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One trade dies, another trade lives

The Bobcats have traded Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca to the Dallas Mavericks for Eric Dampier's un-guaranteed contract, Matt Carroll, and Eduardo Najera – Bobcats' Chandler traded to Mavs – from Woj at Yahoo Sports. If the Bobcats keep Dampier all season or cut him outright, I do not like the trade – if they use his very attractive, waive-able $13 million contract to get another contributor, then I like it a great deal. A great deal may be to strong, as it does still bring back a couple of deals that are a bit longer in duration – but Najera and The Hammer can both contribute, as the Cats need shooters (which Najera has developed into, shooting nearly 35% on threes last year). We may have to wait a bit longer to get a good read on this though.

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