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3-on-3 Preview: Wizards at Bobcats

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network1- Over their last 3, the Bobcats are getting just under 39 points from the backcourt (Walker, Henderson, Carroll and Higgins combined) on 37 attempts a night, at 36.6% shooting. Better or worse tonight?

Spencer Percy: Better. Solely because of the fact that the Wizards are not a good defensive team and the ‘Cats will get better looks at the basket from all over the floor tonight.

Bryan Wendland: Better. I’m actually optimistic about the ‘Cats chances tonight. I think Kemba tones things down and Henderson gets his flow back.

Brett: As long Henderson bounces back from an off night last night, I think the Bobcats get more like 45 points from the backcout (though the shooting percentage may not be much better).

2- The Bobcats started a big lineup last night, with Diaw, Thomas, and Diop on the floor, yet ended the night out-rebounded by 12. Better or worse tonight?

Spencer Percy: Maybe better, but don’t know how much it matters with this bunch. The Bobcats have free fallen from the rebounding category at a rapid pace since overachieving the first week of the season in that category. Bottom line, Bobcats will be out-rebounded again tonight.

Bryan Wendland: If they start that lineup again it’ll be worse. JaVale McGee will have a field day and single handedly destroy the Bobcats. I don’t think Diaw and Diop see as many minutes tonight, so that shouldn’t happen. Thomas had a solid game last time these two teams met and I think he could be the difference tonight. 7 Feet of Smooth needs to get his mojo back too.

Brett: Better, but just barely, with the Bobcats still getting out-rebounded but by less. The guards have to continue to help out here, as the Bobcats bigs aren’t great rebounders.

3- The last time these two met, just a few days ago, the Bobcats lost by 17 on the road. At home tonight, better or worse?

Spencer Percy: Depends on who can go tonight for Charlotte. If Henderson and Mullens can play at full strength and provide more in the statistical category than last night then they have a chance, but it’s all going to start on the defensive end for this bunch. I’ll take the Bobcats in a close, ugly and painful game to watch.

Bryan Wendland: Better. Bobcats win. If a team loses to the Wizards twice in one week, do they automatically get relegated to the D League?

Brett: Better – but not 18 points better. The Bobcats played last night, but the Wizards are fresh. Considering Charlotte seems to lack energy even after a day off, I don’t think home court is enough to get a win.