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Taking the Bobcats to the movies

Outside of a couple of Charlotte Hornets appearing in Space Jam, the city has been ignored when it comes to sports movies. While I know that is due to the city being a relative newby to professional sports, there are some other small markets that have had movies, notably Cleveland with Major League (and the sequels), Tampa Bay with The Rookie, and the state of Louisiana with the documentary, The Waterboy. So, to rectify this inequity, I have taken a few minutes and sketched out some ideas of remakes that could feature the Charlotte Bobcats.

Major League – Retitled Basketball Association or National Association
Bob Johnson becomes a monk and moves to Siberia, leaving MJ to take full control of the Charlotte Bobcats. Air Jordan desires to move the team to Chapel Hill, and just needs to turn Charlotte against him (like George Shinn). To accomplish the deed, Mike stocks the team with retreads and never were's, from UNC and Chicago, including Rick Fox, George Lynch, and Charles Oakley. The team starts slowly but the coach, Sam Vincent gets wind of the plan, and knowing the team does not have the players to win, at least makes the team fun to watch – playing a fast pace with as many scorers on the floor as he can. The city takes to the high scoring squad led by Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, and Walter Herrmann, and despite the losses, the city returns to its former glory, leading the NBA in attendance. In the sequel, MJ returns from retirement, and hilarity ensues.

The Natural
This remake is centered around Walter Herrmann, a late-comer to the NBA, who is stuck to the bench early in his career, as the coach has no use for him. With a late season chance to prove his worth, the flowing-locked one catches fire, scoring at will. Unlike the original, there is no single woman distracting him from his quest, but rather the entire squad of the Lady Bobcats. Walter avoids the sirens (The Odyssey type, not the cops type) and leads the squad to the playoffs. This script could be modified depending on the audience it is targeted toward, though that might also change Walter's choice.

The Waterboy
Jared Dudley is not necessarily the waterboy of the team, but he is a relatively low drafted rookie, with low expectations. However, due to injuries, he finds himself playing extensive minutes, and, surprising all, he puts up solid numbers, leading the team to more wins than any one expected. Note: Considering the size of BC's fanbase, the movie could probably include Jared's struggling with the lack of formal education and the laughs that would entail. This movie rewrite would also be my odds on favorite for most likely to actually happen, with Jared getting more minutes this year since Ammo is out.

Never mind – this is too preposterous to consider with the roster of this team. Someone probably just sprained something in the time it took to read this.
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