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3-on-3 Preview: Warriors vs Bobcats

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network

2 people and then a relevant (hopefully) stat for the third position in the 3 on 3 today – let’s get to it.

1- As mentioned in Spencer’s recap of last night’s game, Gerald Henderson is an improving, attentive defender. However, Monta Ellis is a scorer, and with Stephen Curry likely out with an ankle injury, he’s going to be looking to score. So, who wins this battle (and what’s your criteria)?

Spencer Percy: As long as Hendo can stay on his feet and avoid falling for Ellis ball fakes, therefore keeping him off the FT line, I think Hendo has a good chance at keeping Ellis at bay. That being said, I still think Ellis gets his 20+. He’s a phenomenal scorer.

Brett: My criteria to call this a win? Hold Ellis to a point per possession used, so attempts (fga + .5fta) + turnovers greater than his total points and I say the Bobcats are happy with that. Do I think it happens? Probably not at the end of the btbtb.

Stat: -5.3%. Gerald Henderson has been surrendering a worse than expected TS% to opponents at this stage of the season, and by a large margin.

2- In this early season, Boris Diaw has become even more of a lightning rod for fan criticism than before (a video of him talking about community service projects was booed by a fan at last night’s game). But, is it fair? His scoring output is down, but he is averaging a career high in rebounds, and nearly career highs in assists and blocks. Yay or nay?

Spencer Percy: I think it’s fair for one simple reason. Effort. Not only does Diaw obviously not put in the time and effort to keep himself in shape during the off-season, but the guy just doesn’t play hard every night and that’s the most frustrating aspect about him for fans, coaches, teammates, etc. He’ll only be a Bobcat for 54 more games though, so the end is near.

Brett: I wrote this question and you can probably tell by the way I worded it and the details included that I’m not willing to pin all of this on Boris. However, I do think he is being more passive offensively than this team needs, though I do appreciate him exerting himself a bit more than he has in the past on the boards.

Stat: Boris is only using 19.6 possessions per 100 the team plays, but doing little with them, contributing just 14.8 points per those possessions. The swap tool says Charlotte would be significantly better with Byron picking up some additional time at Boris’ expense.

3- Pick a winner: The Bobcats are at the end of a back-to-back-to-back, but they’re at home, against a Warriors team that tried a hack-a-Dwight strategy on Thursday night and failed, and nursing a few injured players (Curry, Kwame Brown, and Dorrell Wright).

Spencer Percy: Warriors. The Bobcats lead the league in FGA from 16-23 ft (long 2’s) and have been getting killed on the glass during this losing streak. Golden State has capable scorers on the inside and out in David Lee, Monta Ellis, Nate Robinson, and rookie Klay Thompson. With a similar effort as the Bobcats have been showing on the defensive end lately, this one won’t be close.

Brett: The Warriors. Charlotte has looked really bad these last two nights and I don’t see another game in a row aiding that.

Stat: 94.4 possessions. That’s about how many both teams average coming into tonight’s game, which puts them at 9th and 10th in the league for fastest pace. If the Bobcats legs are up to it, expect to see a lot of up and down the court action (but points may be a different story) Warriors win – with a net efficiency on the season nearly 9 points higher than the Bobcats.