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3-on-3 Preview: Bobcats at 76ers

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network1- Over/Under – Kemba Walker shot attempts at 18.5 (13, 17, and then 19 in his last 3 games).

Spencer Percy: Under. Henderson is expected to play tonight and Coach Silas acknowledged after the Washington game the other night that the offense would be adjusted so Kemba wasn’t taking so many (bad) shots.

Jenn: Under.  Coach Silas has been vocal about his disapproval of Walker’s haphazard shooting.  Silas will need to find ways to get the ball into the hands of big men Thomas and Diaw.

Brett: Under – I probably set this too high, since Kemba has exceeded 18.5 only twice this season – but the progression over the last 3 games is worrisome, as the Bobcats need Kemba to take better shots and find them for his teammates as well.

2- Over/Under – Tyrus Thomas blocks at 2.5.  After blocking 9 last time out, Tyrus is averaging 2.3 blocks per game this season.

Spencer Percy: Over. Philly attacks the rim and has the third most efficient offense in the league (105.1) right now, so he should have numerous opportunities to make an impact around the rim. I all honesty though, I just want to watch one game where Thomas doesn’t turn the ball over and plays under control.

Jenn: Over.  Coming off of his best game of the season, Thomas will need to use this momentum to stop shots in the lane.  Despite his efforts on Wednesday, the Wizards scored 60 of their 92 points in the paint.

Brett: Under – Elton Brand is more of a jump shooter these days, and has long arms of his own, so I think Tyrus only gets 2 tonight, coming on help defense.

3- With the Bobcats current string of discouraging losses, let’s ask a different question – is tonight a moral victory, with the  Bobcats competing throughout?

Spencer Percy: Absolutely. If this team shows good energy and just makes the 76ers put forth a little bit of effort on their way to a win then I’ll be satisfied.

Jenn: As much as I would like to say yes, the Bobcats are facing even more perils on the road to recovery.  In the absence of several veteran players, it will be tough for the squad to rally tonight.

Brett: While these last 2 losses were very discouraging, and somewhat apathetic, it’s tough to tell how the Bobcats will come out tonight.  It was just 2 weeks ago when they went from getting handled by the Pistons one night to taking care of the Warriors the next.  I’ll give a tentative yes, we’ll see the Bobcats hustle and compete tonight, but come up short.