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Followup to the Wizards Game

I exchanged questions and answers with Kyle from TruthAboutIt.net before the Bobcats last game with the Wizards. He shared his questions then and his answers in time for yesterday's game. Here they are:

1) Has it surprised Wizards fans that the team could get by last year without Arenas, but now that both he and Brendan Haywood are out, the team has bottomed out? How has sentiment on Gilbert's massive new contract shifted?

I think that in the opinion of most fans, last year was more expected and less of a surprise. The Wiz were still fielding two All-Stars, Jamison and Butler, an emerging center in Haywood who could be considered one of the top five centers in the East, a young breakout talent in Andray Blatche, a savvy vet PG in Antonio Daniels, and local basketball vagabond turned clutch performer, Roger Mason Jr..

I mean, maybe, you could call us “pleasantly surprised,” but it surely wasn't shocking to see the team finish 43-39.

This year, however, has been truly shocking. We're used to something called the Curse O' Les Boulez around here, but had no idea that things would come crashing down into the depths of utter dismay.

The team seems completely lost on the court and the franchise as a whole is in the shadow of one large question mark. Gilbert's contract, in hindsight, is becoming the semblance of a mistake, but an unavoidable one at that.

Someone was going to give the guy money, and it would have set us back to see him walk to Golden State for nothing, injury woes or not.

2) Did Eddie Jordan, after a strong run with team, deserve to be fired while the team was missing 2 starters?

No, Eddie Jordan didn't deserve to be fired at all. The players liked him and he'd built consistency in Washington, something desperately craved by the franchise.

Now, Grunfeld has placed “his guy”, Ed Tapscott, former director of player development (who also spend time in your hood) at the helm and the team has digressed.

The players, young and old, are developing bad habits, playing for themselves at times, and losing focus most of the time.

Jordan deserved more of a chance to see if he could right the ship.

3) Do Wizard supporters really think LeBron is overrated? Please go all out on this one, as I am genuinely curious.

Oh gosh no. Dude is rated as all get out. That was just a stupid DeShawn Stevenson thing. However, the guy we like to call LeBaby hasn't exactly endeared himself to Wizards fans.

He seems to excessively cry over calls…checking his mouth or on his knees when he's tapped somewhere else.

More and more, at least in my opinion, LeBron seems disingenuous. (This photo from last year's playoffs is classic by the way.)

I mean, how can I respect a guy who grew up in Ohio, has “King of Ohio” on his licence plate, yet also grew up as a fan of the Bulls, Yankees and Cowboys. Local sports or die is what I say (unless there is some good excuse…..LBJ has no good excuse).

But on the basketball court, that guy is straight amazing. What's a hater to do?

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