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Bobcats to be buyers at the trade deadline? Sounds that way…

In the past few weeks there have been quite a few rumblings floating around the NBA blogosphere that suggest Charlotte is looking to make a full blown run at the playoffs and add some offensive firepower before the Feb. 20th trade deadline. There’s a split opinion when the topic of making a playoff push this season -vs- ‘tanking’ comes up. You have Kemba Walker, for example, who says it’s “ridiculous” for fans to think the Bobcats should tank this season. I agree with him. On the other hand, you have a contingency that believe this summer’s draft is a goldmine and anyone would be foolish to make a run at one of the final playoff spots in the eastern conference. I can understand that perspective too.

Evan Turner and Taj Gibson are the names that we’ve heard connected with the Bobcats over the past few weeks and Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders gives us an inside look on just why Charlotte is looking to buy in his latest piece.

The Bobcats are also buyers as the Feb. 20 trade deadline approaches, according to league sources. Rival executives have said that Charlotte has been actively working the phones for weeks, looking for potential trades that would allow them to bolster their roster for a playoff push.

The Bobcats have been shopping Ben Gordon’s $13.2 million expiring contract and may be willing to part with a first-round pick (still possibly owed Portland & Detroit 1st round picks this summer) if the right player becomes available.

When the Bobcats signed Jefferson over the offseason, many wondered what the front office was thinking. Why splurge on a marquee free agent now when the team was still very much rebuilding and a loaded draft class was on the horizon? Well, the team was sick and tired of being the laughingstock of the league and losing so many games. They gave Jefferson a three-year contract worth $41 million, and then re-signed starters Gerald Henderson and Josh McRoberts.

The biggest difference between last year’s squad and this year’s is coaching.

Clifford is the third coach in three years for the Bobcats, and he’s showing why he should’ve been handed the reins on a team years ago. Clifford started his coaching career 30 years ago at the high school level and served as an NBA assistant for 12 years before getting his first head coaching gig. This season, he has done a tremendous job preparing his players and coaching to their strengths. Charlotte has seen their points allowed per 100 possessions jump to seventh in the league, just one year after finishing dead last in that category (and just about every other defensive category, as a matter of fact).

The Bobcats have reportedly inquired about Philadelphia 76ers guard Evan Turner and Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson among others recently, which shows how aggressive they are being as Feb. 20 approaches. Charlotte will continue to work the phones in the coming weeks and weigh their trade options. Unless something drastically changes, the Bobcats will be buyers at the deadline.

The Queen City Hoops panel got together and discussed the possibility of Charlotte dealing for Evan Turner – does it make sense? Could it actually make the team better? Is it worth giving up what Philadelphia is likely asking for in return?

Spencer: My thoughts on Turner is that he would only add value to this roster as it’s currently constructed as a 6th man – a shot in the arm scoring boost off the bench. Brining on Turner would obviously slice into Hendo + MKG’s minutes to an extent, and as much as some out there believe that’d be a positive, defense is what has gotten Charlotte to where they are currently and I just don’t know how the best defender on the team getting less burn is all positive.

Hendo would have to sacrifice minutes as well, and although I’m more inclined to get on-board with the idea of this, let us not forget that Hendo can play off the ball very well – Turner not so much. So much of the offense goes through Kemba and Jefferson that it worries me that adding a ball dominant guard such as Turner to the lineup would threaten this style. To play around a guy like Al Jefferson, offensively, you have to be good off of the ball. Turner currently has a usage rate of 23.2 – Hendo is 21.6. Also note that Turner manages this usage ratio while playing with arguably the most ball-dominant guard in the entire league – Tony Wroten.

Note: Chris Barnewell, from Rufus On Fire, and I discussed this over twitter and he raises a good point when you look at the statistical comparisons.


