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QCH does fantasy basketball

I am of course talking about the semi-dorky version of fantasy basketball, and not the kind that involves Sue Bird, Becky Hammon, and Strip-Horse (WNBA – I give you your new marketing plan). Given an invite from Andrew at Empty the Bench and promising that I would not compromise the integrity of the league, I took part in my first fantasy basketball draft last night. And I felt every part of being the n00b.

With all previous experience in fake sports being confined to football, the entire head-to-head scoring across different categories is a bit strange. Kind of like doing a football league where you were competing to beat your opponent in completion %, yards per carry, yards after the catch, rushing yards, etc. instead of just total “points”. For anyone as unfamiliar with the fake game as I am, I hope that helps. For any readers who are fantasy basketball experienced, chime in with advice for the season ahead. For everyone, here is my team:

Round Player Comment
1st (9th pick) Kevin Garnett If the Celtics do not get a huge lead in the standings, I would appreciate it – more minutes for KG.
2nd (12th) Chris Bosh Chris the used car salesman
3rd Joe Johnson Solid across the board.
4th Jason Richardson I had to get a Bobcat. Now, I just have to hope that LB does not rein in his 3 point shooting too much.
5th Mike Dunleavy I know last year was a career year – but the draft position matched with rankings (and there is still a bit of a man-crush from watching him play at Duke).
6th Chris Kaman The sort of German caveman bloomed with Brand out last year. Now, Brand is gone.
7th Al Horford This pick got mocked a bit – Big Al got called soft?
8th Jamal Crawford A shameless gunner – playing for D'Antoni
9th Zydrunas Ilgauskas Whatever you have been doing for your feet, Big Z, keep doing it.
10th Francisco Garcia Francisco is fun to say.
11th Manu Ginobili I knew I did ok with this pick, because there were a couple of expletives exclaimed in the draft window.
12th Derrick Rose Chicago, please trade someone soon. Derrick needs minutes.
13th Drew Gooden Decent scorer, good rebounder and free throw shooter. Total space cadet.
14th Rashad McCants A shameless gunner – Jamal Crawford but with zero conscience. .17 assists per fga for McCants, while Jamal was at .29.
15th Shaquille O'Neal The Big Mouth talks big and plays…big, but really slow. Once moving to Phoenix last year, he missed the first five games with the team, and then only 1 more.
16th Chris Duhon Ummm – he does not turn the ball over much?
17th Tyrus Thomas A 3rd Bull, I know – All I can is we were ready to be done.
18th Yi Jianlian Let's go, Chairman.

So, that is my team. The positions are PG, SG, G, G, SF, PF, F, F, C, C, Util, Util, Util, with 5 bench spots. Tell me readers, how did I do?

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