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You Make Me Break Out…Again

No Foo Fighters this time…instead a link to a web version of the classic “BreakOut” game (called javanoid): Go break some bricks. Then come back and read this…or just read this – if you are only going to do one, stay here. Please.

Back to the task at hand: A follow-up to the Buddies Post of the other day – “You make me breakout”
This time, the only players being considered as the potential “breakout” teammates are the starters – they are the ones who are going to get the most minutes, might as well see who is best suited with whom (that may or may not be correct grammar – if you know, let me know – Knowing is half the battle). Oh, and I decided to go ahead and list the anti-breakout teammate for everyone as well, the player with whom being paired most dramatically hurts the team. Just curious to see if there are any consistencies in either.

Player Breakout
Off Eff Def Eff Net Eff
Emeka Okafor Gerald Wallace 102.2 104.4 -2.3
Gerald Wallace Nazr Mohammed 101.3 101.7 -0.3
Jared Dudley Raymond Felton 111.9 107.4< +4.5
Jason Richardson Gerald Wallace 102.6 105.3 -2.7
Matt Carroll Raymond Felton 109.5 105.6 +3.9
Raymond Felton Gerald Wallace 102.6 103.7 -1.1
Ryan Hollins Jason Richardson 104.1 107.5 -3.5
Derek Anderson Gerald Wallace 99.6 105.9 -6.3
Jermareo Davidson Jason Richardson 105.7 108.5 -2.8
Othella Harrington Jason Richardson 97.1 87.1 +10.0
Nazr Mohammed Gerald Wallace 101.3 101.7 -0.3
Earl Boykins Raymond Felton 115.3 108.2 +7.1

Player Anti-Breakout
Off Eff Def Eff Net Eff
Emeka Okafor Nazr Mohammed 100.8 109.7 -8.9
Gerald Wallace Jason Richardson 102.6 105.3 -2.7
Jared Dudley Nazr Mohammed 106.2 112.1< -5.9
Jason Richardson Nazr Mohammed 103.4 109.8 -6.4
Matt Carroll Nazr Mohammed 98.5 106.0 -7.5
Raymond Felton Nazr Mohammed 102.9 109.5 -6.6
Ryan Hollins Nazr Mohammed 81.4 97.4 -16.0
Derek Anderson Nazr Mohammed 82.1 114.6 -32.5
Jermareo Davidson Nazr Mohammed 78.3 119.3 -41.0
Othella Harrington Nazr Mohammed 100.0 124.0 -24.0
Nazr Mohammed Emeka Okafor 100.8 109.7 -8.9
Earl Boykins Gerald Wallace 93.8 125.0 -31.3

The tallies:

Good Teammate:
Gerald Wallace: 5
Raymond Felton and Jason Richardson: 3 each
Nazr Mohammed: 1
Emeka: 0

Bad Teammate:
Nazr Mohammed: 9
Jason, Emeka, Gerald: 1 each

So, there were some consistencies, or one anyway. And, umm…Nazr's performance in this requires some more investigation. I will follow-up on this in the near future. First thought: It does not bode well for the next 3 seasons. Jeez.

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