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Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic: The players say…

We have already heard from a couple of Orlando Magic bloggers about the upcoming series and now it is time to move onto a different source. Here are some key quotes from the Charlotte Bobcats about their first ever trip to the playoffs and how they matchup with the Orlando Magic – the players say…

On the lack of experience from some key players:
Raymond Felton: “The Playoffs are different because it's a different atmosphere but it's the same game, and it means more so can be even more focused. I don't think its about playoff experience its just regular games just the atmosphere is different and the games mean something. It means if you lose you losing something or getting eliminated.”

Gerald Wallace: “You just go out and play man. You're accustomed to doing what you do as a team. Go out and play, have fun, execute your offense and defense. I think experience will play a role as far as attitude and focus but I think after that first game I think guys will come to understand and get the feeling of what it takes to win in the playoffs. Other than that I think it comes down to individual teams executing their offense, executing their defense and then at the end of the day who wants it the most.”

DJ Augustin: “I'm nervous before every game but once I get in and start playing it wears off. I don't know about the rest of my teammates but I think we all may be kind of nervous but once we start playing I think we'll be fine.”

On defending Dwight Howard:
Stephen Jackson: “I think Theo, Tyson & Nazr with that combination of guys giving him different looks they can guard him. We don't want to give them threes because they thrive off that. We're going to have to play tough man-to-man defense and help when we can.”

“He's too good of a big man, if not the best center in the league, to give three or four dribbles because he's going to turn around and dunk on anybody. So our thing is when he puts that first dribble down we want to get in there and make him pick the ball up and take off his rhythm. We don't want to let him just bang, bang because no one can stop him that way.”

On the importance of turnovers:
Felton: “Every possession counts at this point so you have to value the ball. We would love for them to turnover because once we get into transition we're at our best. And we've got to take care of the ball because when they get into transition that's when it starts to open up for those threes and those dunks and stuff and they get their crowd into it and they get into it. We're basically kind of like the same type team so we're kind of like looking at the same team in the mirror. It's going to be fun.”

Wallace: “We've got to execute our offense well and limit our turnovers, unforced turnovers. Like Coach Brown says all the time we end up with so many turnovers and no team in the league has pressed us. We're supposed to be the pressing team but we end up with all the turnovers. We've just got to take care of that and we've got to understand that every possession matters in the playoffs.”

Stephen Jackson on how to upset a top seed:
Jackson: “In Golden State we were really prepared for Dallas. We knew everything that they could do, we were just prepared. I think preparation is something that our coaches are great at. We know who we're up against, we know we're up against one of the best teams in the east. We know that it's going to be a hard battle.”

Others on being the underdog:
Wallace: “It don't matter to me. I feel like they put their pants just like I put my pants on, so it's a fair game when the referee throws up the jumpball. So we just have to go out and take care of business and do what we're supposed to do and everything else will take care of itself.

Larry Brown: It's a challenge but heck that's what makes it fun. I'm so excited for those guys in that (locker) room. You know Jack was on a team that beat the first place team, the team with the best record in the NBA. We've just got to approach it like it's a new season and we've got a chance. The chances of us doing well are much better than they were in October, that's the neat thing.”

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