Overall, I could get on-board with this trade if it were a Ben Gordon expiring contract & Evan Turner swap, but that’s not happening. Philly is in obvious rebuilding mode and their fishing for draft picks. It’s likely they’ll at least be asking for Portland’s pick in addition to Gordon’s expiring, which honestly wouldn’t be a killer, but all for a guy who I’d think Clifford would use as a 6th man – well, it’d certainly be a head scratcher. In addition to that, if the Bobcats pick outside of the top-10 then it goes to Chicago (completes Tyrus Thomas trade) and if Detroit picks inside the top-8 then they get to keep their pick this summer – the Pistons top-8 fate is still very much in the air. This could potentially leave Charlotte with no first round picks if they did part ways with the Portland pick via trade.

Greg: It just depends on what they’d give up for him. If it’s a pure salary dump for Gordon, with maybe a second-rounder thrown in, I’d be fine with it. Turner can sop up the minutes currently going to Chris Douglas-Roberts and replace Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for a marginally better offensive lineup. But Turner doesn’t bring much they don’t already have: He can’t shoot, he’s not a great defender, and his improved production this year is almost entirely because of the 76ers’ light-speed pace. He’ll be entering restricted free agency, as well, which means giving up any asset of value would be a mistake.

Mathew: I would not pull the trigger on this one. However, if I was the Bobcats and I was going to do the deal I would propose Turner, Jason Richardson, and their first rounder due from New Orleans for Henderson, Gordon, and the Bobcats first rounder due from Portland. This would allow the Bobcats to pick up what looks like a better first round pick this season as well as control the rights to Turner after this season by way of restricted free agency. Even if the Sixers were to agree to this deal I wouldn’t love it, as Turner is a fairly similar player to Henderson. They are both plagued by an inability to shoot the three and rely too heavily on the midrange game. I’d pass and wait for a better opportunity as the deadline approaches.

Michael: The Sixers have made their desire for draft picks evident, and it seems that one of Charlotte’s potential three first round picks, and Ben Gordon’s expiring contract would be a very enticing trade for Turner from the Sixers’ side.

In addition to their own pick, which may be in the lottery depending on the ‘Cats’ playoff push, Charlotte receives Portland’s 2014 first-rounder (top 12 protected), and Detroit’s 2014 first-rounder (top 8 protected).

On the Bobcats’ end the trade would improve them on the offensive end, where Turner could provide some wing scoring to support Jefferson’s production in the paint, and Kemba Walker’s production from the point. Charlotte struggles to score at times, and Turner has the ability to create his own shot and generate some scoring, although he needs the ball in his hands to be extremely effective. Still, he is an upgrade over Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Gerald Henderson, one of whom could then be moved to the bench to deepen the team’s depth.

It may be a bit of a gamble on Charlotte’s end, as who is to say that Turner stays this summer, but short term he makes them a bit better and his addition probably pushes them into the playoffs. If the Bobcats really want to make it to the NBA’s second season, the playoffs, then the gamble is a move they should make.

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  • charlottean

    we have assets this deadline that we will not be able to duplicate next year or this summer which is what makes this an absolute buying situation in trades.

    but there’s no reason why we should have been playing so veteran heavy rotations thus far this season. we want to make the playoffs in sustainable fashion, not push all our chips in for a fictitious 7th or 8th seed that nobody wants.

    this next stretch of games is ROUGH…..spurs (albeit injured), mavs, brooklyn, detroit x2, new orleans, memphis, @spurs, then the gauntlet……@OKC, @MIAMI, INDIANA in 4 days. stays pretty tough until end of march and then it becomes easy going from there, but by then we might be dropped back into the lottery anyways.

    if we go all in, spend the whole year playing veterans and end up in the lottery picking…..8th or 9th…or worse….11th…….it was an absolute failure of a year when we could have played the young guys more, gotten sustain-ably better, AND picked a little bit higher and been more ready to be a LEGIT playoff team next year.

