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Felton gets resolved (for a year)

Good news: The Bobcats will have Raymond Felton this season. According to Sean Deveney of the Sporting News, Felton has signed the qualifying offer. From the article:

Restricted free agency is only getting tougher, and Bobcats guard Raymond Felton is the latest to figure that out. After discussing a long-term deal last week, talks between Felton and Charlotte have broken down, and multiple sources now say that rather than continuing negotiations, Felton will simply sign the one-year, $5.5 million qualifying offer put forth by the Bobcats.

I am glad that it is resolved, for now. As Sean points out, Raymond has a lot to play for this season – though, the same was true for this past year as well. One thing that may complicate things slightly for Raymond: I think D.J. should be the starter, based on the team's need for offense and his superior shooting numbers. But that is a point for another day.

The Bobcats have 2 point guards under guaranteed contracts for next season (with Dontell Jefferson still floating with un-guaranteed money) and that is good news. Now, to figure out the backup power forward spot…

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