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Big Money Trios

Emeka will make approximately $12 million next year, Gerald Wallace $9.5M, and Jason Richardson $12.2M: Combined, they will make $33.7M. The question is, are the Bobcats getting their moneys worth?

Here is a listing of some of the leagues other big money trios, along with their summed PERs, as a point of comparison.

Big Money Trios of the NBA
Team Players Salary ($M) PER Cumulative
Charlotte Emeka Okafor 12 17.4 53.3/$33.7M


Gerald Wallace 9.5 17.5
Jason Richardson 12.2 18.4
San Antonio Tim Duncan 20.6 24.3 68.6/$43.1M


Manu Ginobili 9.9 24.3
Tony Parker 11.6 20.0
New Orleans Peja Stojakovic 12.5 15.7 53.1/$33.8M


Tyson Chandler 11.4 17.5
David West 9.9 19.9
Orlando Rashard Lewis 16.4 16.7 55.1/$37.8M


Dwight Howard 13.8 22.9
Jameer Nelson 7.6 15.5
Boston Kevin Garnett 25.2 15.7 61.2/$61.7M


Ray Allen 18.4 16.4
Paul Pierce 18.1 19.6

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