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QCH Trade Deadline Roundtable + PodCats Show discussing deadline

For the most part, I believe most will be quiet as the trade deadline looms just a little more than 24 hours away – Charlotte isn’t one of the many teams that most expect to stay quiet. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the front office is burning up the phones to find a trade partner that will help bolster the offensive depth on this roster.

We’ve heard the names Pau Gasol, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, Taj Gibson, Aaron Afflalo, Gary Neal and Caron Butler all mentioned alongside the Bobcats name in rumors, so it’s clear the team is active – whether a deal is agreed upon or not is predicated on the price tag of the player(s) and Charlotte certainly has some flexibility in that sense with at least two projected first round draft picks, their own second round pick + the Ben Gordon expiring contract.

Spencer Percy, Greg Pietras and Dakota Schmidt all give their two-cents on what to expect before the buzzer sounds on the deadline Thursday.

On a 1-10 scale, how likely is it that Charlotte makes a trade before the Thursday deadline? What improvement is most needed on this roster currently and give us a player that would be an ideal fix to you?

Spencer: 5 – I don’t think there’s any question that the front office wants to add a shooter to the roster for floor spacing around Al Jefferson, or a 6th man type of player who can come off the bench and be a ‘shot in the arm’ offensively.

Right now, all the asking prices are simply too high for Charlotte. Part of that is the Bobcats being patient and letting the market depict the value of certain players as the deadline approaches, but the other part is based around the fact that Charlotte will likely own Detroit’s 1st round pick (projected #10 currently) and teams are trying to figure out a way to fish that out of Jordan & Cho in return. I think it’s rather clear that the front office is desperate to improve offensively, but it’s also becoming increasingly transparent that they may not be willing to part ways with a 1st round pick – this is why I only have the likelihood of a trade at 50%. Not so sure that when this deadline is all said-and-done that most teams (even ones expected to make moves) end up standing pat due to this summers draft and the anxiety involved with potentially blowing the chance to land a great young player.

There are a few players that I really like as a fit for the Bobcats: Aaron Afflalo is the first – he’s averaging 19.4 PPG this season and shooting 42.7% from behind-the-arc. Really is the ideal fit for Charlotte when you consider what the team needs in terms of an offensive boost. Afflalo is also a very capable defender, so could presumably mesh well with Clifford. What it would take to land Afflalo is where the deal becomes more interesting. In order to get this deal done it would have to look something like this – ADD the DET or POR 1st round pick going to ORL as well. Charlotte would likely waive Price right away.

The other wild-card name that I would keep an eye on is Harrison Barnes – there are some reports out there that many teams have contacted Golden State about the SF and you better believe Charlotte has been one. Barnes is unhappy with his role with the Warriors and he doesn’t really appear to be an integral part of their immediate future – a MKG – Barnes swap is something I believe both parties would be willing to at least discuss.

Greg: I’d say 9. They have too many loose assets not to spend a bit, with that Portland pick in particular seemingly earmarked for a deal. I doubt it’ll be anything huge, though; I’m expecting something along the lines of the now-defunct trade with the Bucks that would have returned Gary Neal and Caron Butler. Adding a little depth and shooting would be great.

It seems unlikely, but I don’t think standing pat would hurt. Even with reinforcements, it’d be a stretch for this team to move into the fifth or sixth seed, which likely means annihilation at the hands of the Heat or Pacers. These Bobcats are good enough for right now, and it’d even be fine (if disappointing) if they dropped out of the playoffs: A three-percent chance at a top-three pick is probably better in the long run than a three-percent chance at beating LeBron. They have a fun, young, semi-competitive team, and I’m dreading the sort of short-sighted, cash-in trade the team has made in the past. Which, uh:


I’m not opposed to dealing young players (everyone on the roster should be available), but overpaying for marginal gains is why the team is where it is now. They’ve had a better track record on trades in recent years, so hopefully level heads prevail.