    Either way we should be swinging for the fences at the deadline. evan turner is not swinging for the fences, but he’s a player we should be happy to have. I think he should be the starting PG and walker either be the 2 with hendo the 6th, or walker be the 6th as a combo guard. sessions is gone after this year and SHOULD be gone in the next 2 weeks. there are teams that could use him more than us and hopefully throw an asset our way in exchange.

    there are just too many good deals on the table and with all our assets, we should absolutely pull something major off. turner would be great if he’s coming here to be the playmaker. if he’s coming here to be a wing scorer……horrible deal no matter who we send out for him (unless it’s just gordon in a settling for one year rental type situation).

    keep in mind also that it once looked like our pick wasn’t going to matter because we would have detroit’s and portland’s……….detroit might be keeping theirs and portland’s is going to be laaaaaaaaaaaaate. we’re going to be sitting on our hands for a lot of this draft when we could have had 3 picks just by playing our young guys more (our being slightly worse would probably increase the odds of detroit sending us their pick).

  • Spencer/SDS

    Sessions,Gordon Haywood are all good pieces to be trading…but for what??? Do we try and get a Gordon Haywood by some miracle (doubtful without just throwing out picks at him, and even then we have to re-sign him after this year)…Turner same deal, we are going to make moves for guys who might just leave anyway??? I never understand why teams make those kind of deals in the 1st place….let alone when you have very little to persuade the guys to stay…trade Sessions, Haywood and Gordon…but i’m iffy on trying to get that big name guy who we don’t even know if he will stay the next year. We are looking like the Bobcats in 2009…a bad playoff team with no reason for optimism as we just waste potential development time for our young players.

  • charlottean

    I would absolutely throw picks at gordon hayward. Greg Monroe too. turner you don’t have to give up much because he will be more available in the summer. hayward and monroe won’t. and when restricted you can match any offer, even over the cap if i’m not mistaken. means you can absolutely keep him if you trade for him now. i don’t think utah would listen, i think detroit would.

    monroe + jefferson > mcroberts + jefferson. still weak defensively, but insane offensively. that might be a legendary front court offensively. you could probably get that swap done with just zeller. and as a huge fan of zeller’s game, i would still probably do that deal given the state of the roster and direction of the coaching. rather see zeller succeed elsewhere than rot here. and getting monroe back would be fair value. not at all a tyrus thomas deal.

    stephenson won’t be traded, but he will definitely be available to the highest bidder this summer. if he’s smart, he’ll stay in indy with george. i expect he’ll take the most money barring it being close.

    guys i would like to see trades for that i think are realistically available and with using the guys we would actually trade:

    ersan ilyasova or john henson
    eric gordon or austin rivers
    donatas motiejunas
    greg monroe
    derrick williams

    i like evan turner but only as the ball handler and i don’t think we have the sense to make a ballsy move like that. they WOULD however, trade for him and ask him to play the 4 or something. because we DO do stuff like that.

    and of course….bring up seth curry from d-league and give him a shot will remain the constant.

    mcroberts has a lot of trade value as well because he’s either expiring or cheap next year. and can play a solid floor game off the bench for a playoff team. i could see a team like houston benefiting from adding a veteran like josh and giving up a young guy with more talent than josh.

  • Dave Walshy

    Even if we kept our pick and it was only an 8th or 9th pick if we also got a late lottery from Detroit and Portlands pick that would set us up beautifully to move up to maybe 5-6 and get a pretty much guaranteed big time player. Even if we just kept our 3 picks we could easily still get a big time player at 8 or 9 in this draft if we are smart and use the other two picks to fill out the roster. Either way we would be sitting pretty. A little luck in the lottery and we could really be set (if we don’t make playoffs). I really wish I could sit down with the front office and have a conversation about what they are doing this season. I am getting to the point where I think they can’t possibly be this clueless and this has more to do with marketing and branding for the Hornets transition than anything, which is really sad and pathetic. I would be ok with a trade for a young 2 that can spot up and play D or a legit young 4 as long as we didn’t give up too much. I would be fine with giving up any combination of Gordon, Sessions, McBob, Zeller, the Portland pick, or even the Detroit pick if we are getting someone really good. I always hate to say it because he is clearly a good player but if we were getting one of the good 2 guards that have been mentioned I wouldn’t even mind losing Hendo if we were getting some other asset too. He just isn’t a good fit and seems to always be the odd man out. I actually wouldn’t want Evan Turner at all. He is just as bad if not worse at shooting than Hendo and I’m not really sure why you think he would be a better primary ballhandler than Kemba considering he is a career 3 apg and is scores less with no more efficiency. He seems really overrated to me and the exact kind of player you would want to avoid giving up anything substantial for. Not to mention Kemba’s assists have been trending up strongly lately. Monroe isn’t really a good fit but is such a good talent I would still be happy to get him. We could just deal with the defensive issues for now and let Jefferson walk after his contract or move him to a 6th man role and pair Monroe with Biyombo, which would be a good fit if Biyombo pans out. I would love to see a team built around Monroe/Kemba and hopefully another star that we get through the draft or free agency. That would be so exciting. Taj Gibson is another interesting name I’ve seen thrown around that I think could be a very good 4 for this squad and really compliments what they are trying to do. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that we are going to throw a ton of value away for someone who is either overrated or walks after this year, and we will make the playoffs and lose our pick, and then be back in rebuilding mode maybe as early as next years trade deadline. I guess we will see soon enough.

