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Draft Notes for 6/04/08

Some odds and ends that I happened across today:
First up, a couple of snippets from the chat on ESPN.com today with David Thorpe:

Brett (charlotte, nc): Of the bigs possibly available at the 9th pick, Lopez, Love, Randolph, Arthur, who do you like best to pair with Okafor in Charlotte?
SportsNation David Thorpe: (12:52 PM ET ) Possibly none of the above.

Brett (Charlotte, NC): Thorpe, after that answer I really need a follow-up: Who do you like in Charlotte? If not a big, what point guard to back-up/supplant Felton?
SportsNation David Thorpe: (1:01 PM ET ) I'm not sure yet. But they have to take a can't miss guy who also fits with Okafor. Anthony is a top 5 talent with a huge downside.

The full chat is available here…if you are an Insider (pony up the 20 bucks or whatever it is if you care about sports, it is worth it). Honestly, not something I enjoyed hearing (reading)…but maybe it leads more credence to the following idea…

That idea is…the “Charlotte Bobcats should trade for Rasheed Wallace”. Rick Bonnell makes the case for dealing away the pick on Charlotte.com (read the full text here). While there are pros and cons to the move, the basis for it is summed up quite simply:

The challenge for the Bobcats is pairing Emeka Okafor with the right complement…Wallace has the mobility and skills to play all over the court. Defensively, he can guard a jump-shooting power forward.”

2 weeks ago, the prospect of trading another lottery pick would have not set well with me; however, after beginning to look at the players who might be available for the Bobcats to put around their current core, the idea is growing on me. And if Rasheed is going to play hard for anyone, Larry Brown has to be one of the best bets after winning a title with Sheed in Detroit.

Last but not least, the Bobcats began working out players today. The only catch? They were working out potential second rounders. A full round-up is available on NBA.com, and you can read it here. For ACC fans, some familar names took part, in DeMarcus Nelson, Sean Singletary, and Jason Rich. Of the 3, and it pains me as a Duke alum to say, I would be most interested in Singletary. Partly because he would help fill a need of the team…but also because (and despite Larry Brown's kind words) I just do not see DeMarcus in the league. A 6'2″ power forward? No thanks. (I know he was/would be a shooting guard – but I also have a decent knowledge of his skill set and tendencies, which would be better suited for a player several inches taller).

Weigh in by leaving a comment and check out the prospect profiles that I have compiled so far. More to come – I will probably look at a couple of the possible point guards who will be available next.

Prospect Profiles:
Anthony Randolph – 6'11″ PF, LSU

Kevin Love – 6'10″ C/PF, UCLA

Brook Lopez – 7'0″ C, Stanford

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