As far as the most-needed improvement: Shooting, shooting, shooting, particularly on the wing. I particularly liked this hypothetical from Rob Mahoney at Sports Illustrated, who suggested swapping Gerald Henderson with the Hawks’ Kyle Korver. Though he isn’t a very good individual defender, Korver has started for elite defenses before and does a good job of playing to his limitations there. Meanwhile, his elite three-point shooting could unlock an offense that’s struggled all year. Charlotte would be able to really punish defenses double-teaming Al Jefferson, just by adding Korver to the corner.

Though I like them both individually, the pairing of Henderson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has offensive limitations. It’s unlikely that Hendo will ever be a reliable three-point shooter, and Kidd-Gilchrist’s issues are pretty obvious. But between the two of them, I’d still hang on to MKG. He’s a very good, borderline elite defender, and at 20 still has room to grow a functioning offensive game. Henderson’s average across the board, which obviously has value in itself, but I’d rather have a specialist than a jack of all trades.

Either way, addressing that gap is probably the team’s biggest priority moving forward, whether they take care of it now or in the offseason.

Dakota: 9. While about 85% of the rumors tend to be false (being a little generous), Charlotte’s at the point where they’re going for one of the lower spots in the playoffs. As they currently stand, Charlotte is still a solid defensive team but are definitely in need of a solid offensive weapon after Jefferson or Walker. While a deal for a player at the level of Pau Gasol might be out of the question, I’d be interested to see them pursue a perimeter sharp-shooter or a solid defensive front-court option that you can put next to Jefferson, In terms of the front-court option, I really love the rumors surrounding Taj Gibson even though his price might be a little hefty. For perimeter options, I would like to see Anthony Morrow or Kyle Korver be considered as potential trade pieces.


- Doug Branson and Spencer Percy discussed everything trade deadline on last night’s PodCats Show, so if you’re more of a listener and less of a reader — HERE YOU ARE.

19 comments to QCH Trade Deadline Roundtable + PodCats Show discussing deadline

  • Dave Walshy

    I like Taj Gibson and Aflallo if we are just giving up on our pick this year, which I actually don’t want us to do, but at least those players would be legitimate impact players that would be worth would we’d likely be giving up. Thaddeus Young would be a pretty interesting addition as well. Id be ok with Turner for Gordon and a second round pick. Pretty much all the other players Ive heard mentioned would be terrible to go for and I wouldn’t actually want to give up too much for any of the players that would be good additions.

  • Dave Walshy

    Please don’t trade MKG and please please don’t give up anything for Bass. Actually, the more I think about it the more I like the idea of Thaddeus Young.

  • Dave Walshy

    @podcats MKG has hit his ceiling at 20… What a joke. That is the attitude that has made this franchise such a disaster.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Henderson, McRoberts to Golden State for Speights and Barnes add in Portlands late 1st round pick.

    McRoberts will be replacing the Speights ineffectiveness so far for Golden State and spreads the floor plus runs the floor well, but are things Golden State loves, Speights has a 3yr 3.5 mill avg deal and is simply put overpaid…but not overpaid to the point that he will hinder a team financially by any means, McRoberts improves Golden States already deep bench.

    Henderson for Barnes, Henderson is the better all around player and helps them in the now moment. Being a better defensive player and a perfect option as a 6th man that Barnes has been ineffective at and giving the backup sf roll officially to their defensive specialist in Green. Barnes helps the Bobcats in most importantly 3pt shooting ability next to MKG and Jefferson specifically…MKG and Barnes playing next to each other is a great complement IMO, while also helping improve the team long term.

    Issues with this deal, PF obviously, Speights basically becomes are starter…which isn’t very good, but he has proven to be capable enough and he can shoot the mid at a decent rate.

    Best things: we get younger, and don’t lose other key chips to get a deal for a lets say Pau Gasol who improves us at PF/C immediately and gives this team some hope of a playoff run that MJ wants so desperately.

    Side note: is far more likely to require Detroits pick to get Harrison Barnes if that, really depends on how much Golden State feels like dealing with an un-settled Barnes in GS.