  • charlottean

    8 or 9 still probably lands a high caliber nba starter in this draft. people have calmed down about this draft, but seriously…….

    wiggins is a player. embiid is 7 feet tall, can walk and chew bubble gum. parker is a player. smart is a player. randle is a player. exum is a player. that’s 6 right there.

    then you’ve got the whole slew of smaller name guys that might be just as good we just don’t know it yet. rodney hood has absolutely been playing ball this year. Saric is supposed to be the best euro prospect since dirk. you guys guys like gary harris, tyler ennis, zach lavine, noah vonleh, aaron gordon, etc. i like hood the most out of the bunch, but there definitely would have been some options at 8. or 10. or whatever. not so much at 26 or wherever the portland pick ends up.

    as for turner…’re looking at his assist numbers while playing off the ball. and it’s been 4 the past 2 years. he averaged 6 his last year at ohio state. more than kemba did at uconn. he’s averaging 4 off the ball while kemba’s averaging 5 on the ball. his best position is pg and kemba’s is sg. kemba can’t play the 2 without a big pg next to him.

    it’s never going to happen. i’m just discussing it, shooting the breeze. it would absolutely work, but there’s no way the bobcats have the brains or the balls to do something like that.

    i actually think the monroe fit is perfect, but it’s basically like getting a slightly older zeller who’s less gifted defensively, but more gifted passing. monroe is the PERFECT fit with biyombo. just like he is with drummond, except with less touches required for biz and more defense. detroit effed up signing smith. I don’t mind the idea of monroe and jefferson playing together next year before jefferson hopefully moves on or retires (who cares). i like the idea of monroe a lot, i just don’t know how feasible it is. and have zero faith in the bobcats doing it.

    zeller + mcroberts for monroe and jerekbo would be a nice deal for us. buy detroit some time to move smith while they develop zeller in a 3 man rotation that makes more sense than the one they have currently (can’t not start one of the 3 they have currently).

    if they managed that OR a mcroberts + something for ilyasova

    and then turned around and made a deal for turner OR eric gordon…..we would have a LOT of talent in our starting lineup. which is ultimately what you want. the bench you can fill out, but the starting 5 is what you have to build. and we would already have biz in waiting on the bench to take over the 5 spot, and potentially jeff taylor coming back as well.

    i’m dreaming. i fully expect MKG to get traded for tim hardaway jr or some dumb ish like that.

  • Chicago – Trade Ramon Sessions and a second round pick for Taj Gibson.
    Orlando – Trade Ben Gordon and Portland’s first rounder (or Anthony Tolliver) for Aaron Afflalo and Jameer Nelson.

    The numbers work, at least.

  • Dave Walshy

    The main problem I have with Turner is that he is inefficient, can’t shoot, and can’t play defense good enough to make up for it. I feel like he is just a worse version of Hendo and probably wouldn’t even start on this team. This has been by far his best year at age 25 and he still only has around a 13 PER. He could be a good 6th man to replace Sessions but I wouldn’t want to give up much for him.

