then on.

  • NCTony

    No Hornets No Zeller or MKG

    2014 Rising Stars Challenge Draft: Eligible Players
    Rookies Team
    Steven Adams, C Oklahoma City Thunder
    Giannis Antetokounmpo G/F Milwaukee Bucks
    Pero Antic, F/C Atlanta Hawks
    Trey Burke, G Utah Jazz
    Michael Carter-Williams, G Philadelphia 76ers
    Tim Hardaway Jr., G New York Knicks
    Victor Oladipo, G Orlando Magic
    Kelly Olynyk, F/C Boston Celtics
    Mason Plumlee, C/F Brooklyn Nets
    Sophomores Team
    Harrison Barnes, F Golden State Warriors
    Bradley Beal, G Washington Wizards
    Anthony Davis, F New Orleans Pelicans
    Andre Drummond, C Detroit Pistons
    Terrence Jones, F Houston Rockets
    Damian Lillard, G Portland Trail Blazers
    Jared Sullinger, F Boston Celtics
    Jonas Valanciunas, C Toronto Raptors
    Dion Waiters, G Cleveland Cavaliers

  • NCTony

    Spencer what lineup would you play especially in last 5 min

  • Dave Walshy

    Wow, MKG got hosed not making the sophomore team.

  • charlottean

    they both got hosed. antetekounmpo is in no way playing better than zeller, he’s just playing more. mason plumlee? i don’t even understand that at all. someone mixed up miles and mason. pero antic is pretty suspect too.

    regardless…..this is just further proof of how great our franchise is at supporting and developing young talent.

  • Spencer/SDS

    @NCTONY: in that situation I would choose the same lineup, differences??? I would switch defensive oriented players for offensive oriented players in the last seconds of a game after a timeout since you know…we don’t need to worry about offense at that moment…

    (IF) Kemba were healthy and (IF) Taylor were healthy I’d prefer a lineup of 1) Kemba 2) Taylor 3) MKG 4) Jefferson 5) Biz. Why Taylor over Henderson??? Spreading the floor, although Taylor wasn’t very effective early in the season he showed a very nice touch from the 3 in summer league and is a known threat from the corner (watched him make 11 in a row in warm ups against the bucks last yr). Kemba obviously adds a lot more spacing off ball then sessions (who’s entire offensive game is basically run at the basket).

    Backups obviously would be : 1) Sessions 2) Henderson 3) Tolliver, 4) McRob 5) Zeller…issues would be size (rebounding) with the backups…would need to balance out Jefferson and Zeller spreading the minutes often at the C (they wouldn’t play much at all together on the floor other then in the beginning of the 1st, 3rd and end of the 4th quarters respectively. Henderson is the backup lineup becomes the #1 guy, which he has the capability to be. He is an above average shot creator for himself and has enough of an overall offensive game to flourish in this scenario (why I believe him to be a great 6th man possibility). He can post up reliably, great mid range game, good driving to the basket that has unknown (to the common fans) athleticism to finish at the basket, has a great overall game other then his 3pt shot…which is what makes him a 6th man in this league unless we (someone) finds a Kyle Korver to play next to him (not going to happen with us having MKG).

    Total: Henderson adds a very good offensive option in our 2nd unit that we simply don’t have (or refuse to utilize in Zeller) in this scenario. Defensively we become far more sound and can become a dominate rebounding team with a tandem of MKG Jefferson and Biyombo together, Taylor (who no longer is in the equation sadly) adds in the floor spacing that McRoberts brought and what Henderson lacked…Kemba is Kemba ^_^…Biyombo showed a nice jumper from the key last yr before the end, he isn’t as useless at spreading the floor as some believe (IMO)…Clifford refuses to use this aspect of his game…Even now i’d like to see this lineup working but with MD-R starting at the 2…

    Sorry for l8 response, been busy the last few days.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Zeller…issues would be size (rebounding) with the backups…would need to balance out Jefferson and Zeller spreading the minutes often at the

    Meant to say Jefferson and Biyombo

  • charlottean

    ideal lineup for al jefferson?


  • Spencer/SDS

    Agree, Ibaka brings defense and spreads the floor with Jefferson, Jefferson can pick and roll + pop with westbrook while he brings far more spacing then Perkins ever brought….just depends on if he’d want to be a 3rd man in the pool.