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3-on-3 Preview: Bobcats at Wizards

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network1- Flip Saunders was recently let go in D.C.  Is Paul Silas headed towards the same fate in Charlotte (and should he be)?

Spencer Percy: I don’t necessarily think that he should be because of the severity of troublesome issues within this roster, but I sense him losing his patience and at Silas’ age does he really want to be the coach of this team much longer? If anything, I see Silas stepping down.

Bryan Wendland: No and no. Silas isn’t the reason the Bobcats are bad this year, and I think management knows that. Charlotte’s roster is full of young, inexperienced players and underachieving veterans. Silas should be given enough time to rebuild this team.

Mathew Lewis: No and no. Flip Saunders was let go because his team was borderline insubordinate and severely under-performing based on their talent level. Whether the Bobcats should have a few more wins or not, let’s be honest – this is a team with limited talent, even when compared to a squad such as the Wizards. Silas should not see the door.

2- Pick a Bobcat and outline what you want to see from them in tonight’s game.

Spencer Percy: Byron Mullens. Something that resembles him being somewhat cognitively involved on the defensive end. Mullens is one of the worst post defenders I have maybe ever watched and has no clue on pick-and-roll situations.

Bryan Wendland: Bismack Biyombo. I want to see him play, for one. What I really want to see is improvement on offense and a cut in the number of times he jumps on pump-fakes. It’ll be hard for him to work on either of those things, though, if Silas doesn’t put him on the court.

Mathew Lewis: Byron Mullens. I want to see more aggressiveness out of Mullens tonight. In 49 combined minutes over the past two contests he’s recorded only 8 points (4-13 shooting) and 8 boards. Two of those 13 attempts have come at the rim, a stark contrast to earlier in the season when he was routinely seeing 5-7 shots at the basket. Unsurprisingly, Mullens found much more success in these games. Increased aggression on the offensive boards, while banging down low with more frequency versus constantly floating outside the paint will go a long way towards increasing his offensive production.

3- Who wins the battle for who could care less?

Spencer Percy: (Picking the game)  Wizards. Bobcats are banged up at numerous positions and are simply a mess at both ends of the floor. CHA has two ways to score the ball- Kemba tossing up a fade away jumper at the end of shot clock or Henderson off the curl.

Bryan Wendland: One of them has to win tonight, right? It’ll be fun to watch Kemba and John Wall go at it and I think whichever point guard plays better will win the game for their team. Kemba showed signs of breaking out last night in the first half, only to fall apart in the second. I think he puts it all together against the Wizards and Charlotte gets the W.

Mathew Lewis: (Picking the battle)  The Bobcats – meaning, they’ll come out on the losing end. I expect to see a little bit more out of the Wizards tonight for new coach Randy Wittman, despite the fact that many in basketball circles question the promotion of him to the head spot. A new voice in the huddle can often go a long way, especially after it becomes apparent the old voice is simply being tuned out.