  • AJ

    Making kemba a 6th man… r u crazy?
    Anyways noone is talking about toronto who i assume would be willing to trade…. amir johnson is a name I would love to see in Charlotte. I would also like hinrich from Chicago if we land amir…. just a thought

  • charlottean

    toronto won’t trade amir johnson right now. they have something working. ujiri moves in very unorthodox ways….they are far more likely to move lowry and start vazquez.

    making kemba 6th man = better bench, better role for him. think jason terry. very similar players although kemba is more mid range than terry and terry has slightly better size. crazy is thinking that our current lineup is ever going to win anything. it would be astonishing if that lineup was ever even a .500 team.

    dave, this has been turner’s best year by far but that has a LOT to do with the fact that his first 2 years he was playing behind igoudala. this is only his second year starting. he is very similar to henderson, the only difference and i keep repeating this is that he is best suited to play point guard. his defense is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. it’s been pretty weak this year, but keep in mind who he has been playing along side. you put him in george hill’s spot in indiana and people would sound a lot more like they did when he was coming out of college. all of his draft related scouting reports had him pegged as a well above average defender.

    he’s an all-around guy that can be the primary on a VERY good team. but he is NOT the scorer. he is not the shooter.

    look at his numbers vs. russell westbrook and factor in that westbrook plays the one as he should and turner doesn’t. you put the ball in turner’s hands as the playmaker and you get more playmaking. a guy that averages 4 or more assists off the ball is a playmaker. the only guy we have like that right now is mcroberts. and he needs to be upgraded severely. you could do a lot worse than bringing in turner as the 1, and swapping mcroberts for ilyasova at the 4.

    to be clear i am not saying turner is westbrook. i’m saying the shooting is similar and that i think turner could deliver a similar dynamic to an offense.

    taj gibson is not THAT available. chicago is thinking about moving him because boozer can’t be moved, but they aren’t selling cheap. they’re going to want a lot more than a 2nd round pick. and orlando is going to want a much higher pick for afflalo. his value is too high right now. they don’t have incentive to salary dump……they have low cap figures for next year and there aren’t a lot of guys they could target reasonably in this offseason with more than the cap room they already have.

    they’re sitting at 35.6 million committed to 8 guys… team options on nelson and maxiell, lamb and o’quinn. they could pick up ALL the options and still only sit at 48 which would leave plenty to go all in on monroe or hayward or stephenson or whoever. there just aren’t the options this summer that make salary dumps all that attractive outside of teams like chicago who think they have a chance at carmello or just taking on a bad salary for a pick.

    the absolute best deal involving gordon’s contract is eric gordon. outside of that……probably amare or tyson chandler. i don’t think there’s even another deal in the market. turner + richardson is probably the only other one. everything else is either dreaming or a bad deal for us.

    but the 20th comes around and gordon’s deal expires basically. they should be working the eric gordon angle heavily. fall back on turner if nothing happens there. no reason to do nothing though. there’s value in either of those guys even if it’s just to trade them going forward. we do nothing, we most likely replace that salary slot for next season with a bunch of garbage. not likely we land one of the coveted restricted free agents unless we grossly overpay like we did for jefferson.

  • Dave Walshy

    I don’t think moving our best player to the bench for someone who at age 25 has never managed a PER above the league average and is only at 13 in his best season yet and would be playing a new position.

  • Dave Walshy

    is a good idea*

  • charlottean

    i don’t buy into PER as the measurement that equates wins. memphis is being run downward by hollinger himself. I buy PER as a general efficiency measure, but you can’t look at a guy playing out of position (turner and walker for that matter) and get any kind of real measurement from the stat. It is fair to shaded towards playing time and team make up as well.

    example: mario chalmers is more efficient on miami than he would be if he switched places with kemba right now. so why should chalmers be given a personal efficiency stat (14.6) higher than he’s actually worth. or the flip side of that would be….kemba might be less efficient on miami because he would be shooting less. high usage players tend to garner higher PER than low usage players. even when the efficiency IS down.