  • Dave Walshy

    I like that trade especially if we only had to give up Portland’s pick.

  • NCTony

    McRoberts & Hendo for what? Common you can do better than that.

  • Spencer/SDS

    McRoberts has no future as a starter, Henderson is a 6th man in this league and is one of the worst SG’s possible to pair with MKG who is far more important to this team long term.

    Speights is meh, who cares, its all about getting Barnes, a guy that can play the 2 and spread the floor unlike Hendo…it also gives us a huge mismatch against opposing teams having Barnes and MKG on the floor together, both are good defenders (MKG near an elite level) and they complement each other well offensively (Barnes more of the shooter, MKG the driver).

    Now, what do you want??? Affalo, who yes will help the team win far more then Harrison barnes right now but provides very little long term future past 2 years, Turner??? Who doesn’t fit this team at all, he is a meh shooter, and a combo guard that just defeats the purpose of having Kemba who is our 2nd best player by far…and is likely to cost more…can you do better??? That one makes sense for both teams and two helps the team???

    This deal you still have Sessions, Gordon, a 1st and hell Biz (i’d rather not but he deserves a better organization then this) to go get an actual PF rather then Speights…This is a deal saver for the Warriors with getting rid of Speights who is relatively worthless for his 10.5 mill contract over the next 3 years, and get McRoberts who spreads the floor for them and can run with them (things that team loves)…Henderson gives them an actual backup 2 guard, giving the backup reigns to Green at SF and Henderson who is the better overall scorer then Barnes and actually worth his contract currently.

    We get Barnes who can shoot the 3 41% on 2.2 attempts per game, is young (21-offers long term potential) and is just a better fit for our starting core then Henderson. I see no reason not to…

    Side note: I don’t have a Carolina bias that i’m sure is going to come up…i’ma KU boy all the way, it just makes sense for both teams while not (hopefully) over-paying for some old guy that yes might be a better fit for this season, or maybe even next season but won’t help past those 2 seasons. (such as a Kyle Korver, or Affalo or even Turner who’s contract also runs out after this yr and could easily turn into a 3 month rental)

  • charlottean

    i would love to get barnes in a deal that did NOT send MKG out. they could play the 2/3 simultaneously. MKG can guard whoever and barnes can score on whoever. why they brought in igoudala and gave him so much money absolutely baffled me. would have been better off just keeping jarrett jack and building on last year’s success. instead they gave up a slew of picks and all cap room to get igoudala who isn’t as good as barnes could have been.

    i think 2 1sts and henderson could get it done and be worth it in a major way. and i like henderson a lot. i thought we should have traded with cleveland to get barnes in the draft at 4 and #24 to do whatever. or portland who had 6 and 11 and we could have grabbed barnes and sullinger. we keep missing these obvious deals.

    that said MKG is a stud who just needs the ball. he’s the 5th man on a veteran laden lineup. he’s 20 EFFING YEARS OLD. the 5th youngest. these guys are serious clowns if they said he’s already peaked. that is insanely laughable. wildly ignorant.

    let’s go ahead and tell every college sophomore and MANY freshmen that they’ve peaked already also before they even enter the draft. almost the entire draft class this past year is older. i think is like antetokounmpo, karasev, noel, goodwin, aand……i think that was it. and you see how much the other 4 are doing. but yeah they all peaked too right?

    i effing hate my fellow charlotte residents and their lack of nba knowledge. you could give MKG 15-20 shots right now and he would look like a superstar. broken jumper and everything. think about it…..he’s outperforming antetokounmpo as a starter on a DECENT team where giannis is a starter on the WORST team. yet people are raving about him. i know he’s a lot longer, and i’m sure he’s going to be solid in a few years but that has way more to do with his front office investing in him where our front office is trying to figure out how to eff up MKG.

    you hear anybody talk about how offensively limited giannis is? MKG is light years ahead of that dude in every aspect except being freakishly long and front office support. let MKG throw up 100 3′s….dude probably nets 30% of them. maybe more. ugly doesn’t mean inaccurate. ask matt bonner.

    yall see biyombo tonight? who the eff would want to trade that dude for scraps? that dude is going to majorly impact some nba playoff series in his career.

