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Cartier Martin – 08-09 Season Review

When the Bobcats signed Cartier Martin, I was pulling for him to do well. Who does not like tales of a player toughing it out, playing in multiple leagues before getting a shot in the NBA and sticking. Unfortunately, in Cartier's part of a season with the Bobcats, he did not show much to think he was long for the league. While the team's efficiency numbers with him on the court are great, once you start looking at his personal numbers, you realize that it probably was not him responsible for that success.

Defensively – Cartier got beat by a not very good cumulative opponent. I think a 13.22 cumulative opponent PER is the lowest we have seen but I am too lazy to check right now. If someone remembers differently, please make note in the comments. (click on the image for full size version)

Offensively – not much shooting for a (primarily) shooting guard.

Bad defense + bad offense = bad net effort, so no surprises to see here. The only areas where Cartier out-performed his man: Rebounds and blocked shots.

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