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Short-handed Bobcats = Bad Defense

With Gerald out for the foreseeable future, the Bobcats are going to have to replace him with some combination of Boris Diaw, Adam Morrison, Cartier Martin, and maybe some others. What do those people have in common? They are not Crash – and they do not play defense like him. Now, Boris is solid, and it is too soon to say about Cartier…but Adam? Well, the first half of Denver game was enough to make me do this. His attempt to slow Carmelo down with an out-stretched knee is not going to cut it. I ran the numbers for him on the season (not including tonight's first half) and they are ugly.

The two numbers I like least – the TS% and the increase in points scored per 100 team possessions. Adam allows his man to shoot 2% better from the field…while they are also increasing the rate at which they score for their team, by nearly 3 points per 100 possessions. It is not like Adam has been guarding team's primary options (tonight with Denver and Carmelo Anthony notwithstanding) – his average opponent is scoring 15.5 points per 40 minutes for the year. When I ran the numbers for Gerald a couple of weeks ago, his opponent was at 18 (and Gerald was holding them to a point less than that).

Now, I know Adam is not Gerald. But with Gerald out, the Bobcats need Adam to step up. This is his chance – but it looks like it is going to have be on the offensive end of the court. So, Adam start shooting (and hitting).

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