    • that_guy

      MKG, has hustle that makes an ordinary player impressive; but, he is an amazing athlete, that guy will never “not” have an ugly jumper… Effective, maybe; useful, maybe; “glue guy”, yes… maybe?

      Kyle Korver, that trade could be set up, but too many oatcakes. (obstacles)

  • charlottean

    i will say…..as much as i’m not big on the idea of mcroberts being around long term…….this dude is hitting 39% of his ugly ass 3 pointers. that ish is runway model flat but he’s knocking em down. i mean you have to recognize that as being effective. diaw would have been better but……..that doesn’t work in charlotte. he gets booed here. and josh is only turning 27 next week so i mean……. it’s not horrible if he opts in. it’s bad if he opts out and we strike out on free agents and give him more than he deserves.

    zeller has a way higher ceiling, but i don’t expect cody to knock down ~40% on 3′s anytime soon. I could see 33% but i mean josh is way outperforming his resume with that. if he was a better defender or rebounder, he would be a lot more valuable to our roster.

  • Dave Walshy

    It was kind of an offhand comment but someone on the podcats said something like “I think MKG has peaked” and wanted us to trade him. I swear people forget how young he is, and how solid he actually is at scoring if he gets the opportunity. I mean, he isn’t going to light it up or anything, but if he was our third option he could easily get 12-14 a game. Just imagine the size and athleticism we’d have on the wing with MKG and Barnes. Barnes has plenty of defensive potential as well. Not as much as MKG but he could still be an excellent defender in a year or two. I’d like to keep the Detroit pick but if possible but Barnes would definitely be a reasonable return even if we gave that much up. I’m actually really starting to like the idea of Thaddeus young. We wouldn’t even have to start him and could still give him starter minutes because he could play the 3 and 4. Or we could start him at the 4 but play him at the 3 half the time. He is fairly young and already legit and would give us so much flexibility with lineups and could really stretch the floor at the 4 spot.

  • Dave Walshy

    It’s great when McBob is playing well. The hair combined with his goofy play style is a perfect storm for entertainment.

  • charlottean

    if demar derozan can score 20+ a game in the nba, MKG could too.

    can’t play thad young starters minutes and play zeller or biyombo at all. not unless mcroberts is going outward. thads a player but i just don’t see the fit. we shouldn’t be looking at too many lateral moves. i think we should be looking for simple additions or swinging for the fences.

    grabbing a guy like morrow or jimmer or even shumpert for that matter would add to our bench. can’t see us taking back felton though. and that would be required.

  • Dave Walshy

    I was meaning starting him at PF but only playing him around 15 minutes at PF and 15 or so at SF and cutting Tolliver mostly out of the rotation. Basically hed start at PF but be the main backup at SF too. There still wouldn’t be quite enough minutes at PF this year but I think it would be worth it. I don’t know his contract situation or anything and I don’t think its the best trade we could make but its a thought. Probably better than what will end up happening.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Traded Sessions and Jeff Adrien for Gary Neal and Ridnour….meh deal, Neal spread the floor (isn’t very good at anything else) Ridnour also spreads the floor well, and is a decent backup PG…doesn’t bring much else offensively (not that you need much more with our offense being based so much on Al in the post)…lateral move long term…Ridnour is gone after this year…Neal has a 2 yr contract worth 7 mill total…he won’t hurt us financially either long term…both fit the team better then Sessions does just in the standpoint that they can shoot and we are awful at that (shoot the 3 specifically)…didn’t give up any major assets, not a bad deal IMO…no picks, no one with a future on this team was lost.

    Also I love the riddance of Adrien…it will force Clifford to use Biz even in the dirt minutes of which he regulates to Adrien for some unknown reason…or Haywood will just take those minutes…bah, trade haywood somehow.