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Raptors win in CLT, take season series

Score: 103-101 Toronto
Bobcats record: 38-35
Offensive Efficiency: 111.0
Defensive Efficiency: 114.4
Meritorious Player: Raymond Felton 18 pts, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 turnovers*

I put the asterisk by Felton's three turnovers because I can't totally blame him on his late dish to Tyson Chandler that bounced out of bounds because that was the right play to make given they just got a dunk on a similar pick and roll in the previous possession.

That play is a perfect example of what happens to this team when they lose or don't play well, someone zigs when they're supposed to zag or someone throws a pass when the other guy isn't ready for it and the end result a turnover. Chandler and Felton still are not in sync and Tyson still isn't used to being an offensive option on those screen and rolls save for the rare lob.

Larry Brown said he thought that Felton was doing the right thing but he also believes that the play Raymond was trying to make was a tough one, “Going left and throwing back is pretty tough. It might have been better served getting it on the rim and trying to offensive rebound.”

That wasn't the only late game turnover as Stephen Jackson let the shot clock expire while hesitating on a corner three. Jackson hit some shots but got frustrated with the referees and picked up a technical in the third quarter as he mouthed off to the refs on his way to the bench. The scene was a little surreal as the fans in the arena seemed to get frustrated themselves with Jackson complaining as he wouldn't sit down when Boris Diaw came in for him.

The other side to this game is clearly the way Charlotte has lost it's focus defensively at home lately, “At the end of the day we've got to defend better than we defended,” states Brown. “We got beat on baseline drives I don't know how many times and getting beat on dribble penetration you have to help.” One play stands out in particular when Jose Calderon was isolated on Diaw and he blew right by him for a layup in the third quarter.

Toronto scored 60 second half points and shot nearly 57 percent from the field in the second half. Nothing has changed for Charlotte, they're not good enough on that end to get in a scoring match with a good offensive team like Toronto even at home. I'm sure Brown will have plenty of evidence to during film sessions tomorrow to beat that in their heads.

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