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Cats and Emeka getting close

With some great news to start my day, it appears that the Bobcats are close to resigning Emeka: Sources: Okafor, Cats bridge gap on new contract. That news is from ESPN and the deal is looking like 6 years, $72M – pretty much what was expected when this all got started.

Update: Bonnell confirms it is a done deal: Bobcats, Okafor agree to $72 million deal. The article also confirms that the Bobcats had been low-balling Okafor with deals more in the $10M per year range until some other recent signings made those look ridiculous (Andris Biedrins perhaps?).

I am glad to see the Cats got this done: I said yesterday on twitter that if the Bobcats managed to lose Emeka because of this lowballing, it would remind me of the Hornets and Zo. Since this is the internet, I was promptly informed that Emeka is nowhere near the player Zo was. Missing the point, though: Emeka was this franchise's first draft pick and has been a key component of the squad's general improvement (save last season's treading water). If Bob Johnson/Higgins/MJ let him leave because they would not pay him enough money, would Charlotteans not be reminded of Shinn's cheapskate ways?

It is acedemic now – and the rest of the offseason should be a lot less anxious for Cats fans.

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