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Bobcats vs Rockets Recap

Score: 99-78 Rockets
Bobcats Record: 22-34
Game efficiencies:
Offensive: 86.7
Defensive: 110.0
Meritorious Player: No

A bit of deja-vu last night: Poor passing, too many turnovers, shot happy point guard. 15 assists on 27 makes – and Boris again matches his second lowest number of assists since the trade with 2, so now back to back games with little distribution from the French Connection. 21 turnovers (Houston with only 14). Raymond lead the team in field goal attempts with 13 in just 29 minutes (though he did shoot a solid 46% on those attempts). Blah.

This game involved two teams in the top 10 of the league in defensive efficiency, Charlotte at 8th and the Rockets at 4th. Only one of them matched their normally solid defensive efforts. The Bobcats were held to 36% shooting from the floor – Houston shot 50%. Charlotte had 7 steals and a single block – Houston had 14 and 5. As mentioned above the Cats had 21 turnovers to the Rockets 14. The Rockets just did a better job of slowing down the Bobcats offense. There were two things the Bobcats did of note: They took (and made) more free throws than the Rockets 20 of 24 to 14-19. The Bobcats also out-rebounded the Rockets 40-38. And that is it that I can find to compliment.

I do not feel like starting the day/week/road trip on a downer, so I will leave the breakdown at that. Houston is still a very good team, even without Knee-Mac, and the Bobcats lost on the road. They did what they were expected to do – by fans, but also by the numbers. Going forward, they need to win when expected and to sneak one out every now and then. Hint: Creating more easy looks for your teammates would be a good place to get going again.

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