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3-on-3 Preview: Bobcats at Suns

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network1.  Henderson has been averaging 15 points and 4.4 rebounds this season.  How will his absence impact the already injury-laden Bobcats?

Spencer Percy: It will make the already hard to watch half court sets of this team actually make you want to pull your hair out now. Henderson was everything to this team and was maturing rapidly being forced to take on the offensive load, but with this injury there is no reason to rush his back. Reggie Williams will see more minutes in Hendo’s absence.

Bryan Wendland: His absence will force Kemba to take more shots, which probably… No, which definitely won’t be a good thing for the Bobcats. Also I’m dreading having to watch Matt Carroll, Cory Higgins and Reggie Williams abuse the rim with missed threes all night.

Brett: The defense will be a bit worse, and the offense may improve a bit, actually.  I like Henderson, but he is not drawing fouls often enough to offset the fact he doesn’t shoot threes.  Reggie Williams got healthy at the right time and has a chance to spread the floor for Charlotte.  (I know we expect the offense to struggle without Gerald, but his on/off numbers for offensive efficiency are basically identical, just under 93).

2.  The Suns rank in the bottom third in offensive and defensive efficiency, yet have a franchise savior in Steve Nash.  What can the Bobcats do to minimize Nash’s impact and capitalize on the relatively weak remaining Suns roster?

Spencer Percy: Attempt to keep him out of the painted area, but good luck with that. Nash should teach Kemba a worthy rookie lesson tonight about how to distribute the basketball- A film that Kemba should probably go back and watch numerous times.

Bryan Wendland: The ‘Cats need to keep Nash out of the paint at all costs. There’s no other way to stop him. If they can take Nash out of the game, even a watered down Bobcats roster could go blow for blow with the rest of the Suns.

Brett: Kemba Walker has to make Nash work on the defensive end (not the most difficult thing against one of the league’s weaker defenders) and harass him on the perimeter.  As great as Nash has played this year, he’s coming up on 38 and is allowed an off game – Kemba needs to help.

3.  The Bobcats have lost 10 in a row, does the streak end tonight or will the Cats come one step closer to holding the record for longest losing streak in NBA history?  For the record, this title is currently held by 2010-11 Cavaliers at 26 games.

Spencer Percy: Nash uses his savvy veteran experience and gets the Suns in a rhythm very early on in the contest.  The Bobcats will put up a fight, however lack of depth due to injuries and transition defense will be too much for the Bobcats to overcome.  The suns may be aging, but Steve Nash will always make bad defensive teams pay in transition.

Bryan Wendland: Does the streak end tonight? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Haha. Ha. NO!! Nash goes for a triple-double, Kemba scores 21 on 19 shots to keep it close, but Charlotte is so bad right now I can’t pick them to win anything.

Brett: Reason for optimism – the Suns played last night and their starting point guard has 15 years on the Bobcats starter.  However, Marcin Gortat could feast on Byron  Mullens and Boris Diaw in the pick and roll with Nash, so I’m saying Suns maintain home court advantage.