    ramon sessions has always had great PER stats because he gets to the free throw line so much and he’s a high usage pg so it looks like he’s low on turnovers. in actuality, what he does, does not equate to wins because he makes the most idiotic turnovers the few times he is looking to pass. and while he isn’t known as a defensive liability….every team he’s been on has been pretty bad defensively while he’s on the floor. he’s a horrible 3 pt shooter and only a decent 2 pt fg %. his turnovers are actually high given his rate of passing. overall he just doesn’t make it easier for his teammates or make them better. but he has a high PER.

    we watch kemba and Al post great PER’s and that not translate into wins. we watched rudy gay have great PER numbers where he was shooting horribly and where it worked and translated into wins in memphis’ system under lionel hollins…..but it absolutely didn’t in toronto and doesn’t appear to be doing much in sacramento. toronto got better in net numbers by subtracting gay from the equation for scraps.

    PER got anointed the end all be all stat before anyone actually looked into it. it doesn’t at all factor in how players increase production with more fitting roles. example: cody zeller is a far more efficient player than his numbers suggest because he’s being coached into being an elbow jump shooter and dribble drive guy from the elbow.

    the right mix of variables including coaches and players and the roles they all play individually is what equates to overall team success. not one dude (al jefferson) thriving in his own individual offensive role. memphis had a great lineup of guys that knew their roles and played well off each other. now it’s lesser just by swapping out the coach and rudy gay for joerger and prince.

    we need a lineup that works well together. we pretty much drafted a memphis grizzlies/indiana pacers type lineup with walker/henderson/mkg/zeller/biz. that lineup if developed would work well together. just swapping jefferson for biz changes EVERYTHING because jefferson requires a more rim protector 4 (which zeller isn’t) and shooters around him (which mkg and henderson aren’t). simultaneously, walker doesn’t work well being relied upon to create offense away from jefferson because he isn’t a shot creator for others. we can keep trying to force a square peg into a round hole but asking walker to be rondo is like asking biz to be jefferson. that’s why i see value in turner. turner would create more and i think walker would be even more dangerous playing mostly off the ball.

    summarizing: PER doesn’t account for chemistry and role. those two things lead to getting the highest output from players which is what leads to wins. we keep losing because we’re getting the lowest output out of our most talented guys and getting higher outputs out of our least talented guys. the only guys in franchise history who we put in positions to succeed and they did were jackson, wallace, and okafor. and okafor and wallace had way more to do with their games being so natural. and jackson was the alpha male with the coach that desperately wanted an alpha male.

    and regarding the trades: if we’re keeping jefferson, we need shooters and a better shot creator to play alongside kemba. if he’s just a placeholder…..we should be moving HIM. we could get something decent for jefferson in a trade right now. and i’m still really big on amare at this point, the guy has played great this year and been very healthy.

    sorry for the book, i just absolutely hate the mis-use of stats in basketball right now. baseball is accurately measurable because almost every single variable can be isolated. that can’t happen in basketball in anything other than free throws. you can gather a ton of information from the stats, but you can’t isolate all the variables necessary to get any kind of clear cut defining measure. there’s a reason why lebron, kd, jordan, bird, magic, etc. win so much. it’s easy to build statistical models that represent them being the best. but building a model that shows why cody zeller is more effective than byron mullens? far more complicated and hasn’t been accomplished yet. not sure if it’s even actually possible. you can’t quantify mental capacity when it comes to basketball.

    we’ve never seen at the draft combine vision, reaction time, instinctive type testing being held as highly as agility drills. yet those are elements that are incredibly important in this game.

  • Dave Walshy

    I only read the first couple lines of your post, but its just not the PER. He is worse in basically every aspect statistically except rebounding and hes older. I only used PER because I didn’t want to bring up every stat Kemba is better in when it can be pretty easily summed up with his low PER. It seems the only reason he is even averaging a decent PPG is Philly’s pace. Not sure what we have to gain by handing the reins to a player who has seemed obviously inferior thus far.

