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Emeka and the Offense

I am keeping this one short and sweet…or just short. This post is just a companion piece to a blog post from Rick Bonnell, “Call it an Okafor effect: Winning”. Bonnell points out the Bobcats have been winning lately when Okafor has been shooting more:

In each of four recent games (Memphis, Indiana, Miami, Utah) Okafor took six or fewer shots. The record in those games: 1-3. In each of the past three games, he took 11 or more shots. The record in those games: 3-0…Whatever the cause or causes, it comes down to this: When the Bobcats don’t throw the ball inside, making defenses contract, they stop being efficient offensively.

To me, just throwing it out there without the numbers does not seem right. Maybe the team won in spite of Okafor shooting more and lost due to other factors. Or maybe Bonnell is right. Either way, it made me curious to see what effect Emeka's shooting more (or less) had on the offense. And here are the numbers (Efficiency in points per 100 possessions):

Number of Shots
For Emeka
Games Offensive
0-4 5 97.8
5-9 21 98.7
10-14 44 104.7
15-19 7 103.7

Looks like Bonnell was correct – it makes sense that the more shots your 2nd (or 3rd – depends on if you actually think Ryan Hollins could maintain his current efficiency given more opportunities – I would lean towards no) most efficienct scorer takes, the better off the offense will be. Since I brought it up, here is the team, in order of points per field goal attempt:

Player Points per Shot
Ryan Hollins 1.55
Gerald Wallace 1.32
Emeka Okafor 1.30
Matt Carroll 1.21
Jason Richardson 1.20
Nazr Mohammed 1.20
Jared Dudley 1.19
Raymond Felton 1.14
Derek Anderson 1.13
Earl Boykins 1.10
Othella Harrington 1.10
Jermareo Davidson 0.94

Seeing those numbers just furthers my resolve to write my next post about “Everybody loves” Raymond Felton (if you read that and pretended Chris Berman was saying it, you would have enjoyed it more). Raymond is pretty far down that list for someone who shoots as often as he does. More to come on that.
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