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3-on-3: Looking around at the Bobcats

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network 
A new feature is making its way to the TrueHoop Network.  Based on the success and popularity of the 5-on-5 feature on ESPN.com, the THN is beginning to implement a slightly scaled down version as the mood strikes us.  The inaugural urge has struck QueenCityHoops today as we look at a couple of off-season questions and then move to Twitter.

1.  Kemba Walker and DJ Augustin: What roles will each take on with this team?

Spencer: I have said since the day that we drafted Kemba that this will be a great situation for both of these players, this season at least. Augustin may start the season as the starting PG, but I’d expect Kemba to eventually take that role with Augustin being used more as a very small shooting guard. In Augustin’s rookie year he was the most efficient outside shooter Charlotte had and I’m expecting Silas to do everything possible in order to put him back into a role where he can score without having to handle the ball so much.

Mathew: I think each player will fill a variety of roles this season for the Bobcats. When and how each is used will be dependent on the matchups that night and which teammates surround DJ and Kemba, respectively. It will be interesting to see how they fair while on the court at the same time, something I believe Jordan and Co. will be anxious to see early on.

Brett: Poor D.J.  Back to this, moving between PG and SG each night.  The same fate as Raymond Felton, with Brevin Knight and then D.J. himself being the cause.  I see the Bobcats continuing to get their best 5 on the court, and that would seem to include both Kemba and D.J., with point responsibilities divided (likely slowing both of their development).  With both undersized for the 1, let alone the 2, I do wonder if D.J. will be traded or allowed to walk like Ray before him.

2.  FACT or FICTION: Charlotte got the good end of the deal in the Stephen Jackson trade.

Spencer: FICTION.  I definitely don’t think we got any better by shipping out Jackson for Maggette and actually took on about $1 million more over the next two seasons. Maggette is finally in a role where he can be the primary scorer for a team and should be an upgrade defensively from Jackson because of his athletic ability, but the numbers don’t really support what Maggette’s ability is, never have. Hard to be super optimistic about Maggette, but considering that he’s been a disappointment in the league for the exception of a few seasons, I’ll try and look at the glass half full and say he’ll be an upgrade from Jackson. To be fair, I never liked Stephen Jackson as a player, so that’s not extremely tough for me to say.

Mathew: FICTION. The trade that landed S Jax in Milwaukee and Corey Maggette in Charlotte was part of a three team deal that also netted the Bobcats Bismack Biyombo, so there’s more to consider than what appears to be a straight up player for player swap. However, if you force me to take a side I’ll say the Bucks received the slightly better player in this trade, and one which I believe would have helped the Bobcats more this season.

Brett: FACT.  The Bobcats came out of the swap with a slightly younger, overpaid scorer at the 2-spot and got Bismack Biyombo.  At this stage in their careers, I’m not convinced that Stephen Jackson is the better player – his 18.5 points per game last year came on just 41.1% and his defense has declined.  While Maggette is not and never has been a defensive stopper, Jackson’s more reputation than reality at this stage as well.  I liked the Bobcats swinging for the fences with Biyombo, so I liked the deal.

3.  Which Bobcat runs the most entertaining twitter account?

Spencer: This one is tough, but I’ve got to go with Tyrus Thomas (@TyrusThomas) because of the refreshing content he provides. Just about every morning he starts with, “To my God I pray that’s how I start my day.” Reading that everyday always makes me thankful.

Mathew: I have to go with @theborisdiaw. My Grandmother grew up in France so it’s been exciting to see a Bobcat tweet in her native tongue. It would be that much more exciting if I actually understood a word of French. Love the pictures of the croissants and escargots, though.

Brett: I’m going to cheat and go with a former Bobcat, in Jared Dudley, @jareddudley619.  He’s very interactive, responding to questions and posing his own to followers.  Entertaining guy.