  • Dave Walshy

    That was all nice and I agree that PER is far from and end all stat but you didn’t actually show any aspects where Turner has an advantage (there are almost none). Discrediting PER doesn’t further your argument when Kemba is averaging more points, assists, steals, blocks, fewer turnovers, has a higher true shooting %, 3pt%, and assists/turnover ratio. Turners fg% is about 1% higher, has a higher ft%, and he averages more rebounds. That is about it as far as relevant stats go.

  • Dave Walshy

    Kemba has a better offensive rating, defensive rating, more win shares, better win shares per 48, and this is all with very similar minutes and usage rating. Kemba is two years younger and has one year less NBA experience.

  • charlottean

    kemba is playing with the ball while turner is playing off the ball.

    so turner having 4 assists per game vs. kemba having 5 assists per game……i see more value in turner’s playmaking. and rebounding, and size.

    turner shot 36.5% on 3′s last year. he shot great numbers in college. he’s shooting the ball horribly thus far this year….but he also hasn’t had much help with the few guys on his team in and out of the lineup. the guy is a top notch talent that was drafted to a team who already had igoudala and was primed for a playoff run. he has a similar career line as henderson in that regard. didn’t play too much year 1 and 2…..year 3 breaks out a bit…..year 4 solidifies himself. and you do realize that dwyane wade is a career .291% 3 pt shooter, right?

    difference in style of play and turner has a much higher offensive ceiling than henderson. significantly better shooter than henderson from range. right in line with walker and that’s including the down year he’s having vs. the up year walker is having. .316 vs. .325. walker’s only 2 years younger than turner who is younger than henderson.

    again the argument is not for evan turner to come here and continue his role from philly (ineffective) but to put him in a more effective role here… that walker should benefit greatly from.

    i would also argue that there are 50 guys that can do what kemba does if given the chance. mills doing it tonight was a great example. nate robinson, DJ, jerryd bayless, josh selby, tony wroten, phil pressey, jeremy lin, norris cole, shane larkin, austin rivers all come to mind. isaiah thomas is doing it in a major way in sacramento right now. i can’t recall the last time it translated to a championship. or even close. that’s what’s so baffling about the whole thing……you never see teams built around a non-defense playing center and an undersized non-playmaking point guard go anywhere. but you do see plenty of contenders with a guy like kemba in their rotation.

    somewhat related note….i saw 2 of the best drive and dish plays from kemba tonight and neither one were completed. one was slick pass to MKG where he appeared to get hacked up a bit going for the dunk and the other was the pass to zeller which kemba then headbutted out of bounds. weird game…..lots of bad calls going our way.

  • Spencer/SDS

    I’d say move Henderson to the 2nd unit and just have Turner play the point with Walker as the 2 when they are on the court together.

    However…Kembas stats could be considered highly deflated (at least in the assist category) because of the offensive gameplan (feed jefferson in the post). You can’t get many assists with a Jefferson who does it mostly by himself and the starting unit only has one person that can shoot the 3 consistently and relatively accurately (McRoberts who shoots 3.7 3′s per game and makes 37% of them. You don’t have very good spacing to pass out to a guy waiting in the corner 3 (speaking of which I don’t think iv’e seen more then 10 of them attempted since Taylor went out) or really anywhere…We don’t run a pick n’ roll offense which generally gets PG’s their assists either…the offense is built around Jefferson and nothing else…that correlates into less opportunities to even get an attempt of creating an assist, then you actually need the guys to complete the possible assist…which isn’t a commonality for this team it appears…

    If we were to go for a big splash and get a player that would actually improve the team ALOT it would be Aaron Afflalo…Dude is a very good offensive talent that has a legit 3 pt shot and paired with MKG works a lot better then a Hendo and MKG…he’s 28 and has talent, but he won’t be a game changer when it comes to becoming a legit championship contender rather then just the playoff pretender we are…Gordon Haywood is my favorite pickup if possible…just due to age compared to Afflalo

  • Dave Walshy

    The extremely slow pace doesn’t help either. Seems recently Clifford has let them run more which has translated into some better assists numbers. Over the last ten games Kemba has played hes averaged 7.2 assists. I thought Afflalo was only like 26. I was ok with getting him when I thought that but I’d rather us just trade Sessions/Gordon for picks or someone young.